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    Arlene's Grocery is throwing a Radiohead fan party this Thursday in honor of Radiohead's 4-night residency at MSG this week, and they're bringing my band in to provide the entertainment. Since the real deal will be in town, we're going to pull out a bunch of deep cuts that they rarely if ever perform, like Spectre, Life in a glass house, Man Of War, Daily Mail, and Motion Picture Soundtrack. We'll even have a horn section in tow for the full effect. Hope some of you can make it!
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    It's all true. I'm glad you put the DD's back in there. I can't wait for the NGD report @Montelovesco!!! Very strange... this transaction happening the week I buy an Earthen Maple Tally. Anyone in need of a vintage Guild?
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    Am I the only one seeing this or did those pesky acid flashbacks return?
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    I have this Talladega Pro incoming to make a matching pair with my regular Talladega. I believe my Hamer collection is complete, but I've been wrong before. Really looking forward to it. My regular Tally came with some Fralin pickups that I've swapped back to the original Double D's. Here's both guitars for a bit of guitar porn.
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    I put some adapter cables up for sale on Reverb today. Within one minute of posting, I received an offer. I countered, and had them sold and paid for within 5 minutes! The best part? I got these cables for nothing! 😎
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    Currently even a free signup allows links but they also have a much more reasonable pricing deal going on. I might be inclined to go with it. Now that I have signed up for a free deal my old images are showing in old threads.
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    Up for sale is my 2008 Talladega Black Transparent. Serial no. 856175. Look at the pictures, in certain light the Ultimate Flame top has a golden hue to it. It is a very nice guitar, straight neck, plays excellent. This Tally is light, lighter than my other Tally. It has the original DD-pickups with four-way switch. At this moment it has knobs with numbers, but the original knobs without numbers will be included, as well as a different truss rod cover (as it was already there when I bought the guitar a couple of years ago) and the other case candy. There is no COA, at least I have never had it. Personally I like the look of the guitar more with cream pickup-rings and amber knobs, but these are not included in the sale (but widely available everywhere). Of course the OHSC will be included. It is fully functional. There are some marks near the truss rod cover, but that is on the back. These were already there when I got the guitar, do not know what the cause is. Also there may be some pick swirls on the front, but nothing I can photograph. As I will send this guitar from France it is especially good for people within the European Union as CITES will then have no effect. When you are in Europe this is an excellent chance to own a USA Hamer Talladega. You know they are rare, and the black transparent colour is rarer than the amberburst Price is SOLD. Edited to add: With regard to the price: Please remember that on importing a guitar from the USA to the EU will add about 20% to the price. And in this case I have already paid that! Please PM me for any questions. Gabe 😀
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    Couldn't you just cut it off?
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    Right on! I found out about RG through the Danny Galton recording “The Humbler”. Unbelievable.
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    Thanks, Dan. You know, IIRC I bought it from you! I think Montelovesco will be very happy with it! Gabe 😀
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    That's almost as good as scoring a great guitar cheap within minutes of it being put up for sale. You know, the USA made Californian for $350 or a $98 four digit Standard.
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    Gonna need a bigger amp.
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    Most of you have already seen pics of this in other threads and/or The Fret Shack or Hamer USA pages on Facebook. For those that haven’t, I wanted to post a few more pics and fill in the story. This journey started back in February when @bruce919 listed a well-used 1987 Chaparral for sale on the HFC. It was missing the Floyd and strap buttons, but was otherwise intact. Something about it called to me, which is odd because I have never been able to bond with Hamer’s Super-Strat offerings. I reached out to @Jeff R at The Fret Shack to see if he would be interested in helping me bring it back to life. He was all in. The guitar arrived and it went straight to Jeff. In the meantime, I contacted @Stike with Rowyco Kustom Guitar Finishes to see if he could repaint the body for me. I had long admired Stike’s work and was stoked that he took the job. So, Jeff gets the Chap, disassembles everything and sends the body to Stike to do his thing. While the neck was off, Jeff did a wicked-ass refret with Jescar 57/110s. You can view the finished product on The Fret Shack's FB page. I was a little concerned about the fret size, but they are actually very similar to what PRS uses on their Custom 22, and I’ve always liked them. They look huge in a picture but in reality, feel great under your fingers. This was the biggest concern I had and that concern was unfounded because I love these frets. With the re-fret complete, it was time to find a replacement Floyd Rose trem. I scoured Reverb and eBay and came up empty-handed on a period correct trem so (after another consult w/Jeff) I decided to go with the Floyd Rose “1984” reissue. Fast-forward to early June. Stike had finished the paint and sent me a teaser pic. (If you look close you can see the master reflected in the paint.) It is impossible to photograph how amazing this finish is. This was another decision that I went back and forth on. Do I leave it a genuine relic and just replace the necessities, or use this opportunity to have a “new” 1987 Hamer? In the end I decide to do a full-out resto using the best of what was available thirty years after it left the Hamer factory. Seafoam was a stock color so it was a win-win in my mind. Stike sent the body back to Jeff and it was re-assembled. Once the wiring was replaced I asked Jeff to give an honest tone report. “It’s not bad, but we can do better.” His suggestion was the Parallel Axis set with the Blues Saraceno HB Bridge and PA stacked singles. I had zero experience with these pickups. I told Jeff I wanted a slightly hotter bridge pickup, but not something super high-output. The Blues Saraceno is really like a beefy PAF, nice and crunchy without hitting the amp too hard. The singles are very fat and clear, with little quack in the mid-positions. You aren’t going to get real glassy with these, but I wasn’t looking for that – I wanted a matched single coil for the PA bridge. Not surprisingly, the PA “set” works extremely well in this guitar. When you switch from the HB only to any of the other 4 positions, there is very little volume loss. The last line of business was a new case to ship it back home. Once again, I came up empty-handed trying to source a period correct Hamer case from either eBay or Reverb. Jeff took the time to take the finished guitar to GC and try out all of their offerings. The Gator case is fantastic. It fits the Chap perfectly and is nicely built without being overly heavy. The week before last, I finally got to see this project in person. JeffR has found his calling. It’s hard for me to believe he has been doing this for roughly a year. The fretwork was as good as any I’ve seen. The setup was perfect. Before Jeff sent it back, he told me “you will not be able to put this down”. He was sooooo right. I am not a shredder by any stretch, but this thing feels so right, like it’s alive. My other Floyded guitar is a Music Man Axis (that I bought after playing Jeff’s Axis) and as great a guitar as the Axis is, the Chap eats it for breakfast. I am amazed, because I did not expect that at all. The Axis has been a fave since I bought it and now it pales next to the Chap. The body contours hit me in all the right places, and the electronics are amazing. The pots and cap(s) that Jeff put in gives a huge range of tone and NEVER get muddy. Unbelievable. Bonus!! A strap that I already had that matched the body color perfectly. I’m one of those weirdos that likes a strap for each guitar. Finally, I want to publicly thank Jeff and Stike for making this whole process so easy. I had so much fun working with them and the results speak for themselves.
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    I think they were just f***ing with Ernie because he's got all the cool gear already.
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    Testing my memory really hard now, but IIRC the ghost builder in the case of EEs was not ESP but Tom Anderson Guitarworks. At least EE and TA designed it and TA was the ghost source for the production guitars' necks.
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    Sure, I couldn't make this one.... For someone whos "not a standard" guy, Bruce has had some amazing ones. The orange sparkle still drool worthy