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    This was my recent entry into the hipster offset realm:
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    Calton should buy that story for their website. Good marketing material there...
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    I had a high-dollar Sakurai classical show up for a refret in one of those cases. Me not being a classical guy (too much practice and discipline), I was as impressed with the case as I was with the guitar haha.
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    A box of CDs arrived today. Most will go in the local music shops here in town. If any of you want one, let’s do $12 shipped in the CONUS.
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    There are some instruments you just cannot replace. Double Stop Fiddle Shop in Guthrie, OK had a fire. The owner of the store had a Lloyd Loar Gibson mandolin in the shop. Here is what was posted at a mandolin forum.
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    I thought the angry guitar player lived in Europe. FF to 1:40
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    What I see is the original, factory drilled bridge mounting holes and string holes that correspond to the first impression. The only drilling done beyond that was a very sloppy, crooked, non-factory, templateless effort for three additional bridge mounting holes. No second set of string thru holes were ever drilled, the originals only mutilated/modified to "work" with the second bridge location.
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    Old thread, but I hear ya on the Strat thing. When I'm playing alone I like a big ol' humbucker-n-mahogany sound, but in the real world of fitting into the mix and staying in tune, I'm a Fender guy. As long as I've played, I've never tried a Jazzmaster, partly 'cos the Johnny Marr Jaguar I had I LOVED for playability but it just was too plinky sounding. Strats are much stronger, but even with a Dimarzio Red Velvet in the bridge, the G&L Legacy has The Strat Sound, which is cool clean and slinky, or with Smashing Pumpkins fuzz, but is so... zingy in between. I got a Fender AV65 Jazzmaster last week (apparently the AV series were the best non-custom shop instruments, blah blah blah, exact vintage specs, yawn, whatever) because I wanted a GOOD one that might hold some value, and I wanted a white one because Tomomi Nabama played one in Detroit7 and she kicks ass. It already came with a Mastery bridge, which is good 'cos the stock bridges are so wide the E strings are right at the edge of the fretboard. I carefully set it up, and love it. It's really different from a Strat sound, and the long string length means it has a really elastic feel bending strings. Stays in tune great, and I use the rhythm circuit for the songs I use fuzz for a stoner sludge thing. Really fun guitar: I can't believe I went so long without one.
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    Don't laugh, but go check out a Squier Classic Vibe Jazzmaster. Shockingly good for the asking price, and perfect for a JM noob. Most people love the way the offsets hang on you, but their pickups, electronics packages and trems are either loved or, um ... not loved. The Squier will let you figure out in which camp you fall for a fraction of the investment.
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    An analysis of "Stiff Competition" for our milestone 300th episode: http://wp.me/p8vf4l-Fu
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    Years ago I looked at how many expensive guitars I had, so it justified buying a Peterson strobe tuner.
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    That's because there was no 79-80 bridge mess
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    I'll bet the owner's insurance company was happy about the Loar.
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    And, in late breaking news........
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    I recently posted a Hamer Monaco Super Pro on Reverb. Wanted to share with the fan club. It plays very nice. Below is Reverb link for more photos and details. https://reverb.com/item/17957124-hamer-monaco-super-pro-usa-made I see a few others online with Excellent or Mint Condition from $2,000 to $2,900. This has buckle rash and dings but plays and sounds wonderful. Surprisingly, the frets don't show much wear. Lots of life left this this beauty. RBG RBG
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    Previously used!! No affiliation. https://nashville.craigslist.org/msg/d/goodlettsville-guitar/6829391732.html
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    True, but this piece is PPD (Pre Pizza Day).
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    I kinda doubt that, it woulda had a "Pizza Day' finish in that case, too.
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    This is an interesting possibility. Maybe the guitar was ID'd as defective by Hamer QC and an employee was allowed to keep it as it was assembled with the bridge in the wrong position. Or possibly it was an employee build and he messed up the bridge placement. Either way, the guitar may have left the factory prior to the "repair". The funkiness under the bridge could be a later amateur attempt to fix the intonation problem. 🤓 Pure speculation, but it makes more sense to me than assuming that anyone at Hamer did the rough cutting of the string slots or the toothpick and solder screw hole patch. And I agree that the seller took the high road in the listing by showing clear photos.
