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    Flew into Louisville to take my son to the Bourbon & Beyond Festival this weekend, primarily, because he’s a HUGE Foo fan, but also because, well, Bourbon. Had the great pleasure of finally meeting Greg (Currypowder) in person. Glad we were finally able to catch up, and next time, we’ll bring Shishkovs to the party! I did really dig the Malcolm Young Gretsch too!
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    Substitution Mass Confusion/Clouds inside your head Involving all my energies/Until your fears are dead If you ever want to know what he is talking about here, date a chick in Alcoholics Anonymous. Like many people, I always loved the way Ric and Ben described the neurotic (and hence interesting) women they chased after. I think it actually affected the bullshit I was willing to tolerate throughout my 20s, until I learned that sometimes "quirky" is just a gentler way of saying "fucking nuts". Which, to me, was the big reveal in the song & video for "Drive". So instead of looking at his legacy like, "Ric Ocasek gave hope to millions of nerds that they could date a supermodel" I see it as "Ric Ocasek gave hope to millions of unmitigated crazy bitches that their aberrant behavior was desirable".
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    Interesting article on NPR The Time Ric Ocasek Helped My Band Make Its First Record
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    I was just able to make a connection with Ray's daughter on Facebook. They are planning Ray's funeral service, and I asked if would be OK to post details here. She said yes, so I will relay any information I hear.
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    Best seek happiness from other sources then, because none of that is happening to you.
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    That pedal is the best of the Zens IMO. Clear and less compressed but still that Zen sound. Works with all my guitars and all my amps. So far I am in for a Pickle Vibe and the Hi-Volt.
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    The "dust" comment got me thinking... We could all tell people that we collect atoms from the very birth of the universe and the forging of the stars in the sky. We just do a shit job of finding specific ones.
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    FINALLY got this built-out with custom pups, an original Sustainblock, and Wiggins knobs. Long-gone is the Kahler top-mount, the EMGs, and the hazy candy-apple finish from the 1980s. Really, REALLY happy with it.
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    A good name for a band made up of angry guitar players could be "Band from TGP". :-)
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    I can narrow it to these three for sure ...
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    Dave Grohl does not look impressed by Mr. Tillbrook’s choice of stage attire, despite the afternoon heat... However, Squeeze is great live, so he may just get a pass?
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    I purchased the Vintage Modern Chrome. I love the Purple Plexi and the Church of Tone sounds really cool. Just a stellar deal...
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    An incredible songwriter gone. LOVED those early albums. But Ben Orr was the underrated one. But this just sucks. RIP.
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    Synthesizers or watches. But at this point, if some kind of macguffin struck my life and made it so that I couldn't do guitars, I'd probably go minimalist and not collect anything. Probably move elsewhere and try to "start over" a little.
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    As well as various guitars, Amps etc., it would be motorcycles for me if I could ride them any more. No feeling in the world quite like the adrenaline/endorphin/both rush from the brutal acceleration you get from just about any modern four-cylinder bike with 600cc & upwards engine size. Bloody hell, I miss that. If I was able bodied and wealthy I'd have a garage-full of them
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    That's sad, prayers for his family. He was a good guy.
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    My 6G2 Brownie and tweeds thank you - exactly the kind of bad influence - I mean endorsement - I needed! Just pulled the trigger!
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    The lineup can be expected to change over the course of the sale, which is unpredictable in length but often goes for a weekend. I’m on the lookout for a hoodie, myself.
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    Just what I needed! A Tele, ES336 and Duane's Goldtop into a 50's Tweed Deluxe and a 50's Vibrolux.
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    Don’t email them. Delete your account.
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    I've been writing a political column in my hometown paper for nearly two decades. I'm a real political junkie. I'd never impose upon anyone here with my political ramblings. But I liked Cokie. She had class. I didn't agree with her much, but she remained above the fray and made her point. Kind of like a rock star...
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    It would be tough to pick. There's this one... But I'd let her go for this one, if there could only be one...
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    Anyone could have guessed that Joe Bonamassa was on TGP, but interesting that he finally just outed himself as “Nerdville Guy”:
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    Anybody catch tonight's episode (the 1964-1968 one) of PBS' Country Music documentary series? During the Buck Owens section (at about the 40-minute point of the more-or-less 2-hour program), there was a couple of photos of Buck in the studio...one photo included a back view of what looked like two mid-Fifties' five-knob Narrow Panel Tweed Bassmans (the model added a knob in 1957 for the middle tone control to make it a full six), or possibly Bandmasters...the speakers can't be seen in the photo, so I dunno if there's four speakers there or three. The second photo had Buck sitting in a chair in the studio, playing his white (or blonde) maple-necked '50's Tele with a very interesting looking Narrow Panel Fender Tweed amp in the background. Again, guessing from the size, it might either be a Tweed Bassman or Bandmaster, and it has a Tweed-type nameplate above the grillcloth that's just about the right size for either model amp, but it's too far away in the photo to read. Curious thing about it, is that this amp appears to have been recovered in black Tolex, and has a gray-silver grillcloth and tilt-back legs! Judging from Buck's haircut (which kinda looks like a flat-top buzz cut), I'd place this photo in the mid-'60's. If anybody recorded this episode of the documentary, check it out; and if you can do a screen grab of those photos please do so, as I don't have the technology! It kinda makes me wonder whatever happened to those amps.
