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    I absolutely love this one
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    How do you haul a drum kit like that? How about this?
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    Sea Foam Green you say?
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    It's easier to fit a drum set in a Nomad, and that was the point. Still, if you want something for the lead singer and guitarist how about an El Dorado? .
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    Our Dad had this one when we were born, but it turned into a station wagon soon afterwards... His was a '61, but the Seafoam and White were reversed from this one.
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    I was wondering if that one was going to emerge in this thread! Still trying to score this B08s...
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    That one was white sparkle pearl over seafoam.
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    While nomads are cool it’s a Good thing I don’t play drums. I’d prefer to roll in a coupe deville.
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    Kinda partial to this one......The ONLY one of the past 50 or so guitars I sold that I regretted so much that I bought it back about a year later. Sort of a Huber Krautster II in disguise.......
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    Been listening to Faith No More on Amazon Music. Here's a couple outside the realm of what they're most known for. More from Album of the Year
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    5yrs old son chimes in: Seafoam dad with his seafoam guitar.
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    Yeah, I prefer a maple board as well:
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    Back in the day, my lefty buddy ordered a Kramer Pacer Imperial. Delays, delays, delays because as a lefty, had a lefty pointy headstcok. Dealer said the plant said they had one, but then George Lynch had nabbed it to get the reverse on one of his guitars. That was probably B.S. by the dealer to get a teenager to stop asking "when's it coming?" every three days, but it was still a cool story.
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    That's a gorgeous Kramer. Headstock pointed the right direction, too.
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