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    Cali Family Portrait:
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    I have a friend who is practicing flames on a guitar. I am going to show him how to remove the pick guard next.
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    Well, after meeting with AC of Rumpelstiltskin Pickups last week I decided to make a change....Just because my Peavey Firenza With P90s will go on the chopping block soon for Shishkov funds. So........ I installed a Rumpel Archer in the neck...kinda like a giant Fender type pickup wth rod mags.....in the bridge I installed a Rumpel Chameleon HB-sized P90. Now I know and have stated that HB sized 90s don’t sound like 90s...but this one with A2 mags gets me 90% there. So now the Newport sounds more like a Casino as opposed to a Gretsch. Gotta dial them in. These sound nothing like Phat Cats. Not that Phat Cats aren’t good in their own right. Just not what I want to hear Bridge has the growl, neck has the smooth clarity, and the middle brings the chime. This is now a perfect blues guitar.
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    I like 'em. They got "mutt langed" for better and worse. The musicianship improved. The singing/harmonies are impressive. But the pop sensibility gutted most of the rawk.
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    lol - @Stike wants everyone to suffer like he did for the Victim Explorer!
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    It’s a term tossed around by tossers who can’t play, but can afford anything they desire.
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    It sounds almost worth it if you could really upset him. Perhaps over his waistline or something?
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    If all the women in Olena's tribe look like her I want to join.
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    Honestly, I never saw the appeal, and most of what I consider their "best" stuff was recorded with Steve Clark AND Pete Willis, who also wrote a good number of songs. I don't really know how much Collen contributed to Pyromania. I really like the rhythm work more than any of the solos, in the Def Leppard catalog anyway.
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    Agreed. He's got the combination of a great eye/ear for the overall composition - each of his videos are so different, yet consistently great.
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    Oh...😏Oops. I don't have that info, but if there ain't any new demo-vids, there should be! Compare the majority of, "x-guitar product" demos or "reviews." With a few exceptions (gearmandude, ProGuitarShop, Catalinbread, et al), they're usually poorly recorded/filmed with gonzo-distorto gain and way too much lame dialogue. I like Zen's vids because they don't have much talking, but spiffy graphic descriptions of the different sound examples. Excellent A/V quality, even at the lower resolutions. It's a guitar players world, yes indeed, and I DIG youtube.com for it, but, MAN...one really has to dig through the dirt to find the truffles.
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    Coffee Table Book of the First 100!
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    I'm breaking out in a sweat... this is unbelievable!!
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    Thumb tacks work too!!
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    Years ago I picked up a DC127 at a pawnshop for $150. Wish I'd kept it, they appear to have gone up in price... You can order this guitar new from Kiesel and save $28,500. Except for the name on the headstock. And you'll pay shipping.
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    Yngwie has upcoming tour dates. For $400 you can meet him so he can berate you in front of people over something you say that he takes the wrong way.
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    I had to fix that for you. Flames, you know.
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    "OK honey, I'll list my guitar for sale. But if it doesn't sell quickly, we'll have to list some of your jewelry."
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    Hey, I appreciate the thought! The Bowery Ballroom was on my musical bucket list of places to play, and it was a dream come true to play to such an enthusiastic packed house.
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    I'm sorry, I didn't. I tried to shoot video with my phone and sync it to a Garage Band audio track. It was a hassle that turned out badly. I'm hosting a guest, this coming week, who routinely makes videos of herself. I'll ask her for some help.
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    Dude, that is what Yngwie is all about???????????????????????????????? Remember that Yngwie line, More is More.
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    I just use finishing nails.
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    Yup. I like it for what it is. But there's a lot of synth stuff going on behind the bone clicking and drum bashing. Won't be spending any time charting their bass parts...
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    You know what? I think I will bring him a few Carvins... see what they offer me, If it's selling for 30K maybe I can get him to pay me 10K for one LMAO!
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    Here, here! Pip pip and cheerio! I think I will always play Wasted for the rest of my life. I learned it right away when On Through The Night came out.
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    Actually, I had heard of them before and thought they were bizarre. No modern German as far as my ears wanted to follow.
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    OTTN and H&D are great. I loved OTTN when it came out...such great RNR. I think I’ll play Wasted later in it’s honor. ...and Schenker tried to audition for Perry’s slot in 1979.....IIRC, the band left him sitting in some sleazy motel and couldn’t get it together enough for a proper audition. Crespo was the right choice.
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    I was lucky to catch Def Leppard right after their first album came out. They opened for the Scorpions and played in a small venue of less than a thousand people. Great show by both bands. The interesting thing was that Def Leppard had a issue with their gear. Truck broke down or something like that. A local music store, The Great House of Guitars lended them amps and guitars for the show. Both guitarists played Hamers the whole night.
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    The first album is the one to get. It does not sound like the rest.
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    also a 1981. Second owner :-) p.S.: only adornment! Not for sale :-)
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    Wild tops on some SpecialFMs from the nineties.
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    In other words, vikings came along with cooler music. Vikings are really trendy now, too.
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    My tribe can beat up your tribe.
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    . . . Introducing the HFC Payment Plan!
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    I've owned both. I've actually had three different Firebirds. They're a bit like Rickenbackers - you get drawn in by the insanely cool look and want them to be great guitars. For me, they are pretty much unplayable. The neck is set way out at the end of the body so unless you have orangutan arms, open E and F barre chords are uncomfortable at best. Everything seems pushed to the left by at least three frets, so, unless its the only guitar you play, transitioning between guitars is disorienting. I'm not a fan of the pickups, either. They are on the harsh end of "glassy", though the ones I've played were newer Gibson versions and one set of Lollars. Older pickups may be different. Eclipses, on the other hand, are perfectly shaped and contoured for me. The neck is set in close to the body and access to either end of the fretboard is effortless. The Lollar firebird pickups I mentioned above sounded OK in an Eclipse, but I prefer DiMarzio mini-humbuckers. Better balanced and very versatile. I'm one of the few who don't think that the Eclipse body shape is ugly. I prefer it to the 90's Specials.
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    So are most guitar players.
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    @cmatthesGlad you ended up with it! The 3 Monkeys Amps are simple amplifiers, that are full of tasty tones.
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    This one is finally where it should be! Great meeting up with Jamie/gtrdaddy earlier today in Richmond, at long last - looking for an excuse to do that again soon. Took it for a quick spin over the last two hours, but will move some air over the weekend. I'm REALLY happy with this one so far. Thanks to all of you who looked over this one over the last year or two for me!
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    I have a 1981 Green Special that I bought new..!! But sorry I don't want to ever sell it..! With a Custom Matching Case...
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    Well, it took @serial 40 years to write that one, so maybe we'll see in 2055. I'll be dead, of course, so happy reading!
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