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    This one really turned out to be one bad ass guitar! Finding premium maple blocks big enough to do a one piece solid body is definitely challenging though. I know a lot of you have already seen these, but for those that haven’t, here’s a few of the pics that we posted.
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    All will be revealed. Just not yet. 😁 Re the top (and other woods)......Some wise guy said earlier today that ...life's too short for the good notes to be bouncing off a crappy piece of wood. Definitely a trip to see how the PROMISE of the early wood pictures is turned into a piece of art. That takes vision!
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    To kick start the photo session, here‘s a nice pair.
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    Save yourself some anguish and just place an order! 😃
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    That is a one of a kind top. Love it! I can't wait to hear about the controls... the top's holes have piqued my curiosity!
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    I have mostly stayed out of the Shishkov section, because here I am, thinking, "Eh, it isn't that much money..."
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    Dana: That's a beautiful burst and the pickups look stellar! A perfect fit with the rings..so nice! If the low/med volume is good, expect greatness when cranked as well. The last few of the original offering sets have been shipped, tracking numbers sent - it's going to be a happy and rocking New Year for everyone! Thank You to all for being patient with that bad spool of wire and extended lead time. Playing "catch up" meant for a week of 16 hour workdays along with other orders too but I had an absolute blast with it: wire ran perfectly smooth, dcr and inductance measurements were exactly right; back to normal is a great feeling! As for the B-stock sets with only the lightest scratches on the bobbins, completely rewound and New otherwise: 2 have shipped - a Charlotte and an Ult. I've got enough for 3 set of each of both The Shlabotnik/Ult sets and Charlotte: $200/set. Add $30 for covers. Shipping included! Your choice of output lead wire. Bobbin colors are first come, first serve but I will do my best to make it all work for you.
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    And a thin hint of 'burst starts to highlight how the chevron morphs into a "quilt". Ever seen a hunk of redwood like that before? Coming soon, I think, a better look at the great wood figure of the BACK.
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    I love solid color guitars, but I could make an acception!
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