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    Start a new thread in the Outer Circle.
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    OK, one more bit of fun with this guitar. This girl's name is "Pirate" (well it's really Amanda Pieratte) but she goes by "Pirate" and that's how her last name is pronounced. She is our drummer's 26 year old fiance and she's 5'10". They just got engaged about three weeks ago. You can glimpse the rock by the 8th fret. We had a band Christmas party here at my place last night and I got her to pose with the Pirate guitar. She showed me her skull and crossbones tattoo. I would have liked to have taken a pic of the tattoo, but then we would have had to move the thread to the Outer Circle.
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    I played the Pirate guitar at a gig last night with my band Analog Jack at a venue called The Vogue Liquid Lounge in Chelan Washington. Here's a few pics. There was a video taken of me introdcuing the guitar. I'll get it uploaded to Youtube and post it here. Anyway, a good time was had by all and the spirit of WildBill was in-da-house. My guitars for the evening: Introduction of the Pirate The band Takin a ride
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    The Pirate has been lazing about in the Battle Ground vicinity, but is itching to get moving in a northerly direction. I had hopes of a get together with part of the SMALL clique of HFC folks in this area, but that did not come about. As a result, the goal of getting it into some "interesting" local venues for pictures just did not happen. Best of intent and all that..... But I do not want to delay further getting the trip back on course. At Gene's request, a fresh set of 9s has been installed. The old ones were WAY past their expiration date! This guitar is a kick in the pants! I had sort of expected something less. It HAS been modified, body reshaped, had electronics installed and (partially) removed. Major repairs on the neck, and some chipping out at that location. I am assuming a break, but at least a big crack. Painted with a spray can (I assume). All of which is baked into the DNA of Wyldbil and all the other hands and sweat that have touched it. And it plays and sounds great. The case is also a trip. And there is a small cache of souvenirs from the (going on) 3 year road trip. I am glad that I was able to add a fingerprint or three. I will come back to add some pix, once I get some loaded. There MIGHT also be a clip of Da Pirate in action, but I am not sure yet if that came out. BTW....The guy in black with the guitar is "Jolly Roger", so I guess it all fits.....
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