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    Some very goood shit on here. Thanks Brooks!
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    It was a good day, almost a good old times day for me and Newme. Too bad it only lasted four hours, but we got a lot of stuff done.
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    Alice Cooper's Greatest Hits. Plus a few other AC favs added to my playlist. I was jamming along with a few tunes last night. Is It My Body Be My Lover Schools Out Billion Dollar Babies This weekend, I'm planning on figuring out Ballad of Dwight Fry. One of my all time Alice tunes.
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    Coffee table book on a coffee table.
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    Thanks for all of the support! I'm currently working out how to get books signed for those who want that without needing to ship them all over the place many times. Also have book signing event(s) in the works...Stay tuned! Heard from the publisher yesterday late. My advance copy is being sent this week or early next and the bulk order should be at the distributors @6 weeks from now. They're likely taking the slow boat from China (literally), but they're printed for the most part com what I can tell.
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    Shout to pirateflynn !! He might like this thread well, is all about local beer these days (except for Belgian beer, which is to beer what France is to wine) I've met a few good beers when i visited Bruges with my husband (who comes from the French border, Lille), the thing that i love is that in Old Bruges, every restaurant has a brewery (as i recall), so i cannot name them. Jump the pond, come to Quebec and Quebec city, and you have a huge French and Belgian communities, ready to show us their "savoir faire", and Quebequers have learn a few tricks as well, so here are some of the beauties of this corner:
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    I agree with the others, look for the local/regional micro-breweries and you are apt to find some terrific beer. Stay away from the big names, its all crap.
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    OK - I know it's not American, but I had to add this. It's the band's own beer. At our last show, we sold 9 UK kegs at the venue bar (about 630 pints) We're bottling this from August onwards - so PM me your address and I'll throw some samples in the mail. Same goes for any other HFC member who fancies a super-strong traditional black English ale made with 6 different malts. Note to belgian - you'd like this. Think of a micro-brewed, slightly sweeter Leffe bruin or one of the darker triple Trappist beers from your great country, and you'll be on the right track..... http://s433.photobucket.com/user/kevinbower1959/media/6d25c633-b062-47f6-bb66-b51e05d27cb9_zps3082cb9d.jpg.html'>
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