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    Black Limba also works for amplifiers!
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    In the dives I have been playing, I typically take a MIM Tele Custom and a PRS SE 245. If either disappears, I will not sweat it.
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    I don't schlep gear anywhere anymore. Nowadays, I prefer to do 'residencies'. Primarily at my home residence.
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    On the handful of things Iv'e done that could be called a tour, I'd bring whatever I wanted. The guitar always is with me, never in a car. It's with me in the restaurant, in the hotel, etc. You can always play some backline amp, worst comes to worst.
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    The handle is the standard Boogie "leather" handle, if that's what you mean. My talented friend built it, using the stock cab as a guide. It is a little taller than stock, maybe 1/8". That is why there is a trim piece between the control panel and grill. Got the limba from Cook Woods. Looked a long time to get what I liked. I have been using a Tone Tubby Winterland speaker. Brighter than the MS-12 and I get some chime on clean and nice growl on Lead. Likewise, this thread makes one pine for a Shishkov. Option to have a guitar and amp with matching wood. His guitars are over the top.
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    It depended on if I was touring Germany or Sudan.
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    A few more sightings have appeared. The artist at work....... And no doubt the final product will be greater than the sum of all the parts previewed separately above! The Wait? The Weight? That don't matter he said cuz it's all the same.......
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    I don't "tour" but do play out 4 to 6 times a month and usually bring 4 or 5 guitars including 1 to 4 Hamers. Guitars stay with me and are never left in a vehicle. I do have a Heritage Music Insurance policy, but would hope to never have to use it as many of my Hamers are one of a kind and can't be replaced.
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    You need to put some heat on your manager to get you some better gigs,
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    Touring... I wish. 😆 That said, I ALWAYS have a Hamer (or 3) on stage when we gig locally.
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    Didn’t know you are touring Germany. And especially Sudan. ETA: on the topic, I had my concerns in spring deciding on which guitar to be taken to the clinic. Eventually took the Scheithauer Charlie Christian that had gained quite some recognition. It turned out that others used the platform to present their wealth in guitars too.
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    Well I don't tour, but I understand what your asking. We have one local place that we go in and set up at 11am and just leave our stuff setup all day. I take one guitar for setup and it comes home with me. The other guitar player, leaves everything but I can't bring myself to do it.
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    What's the handle profile?
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    The one's with no EQ are the best. You can't get too far outside the real Boogie tone. I love all the Mark II's for different reasons. Haven't had one in a while. Thanks for postin' this............not. Now, I'm on the prowl.
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    Silly boy. Leo Fender died 12 years before Babicz went into business.
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    Black Limba looks great!
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    Not directly related, but I DO love black limba......Nice to know it is not in short supply!
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    Double my pleasure! Spitfire AND Cali action today!! I know @RobB is gonna love these!
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    From a festival here in Norway called Tons Of Rock. #0012
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    0059 at a recent gig. This is one awesome guitar.
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