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    Ok, I posed this question to my wife just now: ”if money is no object, does it make sense to have a bunch of different guitars or several of the same guitar set up completely differently?” Her response: “a bunch of different guitars” now, to me, that sounds like permission... 😉
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    To me, that sounds like a set-up.
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    Eddie had it a bit better refined with this one. Took this in St. Paul in Summer of 1982.
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    To me that was the input to evolve into the Star that Wayne Charvel/Mighty Mite/Dimarzio were marketing at the time after Ed became a lil popular and folks started seeing pictures of this guitar. I had to have one. Got my Mighty Mite body with unknown neck of Rosewood on Bird's Eye Maple that matches the Bird's Eye Maple body in December 1982 in a Jacksonville, Florida pawn shop on Main St.
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    I’ve found it’s easier to get forgivness than it is permission. But I’ve been married 3 times so my advice is kinda shaky 🤯
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    Gotta be my Electraglide SMG that I picked up from Kof a few months back. I've owned lots of Hamers over the years (including an early 4-digit Standard) and this one plays the best of any, and is so versatile too! Just an unbelievable guitar with the perfect neck (for me anyway) and it sounds as good as it looks... 😎
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    My favorite is a 1981 Hamer Special that I bought new and still have...! With the Checkboard case to match my strap and the head stock..!
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    There have been so many great ones, Two of the best ended up going away a few months ago. At the moment, I would nominate this one-off.... Double korina, long scale, ebony, goldtop, lightweight, upgraded (non-Duncan) pickups. What is NOT to love?
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    My 2002 Artist Korina HB, due to the neck. It simply fits me perfect. I have gigged and played her hard for the last 12 years. My first Hamer and the one by which all others are judged. I wore a set of frets off and had her re-fretted last year. Finally settled on pickups...Firebirds. 0006 has the big buckers covered for me FOREVER. I love this guitar. It is my go-to for anything and everything. Duesenberg Trem.
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    For me lately it’s been my Mirage with Mojotone Quiet Coil 59’s in it. (Which are humbuckers voiced to sound like single coils) I’ll be playing that at tonights show along w a Special set up for E tuning slide. Ready to go at super low volume!!
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    To be honest, rosewood is rosewood to me. I prefer ebony and I also like maple enough. With the new trend of roasted maple there should be no finish required. I wouldn't recognize R9 rosewood anyway. Did Hamer use it on their guitars? I only have two Hamer guitars with rosewood board, I see no magic in there.
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    This is, hands down, one of THE dumbest guitars I’ve ever seen. That’s being kind. To offer this as a production model? Absurd. Anyone who wastes 2 grand on this deserves to have it sound bad. Major fail.👎
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    It's one thing to do something stupid as a young drunk kid, it another to repeat such an error when sober and 64.
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    Hahahaha!.. I once removed the fretboard on my Gibson Firebrand with a clothes iron & putty knife 😉... I tell ya, inquisitive minds and Idle hands are a deadly combination...
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    Some of you probably already know this. I was watching Righteous Kill with Robert Deniro and Al Pacino and saw a Monaco Super Pro in the recording studio scene toward the end. Very cool! They also had these cool stools that were shaped like Marshall Amp knobs. It's actually a pretty damn good cop movie too.
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    I love the Explorer shape and all others that followed including the Star, ML, Z, Kelley, etc. but the Shark is just plain bad. With that said, I would love an EVH 5150 III with EL34`s. Those just rip and roar!! Overpriced though.
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    I know it's a different thing with basses as the string tension is significantly higher but maybe this could work here, too. I am a member of a bass forum and some of those guys with a similar problem did the following: First loosen the truss rod nut. Then put the neck in a vice. Make sure to use rubber pads or such in order not to damage the neck where it is in the vice. Try to bend the neck in the relief direction (but don't break it!) and hold for a little while. Check with a straight edge if the neck has moved and has relief now. If not you can try to place the neck on a work bench. Then use a clamp and place it around the middle of the fret board (again make sure you use a rubber pad or such where the clamp touches the neck) and apply pressure to the neck by tightening the clamp. Be careful, not too much at once. Leave it sitting there for a couple of days. Take the clamp off and check with a straight edge if you have relief. If not or not enough, try again. Sometimes those guys apply moisture and carefully use a heat gun to dry it. I guess this all depends on if the neck has a finish applied or not as finished necks will not "suck up" the moisture. The neck needs to be held in this position for some days. Maybe this helps. If that doesn't help you can remove the frets, tighten the truss rod so it has a slight back bow. Then plane the neck and and redo the radius. recut the fret slots and refret it. This way at least you don't have to change the truss rod.
