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    I don’t think two overpriced Tele clones are indicative of market value. They won’t sell at those prices. Hamer prices are going up, pretty much on the high-end (4-digits, Virts, custom orders, TTS, etc.), but the rank/file models seem to be holding steady adjusted for inflation. Not as many bargains out there as there used to be, but there are still many to be had.
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    F spaced or non F spaced I can’t tell the difference after 33 years of guitar playing.
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    I was going to say, the Hamer gang is a pretty sharp collaborative and they too very likely deduced that F spacing is nice but far, far from necessary. I can't hear a damn bit of difference either - I actually wrote a blog about this for my shop's website. http://www.thefretshack.com/blog/polespacing I give Dimarzio and Seymour's Marketing 101 efforts an A+++ on the whole F spaced things. I'd love to know how many purely ignorant and OCD-riddled players out there they got to scrap their perfectly good pickups and invest their money in the same exact thing that looked a little "better."
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    The Kiesel has landed! Kiesel HH2 w/ maple neck & semi-hollow alder body, quilted maple top, 20" radius ebony fretboard w/ jumbo stainless steel frets, Holdsworth humbuckers w/ coil tap (will prolly swap the pups at some point). 5 lbs!! Plays AMAZING.
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    Hey guys, Here's a PSA for a Hamer special here in Nashville...https://cartervintage.com/products/hamer-special-1980
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    @hamerhead they come in and they go out, but rarely do they come back again. More like Hot Potato! LOL
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    Tank you fo post cetificate autenticity. We downroad copy, we can incrude wit new Hamer oligino fo sayo flom factoly heew in China. Cetificate make customo happy, we sayo mo, make mo Amelican dorrows, factoly owna velly happy too. You rike buy one oligino Hamer flom us? Tlee-fiftee!
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    That thing is crap. You can't have it on your awesome board. It's degrading to the other pedals. Pleasepleaseplease sell it back!!!
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    If all else fails, and you have the phone, you could simply screenshot each page, it should contain the phone/carrier info as well as the messages and timestamps, or simply video you and the attorney with them and show them on screen.
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    By the time I finished reading his description, I forgot what exactly it was he was selling.
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    Wow - with Hamer getting so many things wrong no wonder he is selling it. :-)
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    I forgot to add-I’m pretty sure all the SS models got ink stamped serial #s over the color/under the clear so if it was stripped the serial is gone. If it is a guitar where the serial is actual stamped into the wood then you might be able to still make it out if there wasn’t too much sanding during the stripping process.
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    My kinda subject! I love Hamer's and I also enjoy taking a few pictures. here goes...
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    Here's Ted, our fearless leader. And a couple of clowns playing Standards.
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    kiz! it's been a while huh. I blinked twice and it's a decade later. retired from museum 4 years ago. play and write mostly on the acoustic side but have been rocking out plenty on my Newport 6 string. just not enough to warrant a bout of GAS. that changed in recent months. just pulled the plug on a monaco bari. google searches during my shopping research kept turning up quotes from the forum. thought I'd stop by and see what's going on in the clubhouse. how's tricks?
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    too pointy for me. but I remember when trans black was a no-go. then I managed to get the 12er ordered. love that finish.
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    Avoid that one. Those ivory buttons make your fingers smell like soap.
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    It’s not a genre, per se, but an attitude. Equal parts pub rock, punk, new wave, mod and power pop. Don’t really know what it is, but I know it when I hear it.
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    We want Improv porn, We want Improv porn, We want Improv porn, We want Improv porn, We want Improv porn, We want Improv porn, We want Improv porn........................We want Improv porn. caddie