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    That use to be my Korina V. Here is a shot of Joe comparing it to his orig '59 Vee (the garbage bag V, for those that follow the LP forum) at soundcheck for his show in SF. He used it onstage that same night. Peter
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    Wow. What an awesome weekend. I flew out to pick up my second Super-C 2 and had an absolute blast! Arriving at Philadelphia I was full-on interrogated in security as they couldn’t understand why I’d be in a few States in a few days for a guitar. They actually Googled “Shishkov Guitars” at one point when two of them were chatting to me at the same time. This sort of stuff happens to me. When I bought MC2’s Double Virt I had an issue with drug sniffer dogs circling the case at JFK on the way back... On arriving at House Shishkov I had a quick nosey at the Hamers and Shishkov’s and clocked my case sitting at the side. After what seemed like forever Mike layed it down in front of me and undid the latches. Woh... I know we all get that with Shishkov’s. If the pictures flaw you multiply that feeling by a large number when you play one. Plug it in and you are instantly inspired courtesy of the flawless construction and materials. Seriously this is knock-out good. Trish and Mike are not only running an exceptional guitar business but are also some of the nicest human beings you could hope to meet. It’s the icing on the cake. The next day I had two connections to go and see Diablo in Phily before returning home. Mike very kindly offered to drive me there and what followed was a very cool mini road trip. Jim got to meet Mike, see his collection and we all went out to dinner. What an awesome weekend. Pictures to follow... The guitar is Black Limba bodied - bound, quilt top, W/B/W bound ebony board/headstock face, black pearl and abalone inlays, wenge neck, satin chrome Schaller hardware, Bartolini ACE s/c, Gravelin h/b, pull coil split volume pot, blower switch, Purple/Pink flip/flop burst finish.
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    Eli s selling his sparkly-red Centaura at a great price:
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    I'm having similar issues - will reach out to Ted, as I'm not sure what's hanging these up. In the meantime...digging out the ol' Photobucket:
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    That company that is building robots and IA to replace us all.
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    I know, I bought it! Thank you! This was a really great transaction. Wayne is a really nice guy. Pictures coming soon (for all of you comedians).
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    That is absolutely lovely, I bet she's the comfiest sofa in Essex.
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    When I first read that I saw, "Hopefully Serial will not make 40 years." Thought that was a little harsh.
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    Huh, I didn't think anyone would make the same mistake twice. LOL
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    I'd have to know a little more about what you're after but to be fair, you can't go worng with any of them- the Diablo, the Cent, the Chap and the Cali all offer solid quality via good features, quality components and excellent craftsmanship. Once you pinpoint exactly what you like/dislike, you can often times tweak one of those models to get exactly what you are after. I've done it with every one of mine. Love 'em!
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    Joe B playing a Hamer - Nice!
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    One of my favorite European power metal musicians! I have come to appreciate Helloween & Gamma Ray when I started listening to the power metal channel on my Stingray Music service. It inspires to work on my rock chops in my playing when I hear this type of music. Guitar George
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    I won't pay that much to see anyone play. I guess that's why I never go to shows anymore.
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    Bagpipes R Us.....Available for a limited time only. https://www.ehx.com/blog/ehx-announces-the-bag9-bagpipe-machine?fbclid=IwAR2JzqflTvTPWWyliuwv8gmt8vYgNyY8jWCXV-KOG1ek3DYnyb7aYxs5jig
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    Thankfully it's a floating bridge so it can slide right back to where it needs to be.
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    It’s hard to photograph as the colour changes between pink and purple in the quilt. Team Shishkov spent quite some time on this colour and they nailed it.
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    Love those inlays Rest of that guitar is pretty awesome as well Use it well, Enjoy! arniez
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    (one does ones best ;)) (actually, this could net me a load of HFC kudos like points ratings - not so altruistic now, eh?!)
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    A few more (assuming Photobucket decides to cooperate)... ...and the money shot:
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    That guitar is amazing.
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    Can't wait to see the "FINISHED!!" pics...maybe even get a demo video? I'm about due for a road trip to see Mike...scanning for concerts or other fun stuff around, since hockey season is coming to a close. Mike & Trish are THE BEST.
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    I think that is a quite brilliant idea and I’ve a funny feeling there will be many more memorable guitars to come worthy of consideration.
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    Great. I use Channel One 95% of the time. I've used every pedal I own on Channel 1 and the only ones that sound bad are the ones bubs recommends. I don't know why that is. It'll stay pretty clean to 1/2 volume depending on tubes and speaker(s), then has a nice natural breakup. The best thing you can do is install decent tubes and re-bias it. Made a dramatic difference to mine. Channel 2 has 16 models that sound really good with no pedals, from mild OD to non-metal distortion. I don't use it enough for some reason. With the Fuse software you can tweak and save single effects and/or combinations of effects (to 16 presets) to make them very usable . The only real downside to this amp is the shitty footswitch. It'll switch channels, but doesn't let you switch between the effects presets (only on/off).
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    That's a different guitar. Craigslist Ed Roman
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    https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/msg/d/san-francisco-hamer-diablo-ii-1994/6828938291.html No affiliation, she looks mighty clean
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    I played a diablo the other day and it was pretty sweet with a nice medium-full neck shape. However I hope to someday have a chaparral some day. I like shorter scale shredders. Also I’ve dealt with Eli. Top notch.
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    Centauras aint too sloppy either. @Bennyboy-UK should be able to convince you. I have two chaps and two Centauras and I think I can say that the Cents are my preference.
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    Allen stuff is well designed and uses high quality parts. They are the real-deal for sound and durability.
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    I really like my Allen-built Classic 10. My brother built a Sweet Spot and a Chihuahua. The Sweet Spot is especially, errr, sweet. Good stuff for sure.
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    Damn... My picking hand is getting tired just listening to that.
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    Interesting new bridge on those. Always wanted a Thunderbird bass, but will be waiting it out. For now...
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    I don't think I ever took pics... I did record an album using it for all but one track. Sounded good. I'll look around, though!
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    I’ve ended up with 5.5 centauras - I really like them - they’re all different - pickups, controls, electrics, woods, necks everything. i just think they’re great value!
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    Man I'd kill for a maple fretboard Cali~
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    Love both Helloween and Gamma Ray. Was listening to both of them on my flight yesterday. Hello ween are sometimes credited as being the originators of power metal. Although I thought their first album (Walls of Jericho) sounded a bit more thrash. Wasn’t the biggest fan of Kai’s vocals on that album and much preferred Michael Kiske’s (and later Andy Deris). I vaguely remember reading somewhere that Kai and Michael were playing together again. Hadn’t checked out Unisonic yet. If you like more of the anthemic power metal style, check out some of the Michael Kiske/Amanda Sommerfield stuff as well.
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    He’s the father of German power metal, founder of Helloween, then founder of Gamma Ray. One of my preferred rock musicians EVER. Kai Hansen RULES! 🤘
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    Played in Helloween and Gamma Ray.
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    Got to love those German metal bands.
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    that happens when you r not a member of HFC
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    It’s beautiful! I’m going to need a moment before I can get better pictures... I just may be getting a bit verklempt...
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    Any relation to Allen organs?
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