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    Here's a variation that came from the factory that I bet you haven't seen before. Made for Mike McCready as a gift.
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    Having seen a few O'Connor painted beauties and recently, the Leopard Dragon Skin Chap that was sold, wanted to see more O'Connor pron! Whatcha got? BTW- I think I read that he's still painting but is fairly selective about what and when he does them. Anyone know for certain? Asking for a friend...
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    Does anybody know how many of the different variety of Mirages were produced over the years? i’ve seen numbers around a total of less than 900 with around 350 Mirage I’s and 250 each of the Mirage II’s and Maple Tops. No clue if those numbers are accurate. My Mirage is a ‘94 all stock except for a Duncan Cool Rails in the neck. (439782) Anyone got one earlier...? My apologies for the shitty cell phone pics. One of these days I'll get the old girl cleaned up and post some proper glamour shots...
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    Just like the Good Ol' Days!
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    "Let's get out there and do it to them, before they do it to us."
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