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    Why mod when Hamer already did one-its' waiting for you John.
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    That’s pretty slick. Me likey! I bought one relic. It was a Fender CS “Master-Built” ‘56 Strat. A buddy of mine works for a dealer that snagged it. It was an ‘07 NAMM guitar I think? He told me that it was one of the coolest sounding Strats he’d ever played and I should get it. It was absolutely the best Strat I’d ever owned. The soft V neck, the playability and sound was out of this world. I couldn’t get over that I paid that much for a guitar that was beat to shit(very authentically looking too), but it was somehow really sweet. When I showed up for rehearsal with it I had fun for a short while before fessing up to my band mates that it really wasn’t a ‘56 LOL. One day I accidentally dinged it. At first I was disappointed in myself, until I realized it was an upgrade. Fender would’ve charged another $75 for that work.
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    Well, I can't get used to the P90s and I'm going to sell. The guitar is about an 8 out of 10. Plays perfectly and sounds great. Has a compensated tailpiece on the guitar, but the original is in the case. Comes with a crappy generic Gibson case with the locking latch noon-functional. Scratches and dings are there with the two actual dings (one below the knobs on the top and the other on the upper side bout). Pickguard has swirling and scratches. Body above the pickguard, if you're wearing a strap, has some surface scratches. Not mint, but in really nice condition for a well played fourteen year old guitar. I need $2,400 shipped in the Continental USA. No overseas or Canada. Sorry. No trades at this time. Thanks.
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    Don't feel bad...if I adjust the knobs just right, I can make any amp sound like crap.
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    The only thing I don't get is that if I ding up a guitar it's worth less, but if I want a guitar pre-dinged from the factory, I have to pay more. Makes 0 sense. Maybe instead of saying my guitars are in "good" or "players" condition, I should describe them as "slow relic'd" and charge more.
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    Diminished 7th, harmonic minor and phrygian over and over. I’ve never listened to an entire Malmsteen album in one sitting except for when I bought Rising Force, and the No Parole album. Alcatraz was fun. I preferred it with Vai though. I can however, on the other hand, just watch him play up close for hours. His technique is insanely great. That, I love the guy for!
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    Agree. Last guitar I bought came stock with those pickups and they are quite nice (although I still love me some high-output humbuckers).
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    No. And if that cajun bastid doesn't leave one on my voicemail before The Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe ignites the chaotic launch into Festivus season, I'm going to show him the real meaning of "alien bile" so I have something really good to tell Father O'Claymore at midnight mass confessional
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    That's what the note from his mother said.
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    Regardless of how you feel about Hartley, it is never a good day when American jobs are lost.
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    Tele owners sometimes find that the neck pickup is 'weak' when compared to the bridge pickup, and automatically think they either need a different neck PU, or want to install a full-size HB in the neck position. One of my Partscasters came to me like that, and it has the traditional way of mounting the neck PU under the pickguard, onto the body, instead of onto just the pickguard...so, I removed the pickguard and raised the neck PU height, so that the neck PU is now closer to the strings. Problem solved! It didn't take much adjustment to get the desired results either, a few fractions of an inch change in height made a noticeable difference. I wonder how many Tele owners bother to do that, if they find they have to remove the pickguard first, and instead go whole hog with a new pickup and/or a router.
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    I said it years ago on this message board, and I will say it again: We're four Ramones down and yet all the original members of KISS are still alive. All the proof you'll ever need that we are forever chained to the wheel under the vexing mismanagement of a cruel and unjust god
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    They only grabbed it to weigh down the other booty in the truck so that the load didn't shift. After that, it literally served no purpose at all.
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    It ain't bragging if you can back it up. Jerry Lee Lewis is seminal in true boogie woogie rock n roll. And he is the last man standing. Hellfire by Nick Tosches is a scary roller coaster ride of a book.
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    I’ve found the older ones with a lot of wear play and sound better, and are lighter than others of the same type. It got used because a player found it to be a good guitar!!
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    I really love my SS 1. Got it for $250! All original, sounds great, but def. the orig owner must have played everything in A or F# because the second fret is worn out, and all the rest are fine! That one will hopefully get a re-fret in 2020. So yeah, I'd say def give that one a shot...
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    That’s a killer. My ‘95 Classic has new frets, a PLEK and Creamtone long bridge posts installed, picking it up on Sat. I was hoping to keep the original frets, but a leveling/PLEK would have left the already low frets like a 70s LPC. 6150 Jescars, now.
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    The thing about the tune that really interests me that a Ramones song is about the last place I'd look for 7/4 time.
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    Holy smokes what an amplifier. 🤘 You guys weren't kidding talking these things up. Dealing with Jamie was the best, highly recommended to anyone considering any of the killer pieces he's offering here. Thanks @gtrdaddy!
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    I used to play with a guy who played a variax. I never knew what key we were playing in (It changed like his mood). I bought a five string bass to keep up with him dropping keys and still play a fiver to this day.
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    I've got one for sale but it isn't cheap. Email me at hamstd@gmail.com. Peter
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    I agree the mix could use a tweak, but love the tune and video!
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    Just looking at the photo of Walter Trout makes me want to wash my face.
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    You're a good man. Diablo was about to start weeping.
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    I think I follow you with most of what you said. You lost me with the quote above. Small audiences? These folks filled stadiums.
