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    Not mine...his appreciation...kind of cool seeing the fan come out in a seasoned pro
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    Stike just made my year better...
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    Are your hands really that sensitive that you can tell the difference of less than .2"? Some people really are. Others, like me, aren't. Here are some specs: R8 is .925" while a 60s slim taper is a .765". To GTRDaddy's point...I think the shape is what I notice more. Check out the pic on first page of this thread comparing the Gibson 50s neck carve to the 60s neck carve: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/27259-diagram-of-50s-vs-60s-neck-profile/ You can see how the carve can make a difference in what your hands feel. By the way, you can see more measurements of other necks too in comments that follow the pic. I'm in the same boat with you - I prefer chunky necks. And my Shishkov is perfect for me. It's what I'll get on my next one too. Back to your question... a .91" D shape would certainly be on the chunkier side.
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    Me too. Started late in life with my old PT, and now recently with a Robin E Type. Been playing the latter a lot- things got some serious spank!
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    Ozzy died years ago. Sharon used her demonic powers to make his corpse dance around and appear to sing because she wanted to make money.
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    GE is such a cool dude, i've watched this video more than I like to admit. His Signature Telecaster was one that I would have liked to have owned. I've fallen in love with the Telecaster, a very hard instrument to beat. A Tele has a snap and punch that you just don't get with every guitar.
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    Here's a variation that came from the factory that I bet you haven't seen before. Made for Mike McCready as a gift.
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    That's dang near my personal Grail Hamer, but I can't afford it. Someone will love it, though.
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    Nice workout on that guitar! Dan Erlewine's got a bunch of videos on YooToob about fixing up (as much as can be done on a guitar as 'customized' as that one) that Tele, I think this is the first video of the bunch:
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    Thanks guys! Some people remove Dunlops and install Schallers, that's why I offered them as trade bait - occasionally there's a stray or 2 laying around.
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    Belated thanks! I watched that a few times. Fun seeing him geek out on gear and get to play his hero's guitar. Always had a lot of respect for G.E.'s playing.
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    If you play this guitar, do you need matching Chaps?
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    Kind of reminds me of my old Schwinn Stingray seat
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    Click the pic to see the video.
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    Does anybody know how many of the different variety of Mirages were produced over the years? i’ve seen numbers around a total of less than 900 with around 350 Mirage I’s and 250 each of the Mirage II’s and Maple Tops. No clue if those numbers are accurate. My Mirage is a ‘94 all stock except for a Duncan Cool Rails in the neck. (439782) Anyone got one earlier...? My apologies for the shitty cell phone pics. One of these days I'll get the old girl cleaned up and post some proper glamour shots...
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    Having seen a few O'Connor painted beauties and recently, the Leopard Dragon Skin Chap that was sold, wanted to see more O'Connor pron! Whatcha got? BTW- I think I read that he's still painting but is fairly selective about what and when he does them. Anyone know for certain? Asking for a friend...
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    Will keep my eyes peeled. That sucks Man!
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    Believe it or not, the caliper measurement is on a tiny piece of the equation. The neck carve has more to do with the feel than the thickness of the neck at the nut and 12th fret. People that ask for that information are hunting snipe. You'll do better to find a neck you like in person, and figure out what it compares to in person, then when you buy on the internet, you'll know what feels good without caliper measurement bull crap. Play Les Pauls, R8 and R9, feel the difference. Play a '50s Strat with a soft-V contour, or a C shape Strat neck. Get familiar with what's out there. Then when you look online, ask the buyer what the neck compares to, late '50s Gibson, '50's Strat soft V etc. It will take much of the guessing out of it for you. I can show you a guitar that measures .910" - 1.115" (nut/12th) that feels smaller than another guitar that measures .900" - .990". It's all in the carve. Don't buy into the caliper bullshit. I've been buying guitars since the mid '70s and never saw a caliper measurement of a neck until TGP and its 13 year-old trolls existed. It's all crap. A comfortable large neck to me is a late '50s Gibson neck, and yes they are considered by most to be large (but very comfortable necks).
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    Sorry. I don't use my phone for anything on the web so didn't know it was an app.
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    Been a big fan of Graham's singing in Alcatrazz and MSG so I will definitely have to check out his solo stuff. He definitely has a knack for working with great guitarists.
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    I was a fan of Alcatrazz back in their heyday, first with Yngwie and later on with Vai. Graham Bonnet, the singer, has sung with some great guitarists —with Ritchie Blackmore in Rainbow (“Down to Earth” album), with Michael Schenker (“Assault Attack” album), with Chris Impellitteri (“Stand in Line” and “System X” albums), as well as with Yngwie and Steve Vai, as mentioned. I’ve always loved his odd style, his geeky look and his stage persona. He has a powerful, raspy voice I personally dig. By far, he’s one of my preferred rock vocalists ever, although it’s true his pitch is far from being perfect live —shouting that loud does take its toll; and quite often he looks/sounds exhausted. If you liked Graham Bonnet, I’d recommend his solo material to you as well —you can start by his “The Day I Went Mad” album.
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    That's Kim Keller's Reverb shop, isn't it?
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    I never heard a note of them in their heyday - I was never a metal or shred guy - but the singer sounds very strong. He may be using some pitch correction live, but it's not heavy-handed. Man, the keys are sure up in the mix!
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    Then there's this... https://reverb.com/item/16465127-hamer-usa-phantom-a5-1999-silver-sparkle
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    Allparts sells the buttons separately. Part number for nickel is Product Code: AP-6582-001 $5.50 per set They are also on Amazon Prime for $7.07 with free shipping per set of 2 in nickel.
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    That's BADASS!! The seller's name says it all
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    Most excellent, thank you.
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    Hey, folks ~ had a few minutes to myself last Sunday & on a whim just hit "record" in the ol' iPhone. Ended up quite digging the tones that got captures, esp. for a phone vid. Thought I'd share, for no particular reason.
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    Dave, you should have let me know you were looking for something like that. That was my old Chap. I sold it recently to Thunder Road at the Ca. Guitar show. If you want its brother in Red snakeskin finish, let me know. I am going to put that up for sale. Peter
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    I took some pics of my goldtop Schecter PT partscaster tonight, after installing a Duncan '59 Trembucker in the bridge. Only after I uploaded them to my computer did I notice the reflection of my Sunburst. Photo bombed by a Hamer!
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    You did real good on both of those guitars I'd say!........................and I don't think a "Dot Neck" Hamer Sunburst is a lesser guitar in any way. My Black Sunburst is for sale and I make no apologies for the price, it is what it is as they say. It's a Super rare guitar in that finish color and appointments. When you think of all the Gibson Les Pauls and Fender Stratocasters out there it's a pretty exclusive guitar. I'll enjoy every last minute of ownership till it sells however long that takes.
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    Digging up an oldie. Did not like the Wilkie on the Special Korina Junior. I changed over to a Wilkie with adjustable B/G and D/A saddles, and still had issues with the strings shifting as per Kiz. I eventually went with the Faber compensated wraptail, which had the added benefit of a fuller sound, to my ears.
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    Damn thing looks like its made of SOLID gold metal flake. Bassboats and bowling balls are in awe of it. Incredible.
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    It makes one wonder if there could be a Shishkov Vinnie Vincent tribute one day.
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