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    That use to be my Korina V. Here is a shot of Joe comparing it to his orig '59 Vee (the garbage bag V, for those that follow the LP forum) at soundcheck for his show in SF. He used it onstage that same night. Peter
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    Eli s selling his sparkly-red Centaura at a great price:
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    I'm having similar issues - will reach out to Ted, as I'm not sure what's hanging these up. In the meantime...digging out the ol' Photobucket:
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    That company that is building robots and IA to replace us all.
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    I know, I bought it! Thank you! This was a really great transaction. Wayne is a really nice guy. Pictures coming soon (for all of you comedians).
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    When I first read that I saw, "Hopefully Serial will not make 40 years." Thought that was a little harsh.
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    Huh, I didn't think anyone would make the same mistake twice. LOL
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    Joe B playing a Hamer - Nice!
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    I won't pay that much to see anyone play. I guess that's why I never go to shows anymore.
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    It’s hard to photograph as the colour changes between pink and purple in the quilt. Team Shishkov spent quite some time on this colour and they nailed it.
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    Love those inlays Rest of that guitar is pretty awesome as well Use it well, Enjoy! arniez
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    A few more (assuming Photobucket decides to cooperate)... ...and the money shot:
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    I think that is a quite brilliant idea and I’ve a funny feeling there will be many more memorable guitars to come worthy of consideration.
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    That's a different guitar. Craigslist Ed Roman
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    https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sfc/msg/d/san-francisco-hamer-diablo-ii-1994/6828938291.html No affiliation, she looks mighty clean
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    Allen stuff is well designed and uses high quality parts. They are the real-deal for sound and durability.
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    I really like my Allen-built Classic 10. My brother built a Sweet Spot and a Chihuahua. The Sweet Spot is especially, errr, sweet. Good stuff for sure.
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    Because of your endorsement I’m going to dig more into Gamma Ray’s catalogue. Listening to Primal Fear “Angels of Mercy: live in Germany” as I type this...
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    Listed on Reverb and sold in 12 minutes.
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    Someone get this man assistance ASAP!!! There's new Shishkov pictures at stake!
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    Blackstar Artisan Anniversary Guitar Amplifier Combo 1x12 10 Watts It's a great deal at $338 https://www.americanmusical.com/Item--i-BLC-ARTISAN10AE?src=Y0802G00SRCHCAPN&adpos=1o3&scid=scplpBLC+ARTISAN10AE&sc_intid=BLC+ARTISAN10AE&gclid=Cj0KCQjw7YblBRDFARIsAKkK-dKKD9jra9dJ67UAGzrcSVsarFZLoCIwh06yv_bGX3BWEU49Wg9reKkaArWNEALw_wcB And if you new to that site, you could use this link to get additional $20 off with 1 day express shipping - https://refer.americanmusical.com/Val014
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    I keep on writing: From “Somewhere Out in Space” (1997) on, the lineup of Gamma Ray got stable and stronger. They subsequently released “Power Plant” (1999), “No World Order” (2001), “Majestic” (2005), “Land of the Free II” (2007) and “To The Metal!” (2010). I personally prefer their output until 2005, but all those albums were excellent. If you want a great overview of this era of the band (to me their best one), I would simply recommend the following two albums: “Blast From The Past” (2000) : A two-CD compilation of re-recordings and remastered tracks, covering their entire career until that date, featuring their most solid lineup ever —Kai Hansen (v/g); Henjo Richter (g); Dirk Schlächter (b) and Dan Zimmermann (d). This is an awesome album. Just get it and enjoy! “Hell Yeah - The Awesome Foursome (And The Finnish Keyboarder Who Didn't Want To Wear His Donald Duck Costume) Live in Montreal” (2008) : That’s like a “greatest hits” live, greatly produced. In addition, I was there! 😎 I even appear briefly on the DVD, at the end. 😉 After 2010, they got a new drummer and kept on regurgitating their same winning formulas. Still enjoyable though. In general, you cannot go wrong with Gamma Ray. Go now to listen to them... and do have fun!🤘
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    For some reason the Sunbursts never really got me too excited, but this one is a real looker. GLWTS.
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    Additionally, let it not be said that I’m not a bespectacled dork with an EVH hard hat at sound check.
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    I don't think I ever took pics... I did record an album using it for all but one track. Sounded good. I'll look around, though!
