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    Are we to factor in costs associated with making it fully playable in addition to initial purchase costs?
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    One of my kids comes in this morning and says that he found a guitar when they were cleaning out the garage. His grandpa forgot that he even had it. So, I'm thinking it's some old cheapy, but then the kid says it's a Gibson. He brought it in after school, and it's completely covered with grime. Tuning keys are shot, and pickguard is disintegrated. One big crack in the back, and a brace that runs across the bottom directly under the bridge is loose and rattling around. Under the grime, the Gibson logo is quite clear. I look inside the top f hole and see L-48 imprinted. Through the other f hole I saw a 982 followed by a space or two and then a 4. I brought it home, cleaned it with Pledge, removed what was left of the strings and pickguard. After a quick Google session, I found that the L-48 was produced between 1946 and 1971, but I'm not sure how old this one is. Anybody have any info? Pics to follow shortly.
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    So, about $20,000 in guitars and $500 in amps? I think you need more amps.
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    I'm trying to setup an interview w Grandpa and do an article in my newspaper. I'll keep you updated on the restoration progress.
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    Yeah man! More of this type of thing to come I feel. Lots of Good Rawking in this guitar and everyone who gets to play it do not forget to put a lil something in it to mark where it has been. Get a photo be it in the livingroom, practice room, or at a show for the thread. Video is ALWAYS a plus but not required. The journey will continue after Bubs takes it for few spins and enjoys the spirit within. Crank it up but don't scare the Children to much.
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    As a former owner of this axe, it really is a nice guitar in every way. A piece of history for sure!!
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    I've fought off my "good archtop" longings for a long time now. Newports and Monacos have held that at bay, but it's always there, latent perhaps. I remind myself that I don't sound very good on even the stuff I have, and a five-digit-archtop won't be changing that.
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