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    Oh yeah... there was that whole period around late 79 to early 80 where they misplaced the tape measure and were just eyeballing stuff and fixing it under warranty. They managed to source a replacement around May of 80.
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    I agree with Steve, except for Ace's solo album. I remember being thoroughly disappointed in that one. Strutter is as good a rock song as there is, but the live version is much better than the album cut. That's pretty much true of all the songs in the iconic first two albums. The production on those was questionable. Almost as if they were trying to hold back and play everything at 3/4 speed.
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    These reside within the walls as well... The Ian Anderson The Giffin The Shishkov The BC Rich with the Badass Bridge A cool Robin The other "Kizanski"... Okay, I'm done for now.
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    I'd just like to jump in here and say that Josh doesn't only wind killer humbuckers. I had him whip me up this set recently and, (no real surprise here,) he nailed it.
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    I have always hated Kiss. As a kid growing up in the 70s, I LOVED rock and roll and 70s pop. It was serious business to me. A new album dropping meant an album listening party after studying every single letter on the album cover and liner. Serious shit to me. It still is. I hated kiss for one reason: the cartoonish make-up. So stupid. Saturday morning television-ish. It still pisses me off. As a result, I never gave them a chance....nary a listen. Sure, Rock And Roll All Night was a worthy anthem and it remains the only Kiss song I have ever played onstage. In fact, I can rock the hell out of that song...but I digress. I did live Ace’s New York Groove when it cam out...but I never told anyone. I have always hated Kiss for making the music I love seem like a buffoonish cartoon. They did that stupid-ass movie in the 70s at an amusement park. Did I say they pissed me off? All my friends dug Kiss. I refused to listen. I own a Greatest Hits 2 cd collection. Never listened to it...except for the live version of RNR All Night. In fact, that’s why I bought it. To learn the song for a band I was in. So...fast forward to now. After wading through the latest “Ariana Grande has surpassed the Beatles” dreck on the Telecaster forum and being a bit torqued about the current state of pop music, I went to my gym to work out.....as I slap my headset in and grab the ipos\d, I see Kiss come up in the Artists queue. Hmmmmmmmm..... let’s check that out...at least they play guitars. YOWZA! Strutter hit me between the eyes! This shit is right up Jakeboy alley, 2 guitars through sweating tube amps, bass and drums...no crazy extensive overdubbing...I love it! Simple but-punch rock and roll with no apologies! Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I am like 45 years late. Oh well, it is what it is. I did find that as I progressed through the Greatest hits catalog, I really liked the earlier stuff the best. And what is up with the song Hard Luck Woman? We’re they on a Faces binge? Or Beggars Banquet? i remember when I Was Made For Loving You came out...Kiss went disco, so they said. Listening to it today, I hear Miss You era Stones what with the sus4 chords and Jagger-sequel vocals. Anyway, what are the best Kiss early albums? Best live albums? I still hate the make-up, blood, Fire, high heeled monster shoes , and stupidity...but the music I listened to today flat out rocked. I may be turning into a fan of Kiss music. I feel kind of silly. But that’s ok. It’s only rock and roll. But I like it. Yes I do.
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    blackfbiv is the name Dion used here.
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    Ha! I don't even have to watch the clip to know that one... All I need is a pic of Christopher Walken holding up a gold watch! "Uncomfortable hunk of metal..." Yep, probably!
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    Saw them at the Great Southern Music Hall in Orlando. Manny Charlton was fantastic. Huge tone.
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    Yeah. But it beats the hell out of not getting old.
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    The first KISS Alive album. I wore out several copies. I remember hearing that flanger sound that begins one side, don't remember which, with the crowd cheering, being played on the TV commercial advertising the album. I had to have it. I think I paid $4.99 for it a Woolworth's. And that cover was just bad-assed.
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    Ha!! Somehow through the course of casual conversation, you f'ers have hijacked my thread. Clearly against HFC forum rules! I love it. So much. Available in roughcast Alnico 5 - or smashed stadium toilet Ceramic (C8); 14k and absolutely exquisite in the bridge position for highbrow potty-sniffers and baseball enthusiasts. Hexheads and standard screws made from a combination of Jeeters steel-core doctored bats and toilet flush handles, bobbins made from recycled Minnesota Twin helmets.. I present to you ... The Pig Pen, in delicious Dual Ivory.
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    All of the Specials & Sunbursts had off-center strap pins back then.
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    The Electraglide SMG has an off-set strap button on the bottom too from the factory...
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    Just modified the topic accordingly. Thanks for pointing that out!
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    15? 15 years late for Queens of the Stone Age... Kyuss broke up in 96! ...and Welcome to Sky Valley is a great album! Speaking of Grandpa... I still call them albums.