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    FWIW, when I was collecting (and not actively playing in a band), my, er, philosophy was to take a "one of each"/"token example" approach. I had one Les Paul, one P-Bass, etc. and if a nicer example came along, I'd often recycle. The idea was that the collection was somewhat of a retirement nest egg. Beginning around 1997, however, my collection was slowly thinned out, because for our household, money did become an object. Sold off the bulk of the remaining instruments in 2016, following retirement from the day job. Don't want the Missus and the Princess to be saddled with the responsibility of handling and dispersing a buncha heavy guitar cases (and their contents) after I'm gone. The special bank account we set up is easier for them to access. The point is, the Missus and I communicated about my approach all along, and I followed through with my ultimate plans. The one bit of bitterness toward the way things turned out is that I had to sell off a lot of them at various times due to economic circumstances beyond our control. Every single instrument sold when I had to sell something would have appreciated considerably in value by now. At the time, I'd had to treat 'em like an investment that was cashed in early, and while that was being pragmatic, I still get resentful when I recall what happened and why, and one bizarre fantasy bucket list item for me is that I'd still like to dance on the graves of a couple of big business power mongers that put us in such undeserved circumstances. But I recognize that life's not fair, and things turned out OK. We're living comfortably if not luxuriously...but we've never aspired to a life of luxury anyway. The point is, IMO collecting needs to consider ultimate (financial) circumstances down the road.
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    Who’s the old Asian guy holding the guitar the wrong way
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    Which is why the Sustain Block wins every time. That baby ain't goin' nowhere.
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    I'd do one on power tubes, but honestly I don't drive my amps hard enough to really know, and rolling preamp tubes is a TON easier than power tubes. No biasing/etc involved. One thing I can say is that you should always do your research before buying. I've had good luck with Doug's Tubes, The Tube Store, Tube Depot,, and Antique Electronic/Tubes and More with my preamp tubes. They overlap quite a bit in what they carry, but prices are different, and some offer services that others do not. I don't really have much feelings either way on the "high Gain" or "balanced triode" thing. Testing for microphonics is definitely good though, and as with everything, you need to consider where the tube is going, and what function it will be playing. For example, some amplifiers have all AC filament heaters on their preamp tubes, while others have DC, usually on the first few tubes. Having a spiral filament tube in your V1 slot on amps with AC heaters can reduce background noise and hum, because the hum would cancel out.
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    A fool and their money are soon parted.
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    That guitar was one of the reasons I bought a 76 reissue Explorer in 79 or 80......IIRC, the Destroyer was guitar used on the first two albums for all the songs with no vibrato bar action. Including You Really Got Me.....
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    If the jeans comes with the guitar then I'm in for one.
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    The thing I admire most about Grover and his early crew is that they threw down the gauntlet and taught themselves how to mill their own bodies and necks. In contrast, partscaster firns like Kramer and Zion farmed out their wooden parts production (to ESP, Sports, Inc., and LaSiDo) and focused on finishing and assembly. The former was much, much harder than the latter. Mad props to the Charvel crew.
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    The irony is you can't easily, if at all, order a custom shop Charvel these days. Since 2014 or so they've been limiting the number of orders to the point of cutting them off all together. Even if you do manage to get an order placed, there's a LOT you cannot order. This is precisely why I went to Shane Huss to make my own Charvel-style DK24.
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    I prefer variety. I have owned and bought, sold and traded well over 100 guitars at minimum. Recently I was up to 16 guitars. I have imposed my own limit to 10. I am down to 9 right now which means...... I am looking for another one. The hardest part is which one, where and at what price-Ugh!!
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    Ahh.. so it does have a two way truss rod. Fender and Carvin/Kiesel use those. I've never really had to use one to put relief. Thankfully I haven't had any truss rod issues with a guitar... yet.
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    I... I can't... uh... If it's not the 97 'hog Standard you sold me, it's the well-loved Daytona I picked up cheap, but then again it's the 25th Anny Artist. They're all different animals. Best? The Standard. Have to keep one? The Daytona. Personal favorite? I... I can't... uh...
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    Doesn't sound like a truss rod problem. Single Action truss rods can't cause relief, they can only straighten the neck and cause backbow. With the nut off, it should not be pulling on the neck at all, so the strings should pull the neck into relief.
