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    Very nice Artist Korina with P90's, original Hamer case. Very minimal fret ware, no discernible dings, dents, scratches can be found. The electronics and truss rod operate correctly. Selling to fund another guitar purchase, shipped and insured, PayPal family and friends or equivalent with no fees. I'll post more pictures when I can figure out how.😩
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    On Reverb at a higher price. Still available here for the tree-fiddy ($3.50) discount.
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    What the heck is happening beneath that Floyd? It should be recessed...
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    Not even CLOSE to being original.
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    Somehow, redwood sorta flies under the radar as a tonewood. But it is well worth checking out. We actually have several "Giant Sequoias" in the back 40 (I plantd a bunch as seedlings and they are growing fast), but I am pretty sure none will be harvested during my lifetime. Let alone become part of a guitar. Too bad this guy is no longer talking orders!
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