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    Is there anything more pretentious in all of guitardom than tube discussion threads? Everyone goes the same way - "Hey, I was wondering about this new tube I saw in my XYZ amp." The next answer is usually - "Oh you'll want this or that NOS tube." Variations include - "Hey, I was curious what you guys think of the new Mullard EL34 vs. Electro-Harmonix." Response: "Wehhhhhhllll... first of all, those are NOT Mullards. The originals were great, but those new ones are not AT ALL the same. I highly recommend you pick up this-or-that-now-defunct brand. They are a steal at the moment for only a first born child!" All to go in like a Peavey Classic 30 or something that some weekend warrior is just trying to rock at his weekly open mic. I have to wonder if these people ever actually gig this stuff. I don't care how good old Mullards sound vs a Ruby. I'm not loading up $500 worth of glas to play Al's Blood Bucket and Bar-B-Q. I know the patrons will long for the silky highs and warming mids in between Cuervo shots, but I just can't do it.
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