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    Yup! I use a stack of Post-its... easy to get the exact perfect height.
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    For me its this guy, and it . sure doesn't hurt that he also is playing with my favorite new drummer, David King, on this clip. And yes, I realize neither are "new" per se', but close enough for me.
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    We all own a lot of electric guitars on this forum and other forums, regardless of the guitar brand that you favor. My experiences and outlook on what works for me: Make sure that the electric guitar that I bought sounds good with my current effects & amps. Am I happy with the sound, neck shape, frets, tuning, action, and sound of the pickups? If not, adjust these items until I'm happy with the results. I have De Quervain's tenosynovitis (tendonitis of the thumb) so an electric guitar with low action & light gauge strings or .009 - .046 strings on my Archtop Sunburst & Artist Custom works for me. Pickups are a personal preference to everyone. We all have different touch, tone, techniques, and attack on the guitar. I like to adjust the pickup height or pole pieces, depending on what I'm trying to get out of the guitar. Sometimes I choose a pickup to voice the guitar differently than my other guitars or what it's lacking. Pick what works for you at the end of the day. Amps: I'm a big fan of high gain, multi-channel amps coming from the guitar rack system set up (ADA Depot 3TM mod MP-1 preamp/ DMC System Mix Plus / Korg DL8000R digital delay / Mesa Boogie Strategy 400 & Mosvalve 500 power amps) and also a clean pedal platform type of amps (Reverend Goblin or Kingsnake with a Fractal Audio FX-8 connected to 4 cable method). I'll do my best to get the sound that I'm after on my current effects & amps that I own before buying & installing a guitar pickup on the guitar in question. Guitar George
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    I had a diablo years ago. I thought it played better than my Chapparal and my Californian, even tho the Diablo was considered to be more stripped down/bare bones/etc. If it’s a USA Hamer, it’s not an entry level guitar. It may not have all of the bells and whistles but it’ll be overbuilt and high quality. Only reason I got rid of mine is I was getting out of Floyd’ed guitars at the time.
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    The day is coming where all you will need is a piezo, the "pickup" and pickup "location" will all be modeled. In the meantime, with 600 presets available you can add a variety of EQs in the beginning of your signal chain and can dramatically alter the tone the "amp" hears within the Axe Fx. You have copies of preset groups, 1-20 are for guitar A, 21-40 for guitar B, etc.
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    That’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?? This is really fucking cool, Mike. So happy for you. What a thrill.
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    I remember making it through 3/4 of Commando at the Muse Cafe before going completely off the rails. Fun times!
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    I've damaged 2 screens on 2 different iPhones which I took to the local iPhone repair shop to replace and 6S iPhone with touch screen disease that had screen issues. Having had to pay for repairs without Apple Care got me to start thinking about it when I had to deal with the touch screen disease issue. That iPhone with the touch screen disease issue ended up needing a new screen, wished that I didn't have to pay for the repairs, and eventually the iPhone stopped working on the cellphone provider's network. I got a better iPhone out of the deal. Concerning Apple Care, I wished I did have it for the iPhone 6S with the touch screen disease since it was a manufacturer's defect. The screen issues I can deal with and can have my iPhone screen replaced in under an hour. Guitar George
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    In the early 70s I was listening to a lot of different types of music, I heard Hawkwinds 1973 album space ritual and I was hooked, saw then many times in Cleveland first being 1974 Allen theater, but at the same time I was listening to them and the other space rockers; Guru Guru Amon Duul, Neu and of course the kings Tangerine Dream. I was also getting into the Cleveland punk scene; Rocket from the Thombs, Frankenstein, Deadboys, Devo, Pere Ubu, Pagans, Hamer Damage, Rubber City Rebels and ton of really good bands that never made it. Exciting times. 1972 till I crashed and burned out exiting the music scene @about the smell time Black Flag broke up in 1986. Now, not so much. We have Rap, Country and the Eagles playing at a resort in Mexico for $10,000 a night. Never liked the prog rock scene at all. King Crimison, Yes, etc. etc. what a load of self indulgent bullshit.
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    Didn't you just sell a neon yellow Cali and tell us you were downsizing?
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    There’s a bunch of great builders doing supers now. Brent Mason has been using Vintage Sound. But like Jake said Lil Dawg’s are awesome too. They all follow the 763 circuit. It’s the components that they use after that. I know I’ll get some static but I like amps with Mercury Transformers. That’s all I’ll put in my amp builds.
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    I gave a Peavey Firenza to my son. But not till after I put custom built minibuckers in it and reworked the neck with a fret level an dress and rolled the edges. Neck was wide and fat! He likes big necks and it quickly became his goto rock machine. All in all the Firenza’s are damn good guitars!!
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    So many choices it's not even funny
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    Not so helpful in absolute terms, but my general sense is that in the marketplace, all else being equal (which it never is), pricewise: Cali > Chap > Cent > Diablo Centauras and Diablos are cruelly undervalued compared to the other two of the "shredder era" line.
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    What a sweet and humble guy Mike is! Such a master and really the American success story.
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    Here ya go!! Worth asking the dimensions on it! Just posted as a PSA! https://albuquerque.craigslist.org/msg/d/albuquerque-hamer-hard-shell-electric/7011303297.html
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    Probably easiest to contact him through his website.
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    Pretty hard to beat a USA Artist.
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