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    Now, my recommendations of Kai Hansen works: Helloween - “Wall of Jericho”’ (1985) : First album. More thrash than power metal, with Kai Hansen on vocals. To many people this was the real thing. Highlights: “Ride The Sky” and “How Many Tears” Helloween - “The Keeper of the Seven Keys”’ - part I (1987) and part II (1888) : These two are the bible of melodic power metal. There are few albums as influential as “The Keepers...”. Michael Kiske’s diction left to be desired, but he could hit unbelievable notes and the tone of his voice was the very definition of epic. One cannot claim one knows anything about metal without digging deep into theese two albums. Highlights: listen to the whole damned thing! Gamma Ray - “Heading for Tomorrow” (1990) : Kai Hansen quit Helloween right after “The Keepers”; the band released a couple of dubious albums, leaving their fans quite disoriented, and then Kai formed Gamma Ray and released this. The singer, Ralf Scheepers, was almost as good as Michael Kiske, but with a better English. This album brought back the feeling of “The Keepers”. Highlights: once again, the whole thing is relevant. Gamma Ray - “The Land of the Free” (1995) : In spite of having an awesome vocalist in Scheepers, Gamma Ray didn’t do anything so great after their first album. They had many lineup changes and the songwriting wasn’t consistent. Eventually, Scheepers left and Kai Hansen took on vocals. This was the first album reflecting that major change. Hansen sounds here better than ever. Highlights: Though the average song here was slightly less memorable than their previous masterpieces, I also recommend listening to the whole thing. Now I have to stop, but I will keep on writing about Gamma Ray later. Thanks for reading! 😉
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    Oh, I love some Helloween- I believe they have toured recently as Helloween, with Michael Kiske and Kai Hansen back for the tour. They really were 'happy metal'- also loved the fact they could take a song and bring out their own version of it complete with the same key changes etc. Remember 'Out In The Fields' by Gary Moore? Well, there's a certain Halloween song that you can mix with it, and it fits exactly..... I should know, I've done it! So, just to confuse the issue- he's Unisonic doing the Halloween song, 'I Want Out'..... LOVE THIS...... Listen to Halloween- Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II, it's a classic.
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    I was looking at the Allen Sweet Spot amp. I ended up buying a Reverend Goblin 5/15 watt 1x10 tube combo amp and later a Reverend Kingsnake 20/60 watt 1x12 combo amp (one of my main gigging amps). I think the Allen amps are the next step forward in the blackface/tweed/blonde Fender type amps with some nice modern features that sound good and are useful in the real world scenarios. Guitar George
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    Every video I've seen seems to give good reviews, but I tried one at GC and it was just the average entry-level Tele. I think all the rave reviews made me expect too much. I suppose it's possible that the good reviews came from people who had low expectations and got better than what they expected, while I went in with high expectations which weren't met. It just goes to show how our expectations can skew our opinions.
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    If you can afford it. Like everyone else famous, mucho dinero.
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    Here ya go~ & you're fuk'n welcome
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    I have a Centaura and can vouch for its shreddiness and value. But if you really like the H-H config, just find a '90-'92 Diablo and you'll have a tonal equivalent to the Model 5. After a few years playing mostly two pickup guitars, I seem to prefer that configuration now. As such, my Strats and Centaura don't get as much playing time.
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    Another vote for the Centaura, but realistically, worst case is you get one and have to move it along to get something else.
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    Mods are done! When it was first completed, it didn't have enough gain for me, so according to the schematic, I had to change two bias resistors from 470 kΩ to 100 kΩ. It turned out to be too "fizzy," so I compromised and went to 220 kΩ--sounds MUCH better now. It still doesn't have the "metal" sound I'm looking for, but this amp wasn't designed for that type of sound. I also made the bias points easier to access, including adding an external 10-turn locking potentiometer This way, I can rebias the amp without removing the chassis. Why more amp makers don't do this is beyond me. Now it's time to play it!
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    Ugh. Don't get me started with that POS.
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    You should see Yngwie Malmsteen. The relentless barrages of 64th notes, and drop-spin-kicks of pics into the audience will bore the hell out of you. Saw him with G3 almost 20 years ago, and I've never been prouder to see a time slot end. With the possible exception of a 25+ minute jam-band version of 'I'm your Captain' by Mark Farner in 2000. God that was excruciating.
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    He’s the father of German power metal, founder of Helloween, then founder of Gamma Ray. One of my preferred rock musicians EVER. Kai Hansen RULES! 🤘
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    Got to love those German metal bands.
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    It’s beautiful! I’m going to need a moment before I can get better pictures... I just may be getting a bit verklempt...
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    Any relation to Allen organs?
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    Do you know if it's a legit DA build or one of his kits?
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    It won’t be long. 😃
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