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    Hi. New Hamer Day. 1986 TLE. All original with plenty of honest wear. Back of the neck has been sanded. Nice and light at 7lbs 7oz. Looks and sounds great.
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    Robins are the shit just like Hamers... Guitars from my own life's "heyday". Sorry for showing off...
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    Don't get me started...
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    sorry about that. I did come to my senses and decided not to sell it. I dropped the price for a weekend and no one grabbed it so I decided I'd rather keep it than give it away that low. These Hamers are incredible and it amazes me little people are willing to give for them. I see so many guitars at 1/2 the quality for twice the price on the market. Thanks for the fan club. It's a great asset to the Hamer community.
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    I don't have anything that would qualify, so, I can only conjecture. But, for me, these things are all tools, cars, guitars, amps, skateboards, surfboards, all of it. Use it, abuse it, if it is good it improves with age, it gets broken in. Life is an experience, not a presentation.
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    A long time ago, in what feels like a galaxy far away, in the suburbs of Chicago there was a bar on River Road.
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    The ad copy puffery reads much like a tweet or impromptu speech by the Donald (before or during his time as POTUS): "PRISTINE SUPERB MINT" "EXQUISITE MAGNIFICENT MASTERPIECE" "BEST COLOR EVER AVAILABLE" "THIS IS IT" "YOU WON'T FIND AN ORIGINAL LIKE THIS ONE ANYWHERE" "SUPERB PRISTINE MINT" "ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESS" The only thing missing is a video of three dudes with gelatinized hair and wearing cheap suits shouting, "PARLAY OF THE YEAR!!!"
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    The eBay poster is a fucking clod. That's all I got.
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    The MKIII has diode clipping. When the Gain knob is on 0 the diodes are out of the circuit, and It sounds very much like a 2204 JCM800. I think it has good tones, but I had to be careful when I dialed it in. The SL-X has an additional 12AX7 instead. This gives the SL-X more gain. The preamp is different between the two, so It's not that related to the JCM800s as the MKIII. From there onwards, the two share the same tone stack, effects loop and power amp. The SL-X was produced between 1993-1999. Many of the SL-X amps came with 5881 power tubes instead of EL34′s when Marshall switched over in late-1993 to early-1994. There is no Marshall mojo in 5881's, stay away. Then there is the JMC900 Dual Reverb. It seems to be the most hated of the three JCM900 models. Funny enough this is the model that Marshall has chosen to reissue. You can buy it new today. I would not touch it. I don't have problems with diode clipping cirquits in Marshalls. These are the models that have it, that I can think of: JCM800 2205 & 2210 - Great amps. Used by many well known players such as Michael Schenker, Zakk Wylde & John Norum etc. They had killer tones with these amp. I hade a JCM800 2205 for over 15 years and it was a killer amp. I really miss it. The Silver Jubilee series - These are iconic. Slash, Bonamassa and John Frucsiante comes to mind as users of this model. They use diode clipping. I have hardly ever heard anyone slag them of for that reason. They are very fine amps that sounds great, period. The JCM900 MKIII - I found this amp to be pretty good. Not just the sound I am going for as I love non master volume Marshalls. But the one I played this weekend can compete with a 2204 JCM800. I even got some silver jubilee tones from it when I used a single coil guitar. The diode clipping gain is great for single coils, it fattens them up. For humbuckers, just leave the diode clipping Gain off, and it sounds like 2204.
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    As of my personal experience, USPS is greatly working for Europe and the by far cheapest afterall.
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    Take off the neck of the bass if possible. Smaller package = cheaper. Usps seems to be the way right now.
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    The Blitz is an 85, yup. This is my 84 Cruise in candy-apple red. Same headstock.
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    Interesting you would select 3". 😂
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    Amen, it's $1550 more than the Blitz Bass in good, all original condition that just showed up at my door!
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    A number of USA Hamers have been shipped from the USA to me in The Netherlands, always via USPS. No problems have occurred. The price was always between $80 and $120. However it is possible a bass will be more expensive due to to the larger size. Now the last guitar that was shipped to me from the USA is my Irma-guitar (Talladega) and it went to my current habitat on Sint Maarten in the Northeastern Carribbean. Took a long time, was quite expensive (like $230), but it survived the hurricane! Gabe 😃
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    The Artisan... Here's my first. Seven piece top...
