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    I almost never play mine at home. But I almost never play anything else live. It kind of reminds me of an interview I read once with Angus Young where he said he fools around all the time with effects pedals and stuff at home, but when it comes time to actually go play for real, they all go back in the closet.
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    Too Long, yet not long enough. @Thundersteel
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    Your a sick, sick man.
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    Which just happens to be my initials.
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    What ever that thing is that causes you to want more Shishkovs. I don't think its GAS, its worse than GAS. Heck I have another one coming, but that doesn't seem to be helping, its seems to be fanning the flames.
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    The best time to plant a tree was20 years ago. The second best time to plant a tree is right now.
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    I may or may not have spoken with Mike about just such a new model process on the next one... it's going to probably push things back a bit, but I can wait to see something that none of us have seen yet.
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    I'm ready to place my third order. Loved the f-hole guitars Mike made. I want one a little thicker. A little bigger. Solid through the middle third. Who knows. He might...
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    I hope they will be too.
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    Mike & Trish will be busy for a long time.
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