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    "Van Halen Fires Eddie Van Halen"
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    This ragtag bunch all ended up in the same place at the Northeast Guitar Expo today. Teleman Dave didn’t make the shot but he was there too. 😊 (L-R: Darc, Stonge, Thundernotes, and the incomparable Mr Shishkov)
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    A Long & McQuade had a nicely framed 8-1/2x11 photo of this guy hung on the wall front and center at the designated Kramer guitar display space.
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    A lot of discussion about vintage juniors lately. Since I picked up the 63 Epi Jr, I'm letting this one go. $2,400 shipped/paypal'd. Let's drop this to an even $2,000. Sold Player condition, but solid, 1965 SG Junior. No breaks, but plenty of honest playwear and finish checking. Tuners were replaced at some point by a previous owner. The nut does not look original to me. Pickup and electronics are original and untouched. A note on dating this guitar - I believe this guitar is a 1964 model based on both pots clearly showing a year of 1964. However, I can't see the last two numbers on the pot codes without removing the solder. They could be a late 64s. The serial number indicates an early 1965 manufacture date, but SNs of the era are not completely accurate all the time. So it's likely a very late 64 or very early 1965 model. Regardless of its actual year of manufacture, its a cool vintage player that's approximately 54 years old with all that you would expect, nice neck, old wood, original electronics and great playability. The guitar plays great with low action and a nice size neck. The neck measurements are (in inches): Width - 1 11/16 at the nut, 2 1/16 at the 12th fret Depth - 13/16 at the nut, 1 at the 12th fret. Guitar weighs 6 pounds on the nose. Check out the pictures, there are spots on the neck and the back of the body that are worn through the finish. There's plenty of finish checking all over. I do not have the original chipboard case, but will include a functional Gibson USA case. It's worn, the shroud is gone and the handle wrap is separating. But all latches and hinges are solid and work. Check out more pictures on my reverb listing: https://reverb.com/item/11283637-1964-cherry-sg-junior?publish_confirmation=true
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    SALE PENDING But not yet final...Not too late yet Here is a great way to use your tax refund! Who doesn't want a 59 Les Paul??? I currently have this over on Reverb but I thought I would make it available to the HFC brotherhood for a nice discount. $3500 That's $495 off listed price with direct sale here $75 shipping conus. NO Neck repairs! Great guitar at a great price that should continue to appreciate with time. You know you have always wanted one... http://rvrb.io/1959-les-paul-juni-67a5q1 Partial trade considered for the right Newport.
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    Maybe they'll play some P. Green tunes now.
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    Well! The band is tooootally over for me now!
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    Here’s a snap of mine / the logo does drop the curly bit of the R over the bevel - hope that helps. BTW I prefer stadium logos too!
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    Damn, man. If not for the scalloped frets, I'd take it off your hands. GLWTS
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    Whoa whoa whoa, this is the Hamer Fan Club. One doesn't just "kthxbai" and scat. We want a Waterloo! We haven't had one in ages!
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    I have 55090s on my '55 LP Junior and my '76 LP "Standard Deluxe." The jumbo height but narrower width fools your fingertips in that you can feel a little more airspace between the higher frets. It gives a little more dig room for bending and vibrato, and makes the transition between 25.5 and 24.75 scale instruments a tad easier - for me at least.
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    ....and were asked to leave immediately.
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    Hey All, I'm looking for one in TV Blonde
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    Yep, I’m the idiot. The home studio bug has hit me. My recording partner has another band besides the one we’re in, and mentioned that at some point he would need to take a few things from my house (the studio). So, I just pulled all of his stuff out and went on a buying spree. Like any music gear, decent hardware like microphones, preamps, compressors, etc, is expensive even though I’m purchasing decidedly mid-level stuff. Plus, I’m playing guitar less and less, and in another thread I remarked that my old SG Classic has seen a lot of guitars come and go, and if I ever needed to sell something, my Jazzmaster and Newport would probably go before it. I was right. The JM is already gone and next up is my Newport. If I hadn’t just recently re-roofed my house and put a new HVAC in my mom’s house then I’d just put all this studio stuff on my card and be done with it. It’s a 2001 Newport that I got from RobB here on the board. I think it was custom made for a dealer. Goldtop (natch), with TV Jones Classic pickups, Faber Tone-Lock bridge, and a Tom Anderson Bigsby string anchor mod. Vintage carve neck with a dark rosewood fretboard. Nice and light. Excellent condition. OHSC. In that thread I called it as close to a do anything guitar as you could get, and that’s right. It’s like a perfect match between a Gretsch and an ES-335. Want to twang or play surf? Want warm jazz? Want crunchy OD tones? It’s all there. *fuggitaboutit*
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    Jack White is done with 'cheapo' guitars, apparently...or so he said recently. I dunno who's gonna be the standard bearer for any other 'hipster' guitars now: '
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    Back when she was in preschool, my oldest child called a photographic device a "krammer". Never quite caught on with the general public.
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    thank you. some chips in the paint down to the wood but not into the wood hopefully these pictures will show better detail.
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    It sounds like he said Kramer correctly to me. He called the pedal a "dodd", though. At the music store and everywhere else we called those pedals "D-O-D."
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    Kaman bought the company in 1988. They had a different view of the world, coming for a defense contractor background. In many ways, their purchase was the beginning of the end.
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    To your question - it's definitely not FAKE, but I'm not sure if it's 100% original (could be?). Tough to tell from the small pics, but agreed that the logo is an odd size for an '88 Californian. Also, the trail of the "R" should extend into the contrasting bevel as below in most cases:
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    Embracing the trends in the '80s: Hamer enjoys success Rejecting the trends in the '90s and beyond: Hamer closes
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