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    I was starving at lunch time today. The grocery store deli had fried bologna today. That was today's lunch-- in Wyldbil's honor!
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    I've hit that point where I feel like I can't catch up financially. The Talladega, Les Paul, and Firebird get most of the work with the Standard pinch hitting when my on-again-off-again originals band actually does stuff. The ASAT is becoming a fixture on Reverb, though I would like to sell it. I can't sell my other Lester, even though it is in desperate need of once over by a tech. The problem is that I really, really love everything I have. Even the stuff that is, to be perfectly honest, absolutely redundant. The "responsible" part of my brain says, "You don't REALLY need a Standard, a SuperPro, and a Mark III. You rarely use them." The optimistic side says, "Hang on to them. You are going to regret letting them all go forever if you do. And besides, this will all work out." Y'all are probably tired of all my belly aching about the last two Hamers I let walk out the door. The irresponsible part of me says, "Fuck all this shit, me and my guitars are going to South America. Let em fucking find me!" That age old battle of whether you own your stuff or your stuff owns you.
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    If I wasn't tied to my mom (who is in care here in Canada) I'd be long gone with my wife, my guitars and my books/music collection... Hawaii maybe.
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    "Puppet Show and Spinal Tap" For some reason that popped into my head, on my way into work this morning. That movie missed nothing.
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