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    Hey all Thought I would give some love to Mick Brierley and his amazing pickups, built right here in the beautiful hills outside Adelaide, South Australia. http://www.brierleyguitarpickups.com.au/ Courtesy of Kalessian, I scored a beautiful '95 Blue Hamer Studio (with BKP Mules) and a pair of Josh Gravelin's Ult (formerly Schlabotnik) I decided to have some variety in my original Hamers (a 2007 Artist Custom with the original SD Seth Lovers and a 2005 Studio Custom with the original SD '59 pair) So Mick provided a pair of his B90's for the Artist and a Modern Hot A5/Modern Vintage A5 combination for the Studio. I am also the lucky recipient of his new 'Numbcaster' set for my 85 Fernandes Strat. I left the Mules in the Blue Studio and put the Gravelins in a Patrick Eggle Natural finish Vienna Plus, which previously had Mules. With me so far? The end result is that Brierley-fied Hamers have been transformed from night to day! What was previously mud across a large part of the range is now giving me real punch with a terrific range of tones, amazing clarity and response and this is at all volumes through a variety of settings on a Line 6 Helix LT and a couple of Blackstars. Josh's Ult sound great in the Eggle as well so I am happy I have the output and tonal spectrum covered A lot of fun to be had!! Mick provides incredible friendly customer service and will help out if you don't get what you are after. Love his set up!
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    OK... Truth be known Fasteddie’s kids were over for my daughters birthday party and after the party was over we drove back to mine for a quick shred on the guitars I n the front room. Like a wine tasting evening the Axe FX3 allowed us to toggle between amps in seconds. After spitting out a few Mesa’s and a Plexi Fasteddie gravitated towards a Bognor Ecstasy for higher gain tones and a Fender 65 for cleans. I’ll let Fasteddie feedback his impressions of the guitars but I think he enjoyed himself.
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    I came very close to going with the Dez Dickerson treatment on my Standard years ago, but opted for all black instead. That's looks great!
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    So this is what it's come to, a boast and a proposition. Shame, shame, shame.
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    I've owned a 50W Emplexador since 2003. I'd recommend this amp to anyone who's looking for that vintage Marshall tone with a master volume that works. It replaced my 72 50W Marshall that I'd been using since 92' and has done wonders for my hearing!
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    Travis - it comes back home Monday night from its "makeover" I'll double check then. Most all of these 80's Hamer's were on the medium to smaller side for shredding. Here is a tease of it drying . . . . . . Paging Dave Scepter . . . . . .
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    Thanks for the advice! I'm going to try soldering a nut to the underside. I had thought about filling the hole with some weld and tapping it again but was concerned about too much heat. I'd rather not drill/enlarge or make any extra holes if I don't have to.
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    These things happen and the solution is as Crunchee said: solder a nut to the underside of the leg. I've got a sizable bag of nuts and am glad to assist! Feel free to get in touch.
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    I suppose that would be better answered by the builder. What I know.....His original claim to fame appears to have come from being the "neck guy" for Santa Cruz guitars. (I am not sure if I have come upon anyone that DOES do neck better. There are pictures available of him hand carving them). I am sure that the bit of extra wood DOES add some strength/stability. But it is also one of his signatures (not totally unlike the signature headstock of Frank Hartung which is rather unique to him). Scott's attention to detail is amazing. Some might even say obsessive. Click to choose files Just two other examples of his work, these involving solid carved Brazilian rosewood necks (one with a padauk strip). And, NO, neither is for sale! How many builders can anyone think of that would use a carved EBONY top for a guitar?
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    Why Dbraz insisted on adding grey to my hair via his photoshop filter I'll never know, however, his Chap sounded chunky, his T62 beautifully deep, his Phantom thick without sounding muddy at all, his twin neck again very chunky, and his Super Cali felt very meaty indeed. Dbraz never left the room once, so a guitar theft was not on the agenda mores the pity. Good to see you all again.
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    Well, it looks it's a Phased Systems D'Mini guitar. Steve Vai has a photo of it on his site: There's a thread on TGP talking about them. Frank Zappa is mentioned there: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/dmini-by-phased-systems-is-there-any-other-out-there.1300418/ Mini
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    Many levels of awesome there. It's putting stupid thoughts in my head....
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    I’ll get some better photos posted over the weekend
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    Instead of trying to recapture that hair metal vibe, I wish they would go back to the early blues/rock from their first few albums. Old men and hair metal doesn’t age as well as the old men hard rock blues based music does. I was lucky to catch Whitesnake early on. Bernie Marsden, Ian Paice and John Lord were in the band. Some serious classic players there.
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    Seller accepted my offer, and the guitar arrived in NYC on Wednesday 10/31 evening in a TKL case I had sent.
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    What year would the experts here say this DIMARZIO pickup is from? "DIMARZIO" TOP LINE "PICKUPS" BOTTOM LINE .Mid 1070s, Photo.
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    The first MSG album and Jeff Beck's "There and Back" album also has Mo Foster on bass. And Roger Glover's "Butterfly Ball" album. Roger Glover's Butterfly Ball also was performed in a live event, which has Mo Foster, Ray Fenwick (Ian Gillan Band, Forcefield) and Les Binks (Judas Priest) as backing band, they also recorded a few albums as "Fancy". Most of the singers who sang on the studio album also performed live (except for Ronnie Dio, who was involved in Blackmore's Rainbow already, he was replaced by Ian Gillan). Also Eddie Jobson playing violin and Mark Nauseef on percussion. Here's the concert:
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    It might be something made by the same guy who made the tiny guitars that Eddie Van Halen played in the early 80s.
