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    I'd just as well see Hamer completely dead rather than be bastardized even more. The recent iteration is, as far as I'm concerned, nothing more than a legal knock-off. Legal insofar as the name was legally obtained, but a knock-off insofar as its a different company, different builders, in a foreign factory, producing copies substandard to the originals and passing them off as if they had the same heritage. I can't stand the marketing nonsense where they talk about the history and pedigree of their instruments, as if they can claim that history for themselves.
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    I sold my 1989 bought new American Standard Telecaster (the one that got away) a few years back when I went to law school. My Fender Aerodyne Tele has been living with my buddy in NC for several years, and I was missing having a Tele at home. I kept looking for another Fender, but I prefer an offset body style, individually adjustable saddles, a forearm contour, and staggered locking tuners. So I got this Ibanez Prestige Talman TM1702: Ibanez put these out in 2016, releasing similar looking low cost Korean models and more expensive Japan made (Prestige) versions. I tried out the Korean model and it was okay, but the fit and finish on the Prestige is much better (as is the hardware). I got a very good deal (listed as a refurb, but the seller said it was just unsold stock - there was no stamp) with plastic still on the neck pickup and pick guard. The Seymour Duncan® Alnico II Pro pickups sound great, and give me all the spanky jangle I want from a Tele. The 12" radius fretboard is a little flatter than I like, but it feels great, and the frets were perfectly dressed. Light, balanced, plays great. Just not quite a Tele.
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    Several years ago I bought an "all original" 1965 Lake Placid Blue Jaguar from R N R. When it arrived and I unpacked it, I realised that the guitar case was partly open and the headstock was sticking out. One of the tuners was bent but otherwise there appeared to be no damage to the guitar. I still thought it weird that there should be space in the box for the case to pop open (I as always told to pack everything as tight as possible so the guitar can't move). On closer inspection I realised that all pickguard screws on the Jag were golden, like... shiny and brand new looking golden. Surely these were not the original 1965 screws? I decided to call R N R and explain about the screws. They said: "Oh, we forgot about the screws!"😂 To this day I wonder if they forgot to mention them in their description or if they had meant to change them before selling the guitar. They said: "How many do you need, will send them to you". I asked them where they would get the screws from? They said: "Oh...we'll just take them of another guitar"🤣😂. I counted all screws around the pickguard and they did send the exact amount I had counted. Upon replacing the screws I realised I had forgotten the hidden one underneath the mute. 🙄😂....Serves me right. Ended up buying another one the same year at Guitar Center Boston and the guys were really great about everything and the item , a 1966 Jag, was exactly as described. Man, I'm just not cut out for all that vintage dealing. It's probably a good thing I don't have any money lying around these days. That blue Special does look awefully nice though🤔😜 P.S. If anyone is in the need of golden Fender pickguard screws I might still have them lying around somewhere...
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    Not sure, but I think this pretty much confirms that JAM was toast.
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    Tanktops and cutoffs for the last 10 years? I guess Angus Young has his stage-clothes signature, too.
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    The Strat and Tele style prestige line that Ibanez did in 2016 was really well executed. Don't know if people went nuts over them, but they should have.
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    The body curves are nice on the Meteora, but that area of the pickguard around the knobs seems kinda meh design-wise to me, as well as the black block inlays...those inlays weren't all that popular when they came out on Fenders in the '70's. I don't care much for the short dirt-catcher lid over the bridge, either.
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    output of signal from pot is middle lug. input from switch/ pickup right outside lug left lug to case, ground. take a pic of the pickguard showing the pots, wiring, post it. Will be able to help.
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    Yeah, I'd be real appreciative if you could! The seller also said he doesn't have PayPal anymore 🙄 so, if it's good to go, maybe I could negotiate with you to help me seal the deal? I'll PM ya...
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    On Craigslist. Guitar shopping box. 44"x17"x7" Meet at Stop & Shop lot in Emerson. This what the outside of a box looks like... ...and this is what the inside of a box looks like... I kinda want to email him and ask him if he'll ship, but then he might get a big ol' brain cramp trying to think of the box in which to fit this box...
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    I've resisted these guitars for forty years. I've never owned one. They're way too heavy for me. Walnut is an overweight maple that's only marginally less bright, so I've resisted forever until now. A buddy in Orlando brought one over that his friend owned. I fell in love with the tone. The Series VII pickups in the neck/bridge and the "Super Humbucking" pickup in the middle were smooth and, in some way, more linear (if that makes sense). A bit like a PAF that leans toward an EMG. I might be in left field, but that's my assessment of the one I've played. Most are 11.5 pounds to 13.0 pounds. They are Walnut. This one's is 10.2lbs. That's at least a pound south of anything I've ever seen available. From Toronto to Central Florida...