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    Prototype. By far, my fave. Strangely enough, I’ve never owned one.
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    I remember reading about EVH saying that about removing material behind the bridge. And then he played a Steinberger for a short time, where there is NO material behind the bridge...
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    Not sure how the original punk scene can be recreated when today's kids are showing up with their parents to see these legacy bands. Not much different than a family vacation to Disney. Some quality ranting on this topic by yours truly on the latest episode of my podcast, an analysis of "Bullet" by the Misfits: https://podofthunderpodcast.wordpress.com/2019/01/21/episode-295-misfits-bullet/ Edited to add: money (or in the parlance of punk rock, "filthy lucre") is the reason why these bands are reuniting and playing live again.
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    I always wondered how, after EVH openly said he screwed up the guitar's tone, Charvel Star, Jackson Star, Ibanez Star, Kramer Voyager, and even the Dean ML, ever sold another model. And if we subscribe to Ed's theory of removing material from behind the bridge, we could throw in every flying V ever made? I dunno. But I will say, as a unabashed EVH fanboy, after the nostalgia blast, that Shark ain't for me.......
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    He really should mention that also includes a lot of the two post tremolos as well. I've seen many an older guitar with a floyd where the bushings have pushed forward. In some ways it's almost worse, as you have BOTH the strings AND the springs putting forward pressure on the bridge bushings. They do make some good points though.
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    Bowie took her virginity, in fact. There's another guy I'm sick of hearing about, and the deification of that twat is way out of line and ill-deserved.
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    Hey, stop the snark. Speryel tuners are my favorite and worth every penny!
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    Sounds like EVH has JUMPED THE SHARK on this one. LOL A Fender Copy, of an Ibanez Copy, of a Gibson.
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    His wife probably wants him to get rid of it, so to keep the peace he agrees to list it for sale. Now when she asks he can honestly reply it's up for sale and he's had a few inquires on it. 😂
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    A post Randy Rhoads & Rudy Sarzo, Ozzy Osbourne band. Timeframe is approx Nov / Dec 1982. After Rudy/ pre-Jake. Tommy Aldridge in white. Very rare to see photos of this short lived line-up.
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    Last Friday my four-piece band squeezed into a tiny place called Uncle Gary's Bar (shankyboy, I'm sure you're familiar with it) and I brought my Charlotte-equipped '95 Studio. As expected, the pickups sounded great, but I'm trying to find words to describe them. As clichéd as it sounds, things like "well balanced" and "lots of clarity" come to mind. They sounded full without being overly loud, and individual notes rang out in chords. My amp is a Mesa/Boogie Mark V, and for some solos I click in the EQ, which I have set to spike the midrange. Holy Moly. Single notes sounded HUGE. Thanks again, Josh.
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    LMAO. I contacted this guy weeks ago... It's no mistake! Guy is NUTS!
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    What’s not, “real”, about a SoCal? I’ve owned two. Real enough in my world.
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    That's pretty. Gigantic frets!
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    It may be a cash grab but the “mystery” behind which Supro has never ended, until now. They will sell as many as they make. Not to me. Original Supro Coronados will explode in value...everyone thought it was the Thunderbolt model. You are quite correct...Page’s contributions were more than a guitarist simply plugging in and playing....he was a studio magician and producer extraordinaire. He understood mic placement. Compression. Eq ing your tone to better complement the song. Layering....adding a 12 string for the turnaround only, or the chorus only. He has a catalog of “sounds”. I think that is cool.
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    The treble boosted tone on LZII blew me away. Especially on the Heartbreaker intro.I have always wanted that tone. Vox Series 7 amps. Hybrids. The Beatles and Stones used them to great effect in the 60s too. Supposedly the Electric Majik Series 7 pedal nails it....I’ll try one someday. Page had so many tones and sounds. In the studio he didn’t have a signature tone....it changed every album. Lots of people do chase and emulate his live sound...Catlinbread’s RAH pedal bears homage to that....I would also love to nail his LZ1 tone and sometimes with my Tele type and the right amp & pedal combo I have.... ...and I love his Strat tone on In The Evening....and the Tele On All My Love....he has so very many different tones and sounds. I think that is what kept him interesting for me in the 70s....and that has always inspired me to chase new and different tones of my own.
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    I dunno...the bridge cover doesn’t look like it’s tall enough to cover the Blobicz. Maybe it’s possible by adding spacers?
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