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    Went to look up some info on my Savoy and found this posted on http://www.robinguitars.com/ Interesting! There’s a familiar sound back in the shop... The sawdust is flying again! Yes! We’re back with a renewed vision and focus to create your favorite Robin masterpieces as you remember them, right here in Houston, TX! Robin Guitars will again be made, using only the finest wood, precision hardware, and voiced by Rio Grande Pickups. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. Email or call with any questions. Dave Wintz President, Robin Guitars
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    I've been looking for a 4x12 1960BX, or AX. Or a 1960TV. This rigg popped us in the for sale ads. I asked the seller if he would sell me the cab only. He said no, but offered me to buy the rigg for 900 bucks. I told him I did not need the amp. He said: "buy the rigg, sell the amp". So I did. The rigg had been standing in a pro studio for like 9 years or so. The amp is from 1990 and the cab from 2010. I took two UK G12M-25s out of the cab and put in two reconed mid 70's G12H-30s I had laying around, in an X-pattern. This really woke up this cab. I found it a bit thin sounding at first and a bit stale. With the mix speaker set up it sounds killer. I've read that the 2500 MKIII was made by Marshall only from 1990 to 1991. And that it is the best sounding model in the JCM900 line. It's pretty much a hot rodded 2204, with an extra diode clipping gain stage that is out of the circuit if the gain knob is on zero. So I took it for a test spin before I sold it off again. The JCM900 sounded pretty good. Without the diodeclipping Gain knob engaged it was very similar to my old 2104 combo in tone and feel. But the mids was perhaps a bit grittier. When I added just a push (on 2) from the Gain knob it fattened up the tone, made it a bit more plexi sounding. Great for singlecoils. It could push a tele into that Strat + Silverjubilee tone that I love, think John Frisciante. A bit of a fuzzy Marshall tone that sounds pretty damn sweet. With humbuckers it got a bit dirtier. And with the Gain even hotter I got into Slayer Anthrax distortion territory. Not my thing, but cool. I used it at rehersals yesterday and the mids in this amp really cuts through. I was not 100% percent happy with the tone and feel from the amp when playing it alone. But with the band It stood out better. Just the right frequencies in the mids to not compete with the bass guitar, or the other guitarist. I enjoyed playing it. What I did not like was that it was kinda stiff. I find 1980s JCM800s like this too. Guess I am to used to 1970s Marshall JMPs. I spent an hour this Sunday playing the JCM900, then before I was going home I plugged my JTM50 into the 1960AX cab - and Boom! There was the tone I like. More organic, fatter, more bass and more distinct, more jucie but less distortion. And the feel of the amp was much nicer too, it responded better with the guitar when I used the volume control or on how hard I hit the strings. Still, the MKII JCM900 is a good amp. I could have used it as a backup as it had good tones, just not JMP good. I put an ad out yesterday at lunch, had the amp sold by nine o clock. It was a good test run! The cab is a keeper. Edit. The weird thing I read about these JCM900s is that Marshall but in a bias resistor that had a value that was to high. And indeed. I checked the bias on the original RFT EL34s. They were biased at around 19mA. Way thin sounding. So I twisted the bias control all the way and got the tubes up to around 25mA. I could not get them hotter. The amp sounded way better like this. Then I tried a Chinese pair of EL34 and they measured 29mA in the amp. And again the amp sounded better. So If I had kept the amp I would have needed to swap that bias resistor out, so that the tubes could be set to a proper bias setting. Weird thing by Marshall, to do it like this....?? Probably one reason why the 900s has a bad rep.
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    SOLD! I'm selling this Tremont SE for my Father-in-Law. I'm really impressed with it. It's a fine guitar for the money. Plays great, looks killer, and sounds really good, too. Please read my Reverb Ad for further details and more pictures. Thanks! https://reverb.com/item/20996895-prs-tremonti-se-cherry-red
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    Nice buy 'Bubs. I've always like the Specials, especially with P90's and a wrapper. Simplicity at its finest! Couldn't find one I could afford so I bought a semi-lookalike :2015 Godin Core CT for A LOT LESS!
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    I remember when ardour started. Probably like 99? 98? I used to run it on Linux with and M-Audio Delta 1010 PCI interface. Ah back when I had the time and inclination to get shit running in Linux.
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    You've got me pegged! Oops that came out wrong.
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    Damn! I could have gotten so much more!!! Very glad my old bass is happy in its new home.
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    Amen, Amen, $1700 more than the naturally reliced Blitz Bass I received today. Kudos to @Eli Blitzkrieg!
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    Cool. I once used USPS to ship a guitar to Australia but never to Europe. I do use USPS domestically with good results.
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    Okay... Problem #1 with the listing: 1. IT IS NOT AN ORIGINAL SEAFOAM GREEN FINISH!!! That's clearly a refin. Problem #2... 2. Headstock decal has no "USA" after the "Hamer", and appears to be a decal, not a Hamer dry transfer. Problem #3... 3. Side jack has been relocated to the top. Interesting that there are no pictures of where the original jack was located, but... Problem #4... 4. Headstock has been slightly reshaped from sanding. Edges are gone, and shape is slightly altered, and the formerly black (or matching) face has been sanded down to the maple veneer and stained what looks like a brownish gray. Ewww. Problem #5... 5. The asking price. You've got to be facking kidding me! Even cutting that in half would be way high for a refinished, non-original Blitz Bass. Knobs are also not original, since I'm piling on here. On a positive, he's offering any fool who buys that one free shipping, and it DOES come with a case!
