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    After many years of working on my music, including learning to sing and play drums, I finally have a CD to show for it. Except for the last song, where a good friend sings and plays the drums, I played and sang everything (for better or worse). All the music is original except for a cover of Cheap Trick's "He's a Whore." If you go to iTunes and search for "The Goonch", you can hear samples there. It's hard to describe your own music, but I'd call it a mix between hard rock and power pop - but not in a cheesy Nikki Sixx/Brides of Destruction kind of way (although I do like the Brides...) Plenty of Hamer content. I used my P90 Duotone a lot, as well as a Studio, Vanguard, Diablo and others. All the bass is Hamer, either a 2nd generation cruise, a B12A (now belonging to Shark) or a B12L. The 12vers are used on 4 of the songs - prominently, too. I always hated the fact that there aren't many studio recordings other than Jeremy where the 12ver parts are really featured. I'm not trying to make money and obviously don't think I'm the Next Big Thing. I just want to get my music out there and heard. I'm proud of this CD. If anyone on the HFC wants the physical CD, I can send you a copy for $6 shipped. If you get it on iTunes, let me know and I'll send you a CD for free. To buy the CD, you can use my paypal account: jackandlissa@aol.com. Let me know that you're ordering because I don't check that email address otherwise. Here are the front and back covers:
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    The CD is absolutely outstanding. I can't believe the drums are from someone who taught themselves just so they could lay down the beats in their head... some of my favorite songwriters play their own drums (Jeff Lynne, Maurice White, Dave Grohl etc.) Not only are the drums played professionally and were recorded expertly, but they are mixed perfectly. I love loud, punchy drums that anchor the mix and give it this rigid structure with which the melody and rhythms can live and breathe. Jack's drums on Goonch are exactly like that. AWESOME drums no doubt. 12 string bass tones out the ying yang... really sonically gorgeous representations of the absolute best that Hamer has to offer. When it's all said and done... nobody will remember most of the Hamer line, but what they will never forget are 12 and 8 string basses. Jack did his part in preserving their place in history. Jeeze a whole paragraph and I haven't even mentioned the music yet? Is the CD that good? Yes.
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    I'm not going to tell every story here.
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