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    Josh has very kindly and patiently been working with me to develop his Mongoose pickups. The first(?) iteration went into my Swirled Cali and sounds killer but I had wanted a little more mid range bark and low end articulation. Josh took the challenge and has sent along 3 new ones (along with some cool swag!) 2 of which are the same model but he included some extra pole screws in 1018 and 1022: the type/grade of steel used makes a big difference. By including extras, I can run them in and out and tweak the tone considerably. The third, as I understand it, is similar to his Cobra wind but with a slug row and roughcast A4 magnet. All are at about 14.2 (+/-) K output. I foresee a LOT of soldering in my near future...
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    I have this posted over on facebook, figured I'd fling it here too... For Sale - 2008 Hamer Standard Custom, 9.5 out of 10 condition. Minor swirling / rash (should buff out) on the back, 3 tiny bb sized dings on the face, can't be photographed well, impossible to see more than 2 feet away. Chambered of course, I gigged it 3 times since I got it in 2010. Beautiful guitar, $3000 firm, will ship FedEx express saver to CONUS only at no additional cost. U.S. Postal Money Order (no paypal). Will ship upon receipt of money order. It's been a while, but I've done several transactions through the HFC board (all purchases though). I have it already boxed up as someone told me they were buying it, been holding onto it for over a month, so it's back up for sale. I'm not rich, but I'm not poor. Will only contemplate lowering the price for a local pickup in Albany, NY. Any questions, ask away. Thanks for your time...
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    Not quite - I first saw it last Friday night!
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    Man, if that's not your favorite and the flagship of your collection, send it to me so it can be the favorite and flagship of mine. Wow, simply wow!
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    Welp, all I had to do was read on a few more 'graphs and I'd have learned that. A clever touch to a gorgeous guitar. Thanks for sharing.
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    Un-Fricken-Real! Congratulations! Once again - WOW!!!
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    Another amazing build! Congratulations it is stunning
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    Very sly, headstock kept out view in every pic until now arniez
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    I'm back from a really fun and memorable visit to CT and Shishkov World HQ. It is always great to hang with some of the most hospitable and genuinely awesome friends a guy could have, and it was cool to sneak a quick peak at a couple things that are in the works and talk some maximum guitar geekery. Mike likes to keep his customers builds under wraps for the most part, but I did get to check out a semi-hollow build and was just blown away with how cool those are going to be. If anybody is on the fence about talking with Mike about an order, reach out and have that conversation - you won't regret it one bit! On to #0066... Mike greeted me with a smile, a brotherly hug and a cold beer when I pulled up, which was a great way to end a 7 hour car ride. We hung out for a good long while catching up, and then he very casually asked if I wanted to check out the guitar... šŸ˜œ he brought out the cream-colored case and popped the hinges and stood back. I know we've all had those moments when it feels like the air is sucked out of the room, and that's what I got when I opened the case and saw it in person and ready to rock:
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    Incredible. Its times like these I struggle for words.
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    Warms the heart to know that in this day and age, someone can make a living out of producing art like this. Epic.
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    Agreed. This pic should be on Team Shishkov's web page. Stunning!
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    Forgive me if this has been revealed / discussed in the thread prior, but are those routes for 'trons? If so, it would kill me not to send Mike a message asking for the CMatthes signature model. Exactly like that!
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    Korina, "That Neck", Blended Heal, and Shishkov! What is there not to like? Hamerica
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    The neck contouring...so smooth!
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    The workmanship is exquisite. This fabulous thread brings back so many great memories of my build. Every morning in the closing stages Iā€™d check my emails first thing hoping for another update from team Shishkov.
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    As guitars go... First. I like playing guitars. Second. I like admiring them up close. Third. Threads like this that just enforce what wonderful craftsmanship exists in a well built guitar. Outstanding.
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    My guitar has 27 frets, that last time I played that high, only my neighbors dog could hear it.