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    This was a long time in the making. Numerous health problems set me back something awful (my recent health has been a heck of a lot better FWIW). Crazy good guitar... the neck and hand blended heel are really something special. The carving, inlays and finish alone are works of art... and the pickups?!? Josh is a genius. Gravelin pickups are every bit as good as anything that comes out of the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop. The man has a deep knowledge of nearly every make and model of pickup that has been released since Seth Lover's patent. Mike's finish has so much depth to it, that one can almost get lost in it's virtually bottomless expanse. No covers, all the music is original... that said, I did include a sort of interpretation of the jazz standard "Misty" but the guitar arrangement is all my own.
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    Still one of my favorite "Baker" builds...
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    I leaked this in the "What did you get yourself for Christmas" thread. But truth is, it probably should be in the "Knee jerk reaction to the Dr. visit" thread. I went for my annual last week and she said I was good to go for another year. But when we talked about my fret hand arthritis getting worse and that there are days when it just cramps up into a claw. She said "Enjoy it while you can." The next morning crunchee posted some thread links to Dave's Guitar. Three nice Hamers. 1 was my holy grail Hamer! I didn't wait. I've seen how fast they can go when they show up at Dave's. I've wanted one of these ever since I saw one on eBay Germany a few years ago. Beautiful but out of my reach. This one was closer. So while I can still play it. I bought it! I posted a picture in the "Longest night of the year" thread to show I really do have it. If you like bad pictures of nice guitars you can see it here.https://www.hamerfanclub.com/forums/topic/84027-the-longest-night-of-the-year/ Dave's pictures:
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    That's a really good video, from the choice of black clothes to the lighting to the fact you didn't do all high-gain, and really did a lot of different things that highlight the sound of the guitar.
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    That is awesome. What a way to end 2018!! HiLite!!
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    A Happy New Year! To all of you here on the board, to your families and friends. Especially to all of you who had a less than perfect year 2018! I know there are a few. My best wishes to you. This is such a great bunch of people here. Thanks to everyone. I myself had quite a good year with several NHDs and NGDs. I'll keep you updated in the future. Let me decorate this post with a "part" of my this year's Christmas toy
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    To kick start the photo session, here‘s a nice pair.
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    It goes back to Mike, if I ever sell it. It's just an exemplary guitar in all respects.
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    My wife and I went on a great 5 day [Not including the flight down and back] vacation over Christmas to the Dominican Republic..............that was fun for both of us.......... beautiful place! A present to each other. I could have bought one hell of a guitar for the money we spent! This is what I could buy now!
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    Suhr Standard Pro Series S3 Whale Blue Built in 2012. Beautiful and highly flamed Maple top, Basswood body, 25 1/2” Scale Maple Neck, Rosewood fretboard, Hipshot locking tuners, 10”-14” Compound Radius, Stainless Steel Frets, SSH configuration and a trem that stays in tune even after heavy abuse. Guitar is in fantastic condition, it has an oblong rash a couple inches long on its upper back-side (incurred by original owner from a stand) that is out of view on stand, hanger, or in playing position. Original owner attempted patch job, so-so, but blended it fairly nicely. See pics. No other scratches, no worming, everything else is pristine. Comes with OHSC and COA. SOLD (Continental U.S. Only)
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    Great axe in good shape, i just (blasphemy incoming) like my Robins better. Located in Gothenburg, Sweden (EU) 1100€ /1300$ + Actual shipping, OBO Further pictures are available for seriously interested buyers.
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    NGD the tiny way. Actually, I found it on the Christmas market and had been in the mood. Since the Explorer shape is my favorite shape, I felt missing a micro Explorer and this one perfectly would fill the gap. What have you got this year?
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    Geoff, great video. I like that you have some retro graphics there too. Very cool. I've always loved the variety of sound you put in your videos. Glad your health is good. Will be looking forward to more of these!
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    As always, brilliant work. Kudos, brother!
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    Wow!.. my god man, that was excellent! 👍
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    I would put that Image at 8 Minutes on the next Run of T Shirts and I'll take 5! Great Job, makes me want to order another one!
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    Street performers can be entertaining; sometimes more so than people we pay to see.