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    Never seen a P90 SuperPro. But not to say they don't exist. I have one of each. I think they weigh about the same. Don't know. But none of them feels heavy to me. They are both in the comfort zone, so to speak. The SuperPro has a bigger chamber as it is also hollow under the bridge pickup.
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    Only saw him once, but it was a pretty good show. Humble Pie touring to support Rockin' The Fillmore... Oh yah, pretty good singer in that band too...
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    Lighter, but they are a bigger bodied guitar. Bigger, Longer Scale, with a different sound.
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    Some of their stuff works for me and some doesn't. It all gelled a lot better for me on the Queens Of The Stone Age albums.
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    I need to meet your son while we enjoy this thread which is about to last about 2 months
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    The key here, to enjoying this album, is to buy all 4 of the solo albums. Listen to them back to back. ...Acknowledge that it is the fucking Sargeant Peppers of that era KISS solo albums.
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    Actually, I have to pay others to attend the show!
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    I like it but that guy that is playing his bass so low is driving me absolutely batshit crazy!.. kinda reminds me of all the assholes who wear their pants hanging half way down to their knees
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    Game of Thrones Prototype Bad case of grayscale.
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    eBay seller > you
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    That mic stand should not have been in the shot when the singer was playing the notes.
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    I was never a Kiss fan, still not... I discovered Rush Fly by Night, Queen self titled , Nectar Down to Earth, Henry Gross plug me into Something pretty much all at the same time. All are still my favorites. Plug me into Something is Les Paul into a wide open Fender amp. Great playing and tones on all of those records!!! Kiss just didn’t have the musicianship or the tone to hold my attention... I’d get crap from my bandmates because I didn’t want to play Kiss hit’s. But I caved... and we’d rock n roll all night : )
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    "Late in 1987 the serial numbers were stamped into the wood rather than printed. Just to complicate matters many one-of-a-kind and prototype instruments have numbers that do not relate to either of the above systems." So, that link both supports and refutes my admittedly incorrect claim in the first post. While I was mistaken (it's not a 1994 serial number), it is a 1984 serial number (410xxx) stamped into the wood, which is very irregular. Here is a 1984 Phantom with the more common inked serial number (and this number is 2000 or so guitars after that Proto). Why the Proto has a stamped serial number is anyone's guess, but it's immaterial when it comes to the COCV nature of the auction. Perhaps it was one of those "one-of-a-kind and prototype instruments" mentioned above, but either way there's no way that's factory paint, an adequate headstock repair, or a reasonable asking price. I have edited the OP accordingly.
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    I could not say it any better than cmatthes did. A snapshot from my shop ...
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    I have that double live album....and scream he did....
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    I know I’m in the minority on this and the charges of blasphemy will follow , but I’ll take Rush first album over anything else they did. Straight up hard rock. Nothing pretentious. No mention of any trees in the Forrest or anyone named Tom Sawyer. As for what followed, I recognize the talent but not my thing.
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    Ace Frehley was one of the main reasons I picked up a guitar when I was 13, and their early stuff is still killer IMO. The first album (self-titled) has Strutter and Deuce on it, as well as Firehouse. One of the first songs I ever learned was Rock Bottom, and I think that's on the Hotter than Hell album (their 2nd record). My first 2 concerts were KISS in '77 and '79 and I'll never forget them. The KISS Alive double album is awesome, and Alive II ain't bad either. Watch some of their early videos on YouTube and you'll see that they were the real deal, even if they got mocked for the makeup and costumes. By my mid teens I'd discovered Cheap Trick and that love affair continues to this day, but early KISS is some bad-ass rock n roll if you ask me! 🤘
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    Thanks, everything about it is amazing, body and neck are both Mahogany which give it a different tone than the other. For whatever reason the actual color (Bengal burst) is difficult to capture. This picture is actully closer to what it looks like in person.
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    My way to get around the P90 Noise. Get one of each!
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    Imagine growing up watching The Monkees and walking into a classroom to find your teacher is Peter Tork.
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    It’s my artsy attempt to show its lineage.... at least some one got it . I put the case down and noticed the reflection of the amp .
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    I’ll get some better photos posted over the weekend
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    LOL! Yes, if I remember correctly, the Pig Pens were extra dirty.
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    Turns out Barry Bailey's not the only guitarist struggling with a degenerative disease. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/peter-frampton-says-hes-suffering-from-a-degenerative-muscle-disease-announces-farewell-tour Like the ARS, Frampton would rather be a musician than a rock star, and he won his Grammy for an instrumental album, which, IMO, underlines that attitude.
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