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    This band is badass:
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    That. Was awesome.
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    Probably the best environment to see Henry's new "ideas".
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    its always best to have two of each , just in case you NEED to play a different color
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    I can hear Beatles inspiration in many of their songs. I like the arrangements in “Voices”, and at the end of “Gonna Raise Hell.” In “Voices”, it is almost ELO-“esque” in the way Jeff Lynn is inspired by the Beatles. Kind of sounds like ELO too!
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    The first Cheap Trick album was possibly more punk than the Sex Pistols' album. Cheap Trick was defiling the skinny tie image before it really took off. Rick was rarely serious with an interviewer. Most of all, those guys just like playing. Even when bands were no longer selling out stadiums Cheap Trick just liked playing.
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    Thanks, I need to take a picture of the finished product. I put 3 3/8 cable clamps on the board to tidy up the longer runs. I'm happy with the end result, plus I did it myself and it works.
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    It is, it has been posted a lot, but always glad to oblige That's all for now, don't want you to OD ArnieZ
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    Hey Dave -- it's cool okay? -- people can have tangential dispassionate discussion without upsetting or intending to upset anyone and without derailing a thread - I'm not upset in the slightest - I actually enjoyed the thread itself. What derails threads is the getting upset part. It's all for fun and interest as we expand and explore this great big world of music & life. For me this would open up a great discussion on the question of how does an aging rocker promote his new band in video these days - questions of what the market is/isn't -- how Doug understands that market etc.... but we don't have to go there if it's going to upset you - not intended by me at all.
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    dUg is in seven bands currently. dUg is officially a collector of bands, one more than ajm1966s' recent 2 of each post. http://www.dugnation.net/news Rock on dUg! Hamerica
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    My tongue was in my cheek on that though I've been getting a little tired of girl as victim stories that refuses to address their culpability in dynamic relationships of this nature... In reality this shit happens all the time and the chick invariably comes crawling back; takes a backhand or two, and the cycle repeats... those bridges back are literally indestructible no matter how big a fire you make and the system repeats itself like a subroutine. But the whole rant was a setup for the Hep C comment and the pickup punchline.... good times!
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    Funny! Honestly I think they should just downsize, scale back production to more realistic levels and just go back to basics (with Henry there, it may not happen LOL). When they take the right care, and do it right, they are indeed capable of making a fine instrument. I’m certain most of us have an example of what they are capable of.
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    Dayum, Dasein, don't you know how to just suck the enjoyment out of a video. That's some heavy duty PC rap you're layin' down. I'm reminded of a time when rock n roll didn't need to be sending an "appropriate message", it was more about a raw feeling or an interesting anecdote that didn't always end happily or was politically correct. As Mick Jagger put it: "I know, it's only rock n roll but I like it!"
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    Here are a couple "with Trem" guards on Daytonas:
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    Placement of the gaurd holes to the screw holes. Left screw in bridge pictures is to one side of the hole, neck pictures right screw is to the side of the hole, and that screw nearest to the tone knob looks further toward the knob. 96 they were further out, i've changed them out with nos guards and at some point hamer moved that hole out to be away from the cavity route. I'm guessing 96. The big give away would be if the guard was filed away to except the strat guard with a Tele Heel. I never leave anything alone, I just found some of this stuff when I took the 4 that I had apart. I'd put Money on it that that is a strat plus guard fitted on a Hamer Daytona.
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    What a great band that has drifted in and around my life. So many cool memories involving them or some aspect of them. Enormous influence on my love of music and guitars. I found them about the time this was happening. Thanks for the reminder that is on Youtube. Rick has channeled his love of music with the others in and around the band to give us a synthesis of that to be what is Cheap trick's music. His love of The Beatles and others like The Move is evident in their songs. I have never spoken to him without a sharp witted reply coming my way. Sometimes biting given what I said. However, he has also been most gracious on occasion and a man of many sides. A personal tour through some drawers of buttons and memorabilia at Rick's Picks will always be a good one on replay.
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    I caught him at Robert's Western Wear on the Nashville strip in the early 2000s when he was still playing with Don Kelly's house band. I had never heard of JH, much less heard him or seen him play, and I about fell out of my chair watching that shit. I was literally hypnotized and to this day, I love that genre of guitar playing and I truly envy the guys that can do it thanks to the wife beating he put on that gold sparkle tele that night. Worth adding that during a set break outside, I approached him and he was genuinely one of the nicest, most humble guitarists I've met to date. We talked his whole break. I've run into him a couple times since then and always the same upbeat, kindhearted guy. Class act.
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    They were just so damn good in the 70s....
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    It was more fun when you were intoxicated, Murkat!
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    Getting closer, just need to give the stainless steel frets a bit more TLC: Went in a different direction (silver) with the pickguard for this one:
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    It's all there on display isn't it - that rock/pop/punk vibe. Forgot how relentless Bun E Carlos drums was ; and Robin's rhythm guitar playing gave Rick the room for his stage/playing antics. Pretty cool. Thanks for sharing. Still at it...
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    your going down a slippery slope. Been there done that. If you wish to retain any of "your" tone, Axe FX > tube power amp> your 4x12 cabs. midi foot controller of your choice. Personally, if your into hours and hours and then even more fucking hours into patching, editing, deliberating, analizing, hair pulling agony, go for it. Ben there done that. And I am just waiting for those who will chime in and say the positives.... Don't get me wrong, it is a great unit. A unit that will suck your sanity and wallet away. Marshall, effects loop, 4x12 cabs, plug in and dialed in, go! I have to go now, here they come.....
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    Arnie's is the only other one I've seen: