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    You've heard the International Star Registry radio ads promoting a random star in someone's name as a cool gift? For Father's Day, my wife literally got me a Random Star - and a Dano head RS at that! My next resto side project piece ... circa 1985-86, currently refinished poorly and rough but she is structurally unmodified and a harmonically alive screaming banshee of a rock axe. I loaded it this a.m. with a pulled Gibson PAF of some sort in the neck and a MJ-wound double-cream JB from the early to mid 80s. This thing is already playing and sounding absolutely phenomenal. I think this is the best tone guitar I have for rock soloing - very harmonically alive, touch sensitive and fast recoil. Plans are to shoot her Akira red before the end of the year. Jury's still out on the mirrors I've wanted one of these for a long, long time. Smiling ear to ear.
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    But it IS kinda f-ing cool! In placing another custom order with Shane at H.E.L., I was pleasantly surprised by his opting to have me name the model. Actually, I believe he posted: "So.... Jim is getting he very own guitar model." Yeah, definitely not worthy but very cool all the same. Knowing Shane's tendency to name his models after snakes and airplanes (seems to me there's a movie title in there somewhere...) I opted for Spitfire. To be fair, I initially wanted to go with "Mustang" as in, P-51D, but FMIC already has a lock on that. 🙄 Next up was the F4U Corsair but Shane accurately pointed out that the Corsair was actually a sizeable bird despite it's carrier-based status. The H.E.L. JV2BT “Spitfire” model is based on the Charvel/Jackson Dinky shape which is 7/8 scale. A smaller, faster and higher performance ax and thus, deserving of a fitting fighter analogy/inspiration. Production has already begun and I cannot wait!!!
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    Just for the heck of it... and why not, this is partly why we love these guitars. Tone beasts? Yes! Eye candy is the icing on the cake!
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    Love it! Shoot it red, and you will be properly equipped to engage in some "Wock-n-woe cwazy nahts". You will be the "hee-woe too-naht."
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    I don't think a good balance point on a star exists actually, haha. It's not bad. The pin is similar to the butt pin location on old Jackson Rhoads guitars, Kramer Voyagers (no shock there), and of course Eddie's Dano-head star from which the ESP copy was born. My RS is VERY light and really whippy, lighter than most everything in my current stable. It is an alder body with about a 3/16 to 1/4" maple top. All the old ESP Random Stars had maple tops, even the solid color ones, and back wood was either ash or alder.
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    Congrats on the new addition! Don't forget, they still make Zubaz pants, so you can probably still get them in whatever matching/complimentary color you choose for the guitar.
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    I think this girl may go places when she matures a bit. Her little girl squeaks are a bit annoying but I bet it turns into something as she grows. I was quite surprised.
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    I started working on the final version now that this is finished. The purpose of doing two complete versions is that the Draft version is burdened by me learning the parts and figuring out how I'm going to record the song so there are lots of production based decisions and cumbersome process stuff that gets in the way of the performances and slows everything down. I'm in the process of making my final notes on this one so I can start capturing the final performances but I thought you guys might like to hear what the Draft version ended up sounding like. It's still a little rough and loose - the final version will be much tighter I hope. You've heard some of this it bits and bites before from me. I've got a list of "needs improvement" for the final version here: http://www.thestairwayproject.com/ten-years-gone-the-scratch-tracks/ If anything jumps out at you as needing attention - particularly with respect to accuracy and arrangement please feel free to let me know. Many thanks.
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    "Black" Korina. Really just Limba/Korina with lots of character.
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    too pointy for me. but I remember when trans black was a no-go. then I managed to get the 12er ordered. love that finish.
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    Exactly what I was thinking.
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    I think their headstock cleared that up. I agree with you on their V’s. They rock! I particularly like their retro big headstock.
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    It was a display item.
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    Don't forget. It is "Patents" pending.
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    Evan Rubinson is head of Armadillo music the company he inherited last year from his father. Class guy with education in business and a Lambo by the front door. Got his taste for cars from dad too. Great photos.
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    Really good to see a guitar company trying to build quality guitars in the vein of Hamer... It's easy to root for Dean, they seem to understand their customers.
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    Neck being worked on by a very talented luthier in the custom shop, various artist guitars on the wall, the large factory.
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    Body top press with radio frequencies for perfect even gluing, URI Roth neck among wood pieces, cool inlays, double neck V.
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    New neck, new necks, double guitar with routing for fasteners.
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    Great to meet you Dbraz, and of course seeing Gene and Thorn again. Here is Pat showing off some of his custom shop work.
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    I'm glad to read this. And being well educated, first hand. And feeling comfortable again. In Germany 2 8s can have different meanings, and one interpretaion is really disgusting: Eighty Aid is the claim of a service clinic for Cannondale's suspension fork like the Fatty, Lefty etc. Eighty Aid roots from 4x22, which is the amount of balls (sic!) in the 4 ballbearings, that make C'dales construction work and being serviceable. So far, so good! Mountainbiking is good for your health. And brain. But now the BAD: 88 also is used by (German, but also international) Nazis as a hidden salutation, referring twice to „H“ , the 8th letter in the alphabet. This is meant to mean „Heil Hitler". Which is at least disgusting. Fck Nzis! Again something new learnt! And THIS down there is a cap from the Headshok clinic!