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    Well, I really liked the old Whitesnake stuff. I even liked the first incarnation of the "modern" Whitesnake with Coverdale, Moody, Mel Galley, Cozy Powell, Jon Lord and Colin Hodgkinson. Once Jon Lord left I didn't follow Whitesnake anymore. I also couldn't stand Coverdale's testosteron-driven lyrics and stage antics (which he already developed early, already at his time with Deep Purple). This is a Coverdale recording I like:
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    It’s my artsy attempt to show its lineage.... at least some one got it . I put the case down and noticed the reflection of the amp .
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    😮 Wow... that paint looks awesome. Can’t wait to see a full frontal shot. I’m guessing it’s probably the same or similar neck carve as my ‘83 Vector then. Thats going to make someone very, very happy.
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    I guess I got lucky. After plecking all 3, they were great. 2 had good finishes and nice wood. One looked like a Friday afternoon special after 5 0r 6 beers. 535 great, prospect (aka, pig ears) great, and 525 terrible binding and marginal finish, but all I wanted it for was George Thorogood slide. I could not find a decent es125.
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    its here.... more photos to come later in the afternoon.
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    The AR-112 is a kick to use with a 1 x 12 combo. I long ago used one under a Mesa Nomad with nice results when playing live. I have NOT experimented with different speakers. For a while, my favorite speaker has been the Alnico Cream (90 watt) for a nice "warm and vintage" tone. Also pretty pricey. But when you say "Hi-fi" I think of such as the EVM-12. That is also pricey and almost certainly heavier than ideal for this use. You might try looking at one of the various speakers that aim for the "lighter EVM equivalent". I think there are a few with the "neo" magnet. I have NOT tried them, but there should be plenty of reviews on line.
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    If the Jaguar was any good, it was worth keeping in good shape. Some people love their cars.
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    Column B, bro. The Jag gets an honorable mention. Whitesnake's shelf-life ended around 1982, anyway. Blooze rawk to butt rock. Whatta cryin' shame.
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    Watch for this Blitz to be relisted next week at a new price as it has been completely put back together with both original factory Hamer PU's. It now needs NOTHING now except a new home! All the other parts - except knobs - are also factory original to this Hamer. Hint: It might also look a bit different . . . . .
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    Not the worst, I'd say. Got some gender freestyle content. Conservatives may beware.
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    That guitar has everything you need and nothing you don't. Nice all around!
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    Amen! Id only add a gentle suggestion to keep writing and playing and recording music. The process is still the best therapy I know of. And if critical listening/mixing feels like a huge hurdle, record everything with generic sounds (midi drum tracks, midi keys/synths and standard plug ins for instruments) and borrow another set of ears to mix for you, or help mix. You might be surprised what you come away with, and the process will be worth it on its own. Its obviously a tough time for you and your family, but you and your daughter seem to have a beautiful, amazing approach. All the Best, 😊 GH
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    Thanks! I had my hearing tested a few years ago and it wasn't bad at all. This time, not so much. And what's a for sale post without pics? The kid who was so strong and never knew anything other than... well... in her words "I was over it the first day when you guys said I was going to live. Why are you still upset?"
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    That looks like an orange TootsieRoll Pop...but cooler!
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    I've got a Club Royale, and can't add much to the descriptions given by duncans and JES1680 above. I bought mine about 15 years ago from Nightwolf, so it's got lots of HFC history and mojo. He was selling it because it "broke up too early." We laugh about it here at the 4321 because it's my most coveted amp among the faithful. They don't exactly squabble over it, but whomever arrives first rushes downstairs to claim the amp for the night. It also gets used on almost every Famous Volcanoes gig by our pedal steel player, Jimmy Johnson. Pure magic! I don't think I've ever changed tubes on it, and it still sound fantastic.
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    its still in process...……….. it been a wait. 2+ years
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    I used to work at a store that sold them.
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    If I remember correctly, @it's me HHB loves those things. Haven't seen him in quite some time though.
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    This one looks awesome in vintage orange! I am like 1 1/2 years out from my next Shish arriving, but it is already taking over my guitar life...
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    Not Tom... It's the piano that does all the drinking.
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    Apparently no lack of weed in Finland.
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    Took me about 2 seconds to decide that I won't be buying anything that looks like that.
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    I’m not sure I’m a buyer here. There’s enough tinkering to torment one’s self with regular pickups without stressing out with “did the Russian tubes sound better than the Chinese tubes, and what about my old Baldwins and RCAs! Ooooh shit! What about mixing tubes??? Which first, GE & Chinese, or GE and ....WAIT! I didn’t do GEs by themselves! Oh yeah, I wonder what these would have sounded like at difference heights..., Three weeks later: .....Hmmm, wonder where that buzzing is coming from?
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    Fantastic. I'm loving the innovative designs Mike's creating. Truly "Custom" guitars. Pondering my third...
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    Significant piece of Arlington Heights history.
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    I'm digging the new point and shoot Nikon. Today during the Talladega warmup TV stuff I restrung, tuned, and photoed this nice 2001 Hamer Standard and two other guitars. then I played all three while I sat on the edge of my seat. It was a decent race. I thought I might share these with you all to enjoy on a Sunday evening. While not filling like an all day Smoked Brisket it is as tasty. It has a WCR Darkburst N and WCR Ironman B in it and is just fierce at times. Neck joint is smooth as silk. North South East West This way... That way... And over in that corner.....Spot the V..... Lil Korina Nugget too..
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