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    I found this '99 Standard last fall with extensive Google searches. It's very minty and quite difficult to capture in photos. I like to think of it as my Ultimate Shishkov (I'm sure Mike at least walked by it in the shop). The last photo is closest to the actual color. It's a darker (less orange) 59 Burst.
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    I was starving at lunch time today. The grocery store deli had fried bologna today. That was today's lunch-- in Wyldbil's honor!
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    Paul.... I'm curious as to where in the "early Hamer dealer" chronology Six String Sales up in Rochester NY fell? We had Standards in the #0030 and #0070 range in the studio when we did our first album that were both bought from Howie Hubberman who owned that store. Do you recall who the first half dozen Hamer dealers were? Here's Standard Bass SN#0054 that I got a few years ago from Frankie Cavalli of the Dutch band Herman Brood & Wild Romance. Well played but still in the original road case Hamer shipped it to him in. Great bass!
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    #0531 w/ Red Calzone flight case - Bought new from King James Music, Brooklyn NY in 1981. Thank you Paul Hamer, for everything you've done for all of us who truly love the quality, sound, & performance of Hamer guitars & basses. And a warm welcome aboard, to the forum that bares your name.
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    wow, that is very cool info. Thanks Paul, and welcome!! mike #0189 went to Dave Hlubek and I got it in December 1982 after a 60 day layaway for $425 from Ralph's Pawn Shop in Jacksonville, Fl. Dave had pawned it and few other guitars. I also bought #0415 a Black and White Vector Dave had pawned. Foolishly traded it 4 years later and it is my "One That Got Away" guitar. I got the Vector for $400 on that same layaway plan. Life IS Good! Whackhead, #0076, and Sherry Baby, #0189 That's a great story. I used to haunt the pawnshops myself. What ever happened to Dave? Paul Hamer Mike: Thank you so much for your kind words and thank you for caring so much about the guitar. Paul Hamer David: I love Australia!!!!! I spent many a happy day there traveling to Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. What city did you find your guitar in? Paul Hamer Wow, how cool is that!!!!!! Great photos! Thanks for sharing the letter, I drove all over Texas many times visiting dealers and meeting guitarists. Fond memories. Paul Hamer