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    NOW Asking $1,200.00 including shipping (U.S. only) and worth every penny. My overexposed washed out photos do not do this guitar justice. Dark inky black with amber ivoroid binding and gold hardware. When I bought this guitar it had aftermarket black hardware. I did the full black beauty treatment on it. Gold TonePros bridge , locking studs and and tailpiece, gold Shaller tuners, gold Dunlop locking (2 way) strap buttons, gold switch nut, gold Switchcraft barrel jack, gold truss rod cover screws - even custom ordered gold pole pieces in the pickups, which are, by the way, Lindy Frailin noiseless P-90s!!!!!!! The condition is excellent with some minor pick and polish marks that you always see in black paint, plus a couple of tiny impressions - nothing significant that cracks the clear or goes through the finish. There is one exception to my use of "excellent" in the description - there have been different tuners on the guitar and you can see the repaired screw holes and housing outlines in direct light. I filled, touched up and buffed the marks, but they are not invisible. Close, but not perfect. I added an orange drop capacitor and treble bleed cap, which work really well with the Noiseless P-90s. They sound slightly darker and more balanced than the original Duncan pickups, plus . . . NO HUM! The action is absolutely superb on this guitar. I don't know if it has been Pleked, but it wouldn't surprise me. Those of you who know me know that I'm not into hyperbole and don't spew BS. The fretwork on this guitar is so good that I was able to dial in very low action with no fret buzz with zero effort. Frets are clean and the nibs have been rounded off. Playability is exceptional. Your money happily refunded and I pay shipping if you don't agree. Dark rosewood fretboard Weight: 7 lbs. 9 oz. The neck is slim (.830") at the firs fret and gets a little chunkier (.880") at the 12th. Includes Hamer USA case, possibly original. Someone please correct me if I have the model name wrong.
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    https://www.ebay.com/itm/Warmoth-Offset-J-style-loaded-body-Custom-Shop-quality-components-Seafoam/232850971793 I have this body up for auction on eBay. The neck is also available. Just sayin' 😏
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    Telecaster, you want a Telecaster! Or you can throw them both in a blender and you get...
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    Four week on bump.....
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    Or, just get this and save yourself a world of hurt: G&L Doheny @Dave’s
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    "Thin/wimpy", Strats, y'say? I've never had that problem with Strats. If you're expecting them to have as much output and ballz as your Gibsons, well, keep hoping. Strats are so easy to dial in. How can you not get a good sound from them? A Jazzmaster won't get you any closer. They're cool guitars in their own right, but have a few built-in peccadillos, starting with the tremelos and ending with the electronics. They don't come with big frets/necks, but you never know what's out there. You could always put one together and specify neck shape and fret size, but that would prolly get expensive. I would try out one locally and see if it's for you. Or, learn how to get a big sound from your Strats and save some money.
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    Get the Nash. You’re gonna do it, so just do it.
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    I've got way too many pedals but I only like 5 or so on a board at any given time. I found a good deal on a couple of these small boards made by Roadiemade out of Nashville, and split up the "Keeper" pedals into two small boards. I could get thru a whole set with either of them, and I've been just grabbing one or the other lately, but using them together opens a bunch of options. One has a Cioks AC10 psu underneath, the other has a TrueTone CS6. The TrueTone power line is really great. Tons of current, lightweight and affordable, totally noise-free. Each board gets powered with a regular 3-prong drop cord.
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    I got an inquiry today from a guy who says he's in Connecticut and he's looking for general set-up work, possible fret work and possible Floyd Rose nut height fine-tuning. 85 Soloist and a Warmoth "Green Meanie" partsmutt clone. I told him I appreciate him reaching out but it makes no sense to ship to me across country when there are surely guys right there who do stellar work. Give those techs, not UPS or FedEx, your money, that's my logic, plus just driving distance from Conn is NYC - a kinda big guitar market from what I remember, right? LOL One problem ... I need suggestions on who does stellar guitar tech work in or very close to Connecticut. Leads? Better yet, have any old New Hartford employees opened pure repair/tech shops or gotten jobs at any shops doing it?
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    This. Is exactly why I love this place.
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    Compared to an LP and SG, the strat going to sound more airy, just due to the pickup setup. You could always look at some blade or stacked pickups for more OOMPH if you want it.
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    I have always wanted a Jazzmaster but knew about the issues with the bridge and tremolo design. Mastery seems to have solved those issues with their replacement bridge and tremolo. A while back, I had one made locally and I, ultimately, ended up sending it back because the neck was not to my liking. A friend of mine used to work for Bilt guitars and suggested that I reach out to them. They are making me a hollowbody Jazzmaster (called a Zaftig) with the Mastery bridge & tremolo, plus Lollar Regal pickups and they are carving the neck to match my American Standard Strat neck which is the profile that I prefer. Price is around $2,500 for a completely handmade guitar to my specs. I think that is a very fair price. The guitar is a couple of weeks away from being done. I will post picks when it gets in. Here is a picture of one from their website.
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    The Doheny is the one that push me to do my offset build.
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    Don't laugh, but go check out a Squier Classic Vibe Jazzmaster. Shockingly good for the asking price, and perfect for a JM noob. Most people love the way the offsets hang on you, but their pickups, electronics packages and trems are either loved or, um ... not loved. The Squier will let you figure out in which camp you fall for a fraction of the investment.
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    I feel like I should rent a tux even to look at that!
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    A buddy built this board for me. The only thing different on it today is that the Danelectro EQ has been replaced with a Boss EQ.
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