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    Limited run SB-77 Hamer USA Sunburst. Crazy rich 59 burst coloring and flat top. Medium C profile neck. Excellent condition; Two items keep it from near mint 1) small ding on the headstock near the E tuner and 2) small air pocket under the lacquer on the treble side waist. Pickups replaced: bridge is a WCR Godwood (OMG wood) and the neck pickup is a Duncan out of the neck of a '99 USA Standard. Great guitar with no issues other than the cosmetics listed above. More photos and extended desc: https://reverb.com/item/6944833-stunning-2000-usa-hamer-reissue-sunburst-limited-edition-standard-sustainblock $2000 plus shipping and PayPal Gift. No trades. No sales outside North America. PM with questions or for more photos.
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    I was asking Ken {"Stratacus"} here on the HFC if he would sell me his, he thought about it for awhile..................... like maybe a minute. and then wisely decided he could not let it go............who could blame him?,I certainly couldn't.Gold "SUSTAIN BLOCK" bridge Hmmmmm you don't see many of those now do you? Yeah these Sunbursts have gold hardware and there are some haters about that but on this guitar its in keeping with what special guitars these are. Very Rare ! GLWTS.
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    You pay me tree-fiddy ten times and we'll talk. 😉
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    Gotta be brazilian. If it came from Madagascar or Indonesia or Honduras, the ATF or ICE would have you cooling your heels in the Fed Correctional Warehouse in Marion. You sir are in possession of a controlled substance, rosewood without any value added in its originating country. If its ebony or rosewood just don't put the couterfeit label Made in USA on it. Don't worry, we'll add to your commissary account so you can buy your way out of those unpleasant "conjugal visits" in your cell. You got dat right, son. caddie
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    Oh daddy, why did you have to say that about the indentation smaller than a grain of rice? There's no need for more of that kind of anality around here, we have plenty to go around. You just unknowingly recalibrated the standards around here. "EXCELLENT CONDITION, with no damage to report except (the word that started the domino effect) a small, skinny indentation in the clear coat on the back approximately 1/8" in length, that has not gone through the finish. It was pretty much impossible to photograph, and can only be seen when a reflection hits it just right." That's like the Grimm Reaper looking over your shoulder as you brush your toof. You can only see him in the mirror in the light of the corona of a total solar eclipse. Plus you need a blue tinted mirror to filter out all that smoke/fog around ol' Grimm. The GR is old school, he bought a fog machine at a garage sale. The seller told him that he got it from the guitar tech from Styx. No provenance available. gtrdaddy, gtrdaddy, gtrdaddy, next time you list please consider the impact that the content of your posts will have on the next generation of misfit gear-o-holics! Oh the humanity...... Cheers My HFC Brother! caddie
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    Bought it to play slide. Then, I remembered I can't play slide...