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    It’s an expensive one. It’s the one Bob Geldof smashed in The Wall
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    Saw them supporting KISS in Paris in 2015, a band can never support KISS and be remembered afterwards, this song is OK though.
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    Lorna wrote again on Dion’s wall —I told you she’s an angel. Let’s send them our best vibes and wishes and thoughts and prayers and love while they’re going through this difficult situation:
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    Finally have some vids with the Miller Time guitar. This is just something we randomly got through in practice once and decided to add to the set.
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    Sounds great! The Miller guitars are fabulous...the beer, maybe not so fabulous😎
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    You guys sound great! I don’t know the 2nd song but it got the butts moving.
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    No neck pickup : no go for me. For clean playing it's my preferred pickup, or the middle. I use the bridge mostly for overdrive stuff.
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    Yeah? Well I was sportin' one of these when I was 4! Eat your heart out.
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    For sale is this very respectable 1982 Hamer Prototype. Good condition - plenty of honest play wear, bumps and nicks, but no repairs, issues, etc. The volume knob is a tad lose, but I know of no other concerns. I believe this to be 100% original and it was acquired from another well known presence here on the board. I'm looking for $700 including a non original HSC. Will ship via UPS to the contiguous US and split actual shipping costs with the purchaser. What a deal! Would be great to have this stay in the HFC family.
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    Cool, we ended at number 4. It's not like this is going to get us opening for Muse on their next world, tour, but the more we get the name out, the better I reckon. Thanks!
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    I think Phish covers this too. I don't listen to Phish, so, I have to take Zak's word for it. I know we play the shit out of it.
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    Oh shit! Bubs is right! It is only an hour away...but Wood glue holding on the backplate? Solder in the old bridge screw holes...it looks like they ran the bridge ground into one of the holes....the wiring looks messy....but the price is right if you move it over a decimal place. This thing stinks to high heaven.....sirens, red flags, and buzzers are all going off.....
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    Sale Done! It was an easy choice at that price.
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    Cool, What are your plans?
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    I don't know about the strap button, but I'm pretty sure the dots are off center.
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    I like it but that guy that is playing his bass so low is driving me absolutely batshit crazy!.. kinda reminds me of all the assholes who wear their pants hanging half way down to their knees
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    So the Blitz is back home now and ready to head to its new home. Absent the white speed knobs, it’s all original (Ting can also confirm). It was fret-leveled and has a bunch of fret life left. Plays just like a solid Hog-bodied, Hamer should – pure rock machines that can makes amps cry for mercy. The refinish was on the body only. The neck had some chips that were touched up, blended and sanded smooth, but the vast majority of the neck and headstock are still factory paint and have never been painted over. It still shows its factory serial number. The neck on this is very nice. The body was completely stripped, sanded, filled, pore filled and shot. All the coats were sanded and then cleared. While it turned out very good – but did not turn out perfect. I’m a recovering perfectionist and want the new owner to be aware of what I noticed with this re-finish. These are small blems that you have to look for – in the right light. It’s miles better than the rattle can black – but not a perfect, restoration grade refin. What I noticed: There is orange peel effect about the size of a dime in two area on the corners of the bouts where the pore filler didn’t work or there wasn’t enough or whatever. The finish on the body (and neck) could probably stand to be polished more – but I do not have time to mess with that right now. Things about the guitar that are due to age and/or play wear: The two shades of blacks – neck VS. body do not match due to the neck being 35 years old. The edge of the neck at the fretboard shows wear but is smooth. I’ve adjusted the sale price down and am just trying to get back out what I have in this beast. This Blitz really does look and play fantastic now and will make a stellar player for someone.
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    The only reason I can think of why not to buy right now is the possibility of my wife murdering me! 😟
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    I forgot about Toronados. I remember thinking they were a really cool design when they came out.
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    Anyway, Yeah. I pulled the trigger on the Nash. I read both negative and positive reviews on the internet. It seems that some people take this whole JM very seriously, Almost like the LP guys! I'll let you know when it arrives, I'm worried that the neck might be too thin for my tastes but I made sure it's returnable, I'll just be out the return shipping.
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    Telecaster, you want a Telecaster! Or you can throw them both in a blender and you get...
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