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    Lol.... I think I would have done David too - I mean look at that hair and those smokey eyes.... he’s calling out to me like Kip Winger....
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    Comic books most likely. But more and more, I'm in a downsizing/jettison mind frame. Everything including a few of my prized guitars is fodder for clearing out. Actually, I kinda do/did. I saved just about every comic book I bought from the early-mid 1970's on. Amassed a sizeable collection. The problem is, I didn't buy comics to collect back then- they got read and re-read and most are in pretty non-collectable condition. Once I realized that you could actually make money with, and that collecting was a legit thing to do with 'em (I almost spat out my beer when I saw how much some of the Silver Age books- in mint condition- I owned were commanding), I started to bag and back 'em and catalog them but I still couldn't move away from not reading 'em. It just doesn't compute to buy a book and not read it. I don't think I have a single issue or series that is mint/never been read. Still trying to determine what, if any, $ my current assortment might command.
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    I can't say I collect, but I have a collection of fountain pens that I use regularly. The same is true for watches - I have several that I wear. There are several more I'd like to acquire if/when the budget permits. It's easier to justify a purchase if I say this is something that I will use regularly. That was also my justification for having more than one guitar!
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    The only midi that I understand has to do with the length of women's skirts. $400 is out of my price range.
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    That one is fairly new @sonic1974, . Not a lot of reviews yet.
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    Oh man, so sad to hear. Rest Easy, Ray, and thanks.
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    The White is clear and crisp, not as transparent as the OD11...but it does all the Zen things so much better than the Red Zen for example. sean Michael (Who is Lovepedal) States it is his fave. I absolutely agree.
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    Yup. To my wife it's more about reminding her of her childhood when her and her best friend would listen to 45's. It's not like she listens to them all the time or anything but then again at this point you can probably say the same thing with regards to me and the Van Halen mailbox - it was more about reminding me that I love fun rock music than it was about me being Van Halen obsessed. We have already decided that the next one will be LED Zeppelin themed as that's one of the few bands that me, my wife and both daughters can all agree on. :-)
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    Farmingdale, NY... Is that where Fantasy Island is? Broken pickup ring Non-original pickups Relocated strap pin Non-original E string bridge saddle Non-original case I was wrong before. It's more than $1,000 over-priced.
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    $250? I don't think we'll have to rush to grab it.
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    Just for fun I'm going to take a few more whacks at the scale length horse. Roundabouts 3:27:00 you say it's 24.5" but then promptly contradict yourself saying it's 628mm, otherwise known as standard Gibson scale, or 24.75".
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    As with any chain, it's very store dependent. I've purchased a half dozen used guitars online from various GC stores and they've all shown up in as good or better than described condition.
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    I just may do that. I’ll try to do a more detailed report than my Fleetwood Mac review from last November.
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    Have any former state governors ever offered you a moon rock?
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    Tru dat but I'd likely go a bit more happily to my grave at 75 if I had shagged Ms Porizkova in her prime. Better still, go out at 75 right after banging a Paulina-level super model. Hmm....🤔
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    This is literally a brand new unit, unused, opened only to confirm proper function and to photograph. Purchased this new with the intent of building out a custom 'table based on this unit. The SL-1200 MK3D is a Japanese market only table. No difference between it and the U.S. market M3D aside from voltage. Requires step-down 120 to 100VAC transformer. Readily available $35-40. I use these specific units for my Japanese Kenny, Marantz and Yamaha gear, they are dead silent: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B004S2COIC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o09_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 $895 Shipped Will ship double-boxed.
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    Old akg bug style and several other low priced wireless are no longer legal to use on their bandwidth. The sherriff will eventually come after youve played hot licks for hours over the aux emergency bandwidth. Dont ask me how I know this
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    I’ve already passed them on to my son. I only play my Hamer Artist’s now. I do miss the sound of my 69’ strat that my son has from time to time.
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    I bought this new a few months ago for $2900, which was the best deal around at the time. It's in mint condition with maybe 2 hours playing time on it. The neck is wide and thick. I'll consider any Hamer of near equivalent valve, but am especially interested in custom orders and Vectors/Standards.
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