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    Boxing Week sale at Long & McQuade. Snagged it two days ago outside of Toronto (Brampton). American Performer Jazzmaster. Have wanted a JM forever, but didn’t want all the extra switching and that crazy trem (blashapmy among purists, but this is MY guitar, not theirs ) The G&L Doheny spoke to me, but hadn’t come across one. This appears to be Fenders reply to the Doheny. I really like it! Such a different sound from everything else I’ve got. It’s got me rockin Dinosaur Jr. , Sonic Youth and all sorts of shoegaze
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    @ARM OF HAMER, well played, so to say.
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    It wasn't painted on. It was supposed to be left over material from Rick Neilson for his amp covers..!
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    Thanks . I did see that. I know a b12s wont be cheap, but that seems crazy high, and canary yellow is not exactly what I'm looking for.
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    Backup dibs behind Thundersteel! Enjoy it, what a beauty! Wishing you the best of luck and health!
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    He said that it's mine when he dies. So I'm going to kill him. How's that for dibs?
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    I''m experiencing some of the same problems, from age, from various injuries through the years (I've broken most of my fingers through the years), and from Dupuytren's contracture on the ring finger of the left hand. This stuff has really helped me, and you might consider talking to your doctor about it; the generic is inexpensive: Voltaren Gel (diclofenac sodium topical gel) is a topical gel nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) used to treat pain of osteoarthritis of joints that are amenable to topical treatment, such the hands and knees. Also, I've started playing lap steel, a big plus when it comes to playing comfort.
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    Hold out... That's a really nice guitar, personally I wouldn't take anything less than $1,100 for it~ Unless I pm you with s $850 offer... then you must accept it 😆
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    12 strings of rockin beauty!! You gotta give us an idea of how it plays and sounds !!!
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    That is a one of a kind top. Love it! I can't wait to hear about the controls... the top's holes have piqued my curiosity!
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    That is a FINE LOOKING guitar. Dibs?
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    Not a guitar. Been getting into watches lately.
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    Just sticking up for the brand, brother.
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    Congrats and enjoy that beauty each and every day!
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    I struggled with the relic thing for a while and just rode the “to each their own” train. I’m still on it, but I do now understand and appreciate the why. Replacing a brand new Floyd (or other part) on a 35 year old guitar is going to look off, compared to the other hardware and rest of the body/neck - most likely, if it was played. As for relic’d Guitars; guitars generally aren’t made with sub par finishes that fade and check anymore (unless you pay premiums for brands that do that). They don’t relic naturally the way the old guitars do. So to that end, if your desire is for something vintage, but your budget doesn’t fit (how many here have an original 59 LP or 52 Tele, etc.?) a relic would be the next best option. I’d be happy with anything that plays and sounds great. Relic’d or not. Just give me functional hardware, electronics and frets please!
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    To each their own, PRS color-wise......Not implying I have a problem with red, of course.....Just a few examples that always jumped out at me.
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    I beg to differ on the "aesthetically unappealing" and Kizanski will disagree too! Oh, it's Korina too...
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    I have mostly stayed out of the Shishkov section, because here I am, thinking, "Eh, it isn't that much money..."
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    If you're in the giving mood
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    I like the single cut Tele-Paul guitars, but a two piece body is something I'd balk at. I like mine better and it was just north of 4K...
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    Ebony https://reverb.com/item/17697428-gibson-custom-shop-es-390-ebony-minibuckers
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    If you cannot play the Hamers that you have, find one that you can!
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    Sell all the Hamers. If a guitar is uncomfortable to play, what's the point in keeping it? If there's some investment/collectability angle you're holding back on, that might change the analysis. I'm Hamer free at the moment. After playing an Ultimate with the perfect neck for me, I sold what Hamers I had and am having another Shishkov built for me. Less is more at this point.
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    That is a large chunk of money just sitting unused. We don't give a flip if you actually own a Hamer or not, so move some shit.
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    Sell the Hamers if you don't play them. That's a lot of money tied up in "Brand Loyalty." The Talladega would be first for me since it has the V neck and is basically a Tele. I'd keep the Newport 'till last.
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    I bought a couple of things for myself... 1st a Oztent for my camping/overlanding adventures & 2nd the KK mini V
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    An ESP Japan-branded aircraft carrier that doubles as a proper double-stitched form-fit hardshell for my old skool mid-1980s Random Star.
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    A Sony BD/DVD player and Sony 7.1 a/v receiver. No more plugging my Mac mini into the TV! Hoot!!
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    A friend of mine bought yours, I have one and there is another Belgian guy that has one too.
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    This group is awesome, thanks for the tip on the tuners! They are the Hamer factory ones in gold!
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