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    My hate list is mostly Gibson-centric: Harmonica bridges on 70s Gibsons Wine Red LP Customs Once upon a time, I loved having zebra pickups in my guitars. I’m over that now. That said, I also find a pair of double black pickups to be pretty boring too. Goldtop LPs with black plastic. Dry looking, lightly colored rosewood fretboards. Witch hat & chicken head knobs 70s-mid 80s SGs where the end of the fretboard butts up directly to the neck pickup, and screw those small rectangular inlays too, while we’re at it Unbound fretboards on a set neck guitar Juniors & Specials with stop bars & tune-o-matics Strats with HSH configurations LP Customs with maple fretboards signed, Hack “The Crown Prince Of Hate”-ubus
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    This one always made me a little nervous. I DID end up selling it.
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    I would also gig with my Gibson Primavera V and my Hamer Schenker Custom Vector. The later is one of the very few 67 Vees Hamer ever built (I only know of just another one). Sadly, I haven’t had the chance to gig with them so far, as I hanged my gloves in 2014.
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    Aside from the two mentioned above, I have giged with my most expensive gear... or would. For example, during my time with AFLC I used my vintage Hoyer as my main guitar and the Mayday V as a backup. They are above 1K Euros each, and both are irreplaceable. The Hoyer is from 1977 and it’s unlikely to find one in the same condition, and the Scheithauer Mayday V is a custom order replicating Brian May’s Red Special’s features on a Vee, which has no equivalent so far —pics below:
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    Love that riff. Micka Mars, he's like the king of the sleaziest riffs. Underated and cool player.
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    My '79 Sunburst. I went to my mailbox one day in 1981, and I found a letter from Hamer. Inside was a letter thanking me for buying a Hamer guitar, and as a token of their appreciation, they included this truss rod cover, with my name engraved. It just happened to be my birthday. How cool is that?
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    The Hamer "Slammer" pickups were a special wind by DiMarzio for Hamer, as mentioned above. They were basically a hotter PAF.
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    a few favs from the stash, inc "that" SuperPro.
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    I managed to stop playing it long enough to get some quick pictures. I just can’t believe the artistry of that neck-heel blending! I also am amazed at how elegant the back of a headstock can be with the smaller tuners.
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    I own more than 25 guitars, which is definitively too much. From all those, there are two which I won’t take out, never ever. Firstly, there’s Kev’s 4-digit “Standard from HELL”. It was his first Hamer and it got played on HELL’s second album, as well as on their DVD. I “inherited” it from Kev, but I still feel she’s Kev’s baby; so there’s no question I will expose her to any danger out there. Yet, it’s a player’s guitar, with absolutely killer sound and playability. I have a friend who loves that guitar and visits me from time to time, so I allow him to play it. I also give her some love now and then. But she stays home, no matter what. The other one is the 81 camo Vector which it’s said was exhibited at the Hamer booth at NAMM that year. I was told there’s a picture of it in the Guitar Player mag covering the event —still have to go to the library and confirm so. I don’t play it often, but my wife wants our son to inherit that guitar, as she loves it... and that’s a rare case of the lady deciding a particular guitar is not going anywhere, so... 🙂 Pics of both below:
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    I think it's helpful to clarify the over arching theme of the OP- too precious to use. Not necessarily to be played out. The posers I refer to are the one's who own high end or noteworthy guitars and don't play them at all. Period. Whether it's out live in front of people or in their bedrooms/man caves.
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    +1 My point exactly. Play it or sell it to someone who will... otherwise it's f-ing wall art, conversation pieces or bragging rights for posers.
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    Not anymore. I'm over it. If I got it, I'm playing it.
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    It’s beautiful! I’m going to need a moment before I can get better pictures... I just may be getting a bit verklempt...
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    Watched most of it at my local saloon. Ehhh. Better than the Def Leppard bio, but still pretty lame. I liked Ramsey Bolton as Mick Mars, though. Understated performance, as Mick seemed like the only adult in the room in most scenes.
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    If it can't be used, gigged, played or rode hard and put away wet? Belongs in a museum or wanna-be player's display case. Next.
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    Not many back side shots so I thought y'all might like this one. Shorty, Whackhead, Sherry Baby, and Mahstand3. While all are different from each other, they are all Standards. 2005 Mini Korina Standard, #0076, #0189, and '97 Standard. Note Whackhead has Treble side tuners from 3x3 Tuner sets. Paul told us at a gathering that was probably due to the use of what ws on hand more than a custom order to do them like that. Slight P.I.A. to remember to turn them the right way to tune. Coolest part about that one is Peter Fung has the one after it and Rick Neilsen's Mandocello is 4 numbers after.
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    I love it!.. It's got that sexy fresh out of the shower thing goin on~ Can't wait to see it when it's all put back together... Oh and I did a genealogy inquiry & traced her ancestry... you might be surprised that she is related to a very famous person... Commissioner Bele 😆
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