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    Barry Bailey, Atlanta Rhythm Section, including the updated studio re-make and live versions of "Another Man's Woman" (Red Tape and Are You Ready, respectively) as well as "Bless My Soul" when it changes key towards the end (album = Dog Days). There are some nice slightly distorted jazzoid chords on that one, as well. +1 on Gibbons. Methinks the earliest I can remember was on "Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers" and I recall thinking that it was probably accidental but it fit perfectly.
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    Wow! That guitar really has the MOJO! Very Very cool indeed! I played a beautiful almost pristine one here at "Willie's American Guitars" years ago, it was a one owner that never really got used. I almost bought it but.................... the weight was definitely a factor why I didn't. When ever I see one of these guitars I alway think of "The Kinks" ...............https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/The_Kinks_Dave_Davies_1977_Gibson_Les_Paul_Artisan
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    Here's a trio of images of her from the aforementioned '09 Burton Festival. That was nine years ago, and it doesn't look (aesthetically) like much has changed. As for the Gary Moore riffs, I think she's matured since what I heard in Shreveport but I agree that she still might need to find her own thing to distinguish her. "Tribute riffing" gets pretty old pretty quickly, at least for me.
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    Go for it - and don‘t forget to ask for some matching sneakers... 😎
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    Agreed. It's tough to consider anyone questioning the use of the confederate flag a provocateur in my book.
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    Nice phrasing, great melody, excellent note shaping and control. As a gear head, I'm trying to figure out whether she's going through the THD or the Boogie.
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    These are fantastic sounding amps! Great price here too!
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    I hope the latest owner took a black light to the back of the headstock, to confirm the complete lack of a serial number. I have an '85 Cruisebass in trans cherry, and the inked serial number on it is still visible, but it's faint.
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    Here's a clip from the venue I saw him (I didn't film this, I was at first row directly in front of Hughes' mic stand):
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    the Ibby looks nice, but the controls look like it was pieced together w/ spare parts. I played one once, killer sounding & playing tele-ish guitar
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    It wasn't weeks, as I posted before, in fact it was last saturday (Oct. 20th) that I got to see the show. Yes, it was a great show. Some people I know also attended the show and they felt there was to much instrumental stuff (You Fool No One), but then, they were not real DEEP PURPLE fans. The place was a smaller venue but sold out.
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    Agreed. I would also go so far as to say anyone with 50 grand to spend on guitars isn't searching Craigslist to buy guitars.
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    That LP just looks soooo 70s.
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    He lost me with the ad title: "Be The Only Person To Have This Guitar." Think of any guitar you have. Then ask yourself, "How many people have this guitar?"
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    FFS, I'm pretty sure I can come up with a certified and notorized "DNR" for Hamer as a company and/or as a brand to let it go to rest for good with it's dignity in tact. If that doesn't work, I have wooden stakes and large caliber, silver bullets on hand.
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    “Those days”, as they say, “are OVAH!”
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    Awesome Special!!! Do you have a regular special to compare tone?? Congrats!!!
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    Damn shame the seller's on crack, that is a crazy sweet looking bass.
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    Sounds perfect to me. Guitar volume should always be on ten.
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    Meeting location is mysterious Dr. Fung's secret lair. Knock three times. You will be asked, "Tree fiddy?" You will respond, "No, a shitload of Joe's cash."
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    I bought my blue Studio from Rock N Roll Vintage a couple of years ago. Real scumbag! Don't anybody even call them! These guys really suck and ship bad and all that. There. That ought'a hold you off until the price drops and I can get them to accept my reasonable offer.
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    Who could name just one Ed harmonic? It would be their entire catalog.
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    Usually that's all you'll need to clean up scratchy pots 95% of the time... it's definitely cheaper and less labor intensive then replacing new pots... it's definitely nice to have a can around for other guitars and or amps
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    I surely can't be the only person that thinks if you play pinched harmonics all the time, they dilute their impression? Zack plays them so often that his picking style, but throw one it, let it linger and sustain it for 2 or 3 beats vibrato it too...now we're talkin', really talkin.
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    George is a savant; I never tire of listening to him play. As for Zakk...does he actually play anything other than pinch harmonics? 😉
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    Eagles (Felder) - Already Gone - right after the line 'Heaven knows it wasn't you who set me free'. Gets me every time.
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    The Reverend Billy Gibbons, pick one, any one, all day long.
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