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    Cali Family Portrait:
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    I can relate...
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    First Guitar is a USA Hamer Double Cutaway... Jeff Watson of Night Ranger/John De Turo. Looking to buy back my custom made Hamer Double Cutaway Archtop Jeff Watson Model that has my name under the Hamer Name. It was Custom built in 1990 for me. I lost it at a Pawn Shop in Brandon Florida while going thruough a divorce. Will pay CASH!!! Please email me if you have it so we can make a deal. See pictures of the guitar. Also see pictures of Jeff's model. It was never a true production model but I had some pull at Hamer and they made me one. They did make a few for the Japanese market. A black one is on sale on ebay. Mine has a nice flame top, mahogany back and a 3 piece flame maple neck with ebony board... Second Guitar is a USA Hamer Standard Explorer Custom made John De Turo. Looking to buy back my custom made Hamer Standard Explorer that has my name under the Hamer Name. It was Custom built in 1994 for me. I sold it at Stevie B's Guitars in Clearwater Florida while going thruough a divorce. Will pay CASH!!! Please email me if you have it so we can make a deal. See pictures of the guitar. . It was a production model that I had done in a tobaco sunburst finish with gold hardware and had my name put in the headstock under the Hamer logo. I had some pull at Hamer and they made me one.
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    Someone has to want this. I have no idea on pricing for these No affiliation Hamer Scepter 1985-1990 Black and red https://reverb.com/item/21826003-hamer-scepter-1985-1990-black-and-red?utm_source=ios-app&utm_medium=share
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    Cheap Bastards, it is sold!
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    Who knew? The HFC: Impeccable taste in guitars... and socks. 🤣
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    Held in a venue a bit further south on I-65; Ag Expo building had a dirt floor covered w/ carpet for the event. Can't say that I saw any Hamers. Plenty of room, good attendance. Here's some noted players that showed up: Billy Sheehan Derek St. Holmes admires a '59 Les Paul Special Eric and Fred Newell Gordon Kennedy w/ Barry "Byrd" Burton's '58 Les Paul (Kennedy owns John Sebastian's 'Burst) Greg Martin w/ a '53 Martin D-28 Jeff Hanna and new Eagles member Vince Gill Jim Messina Nashville legend Jimmy Capps signs copies of his autobiography, Man in Back Rick Vito appears taken with a '56 Danelectro U-1 -1 Tom Petersson cuddles a '66 Fender Jazz Bass in Olympic White with matching headstock
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    Hi All! I’m brand new to the Hamer Forum. The Hamer “Blades Bass” (hollow body) is a beautiful instrument. Can anyone tell me the specs on this, and has anyone seen one for sale? (32” scale, etc). I love this design, and Jack Blades always looks bad-ass playing it! I found the company Atomic Guitars in AZ who now custom-makes their version of the "Blades Bass” for him, ut it’s way out of my price range ($3200-$3500). Were the original Hamers only custom-made for Jack Blades back in the day, or were they commercially-produced and sold in music stores? Has anyone ever had a replica of this made? Thanks to anyone replying advance! Jay
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    You need to lay them on their side, facing east (per Eric Johnson).
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    I just had the seven-string version DC come through for bench TLC. I cannot wait to tell its owner he has a $35K guitar. Wait, his had a quilt upgrade, trans blue upgrade, factory active preamp upgrade and factory master vols and tones for each pickup like a LP. Holy shit, what a boon upon which mah baw sits!
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    this one will fly very fast, very nice one i love the headstock color combination
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    Might be worth a shot to shine a black light on it in a dark room. Some inks light up.
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    Man, it's on tour! Were there shirts available? 😁
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    It’s a term tossed around by tossers who can’t play, but can afford anything they desire.
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    A really nice example of a Hamer Echotone from Korea. All the electronics have been replaced with Gibson parts and sounds and plays as well as many Gibson ES-335's. The hardware has been upgraded as well. Here's some more info on the upgrades: Gorgeous Cherry Color.,No big dings or scratches, shows light play wear though. TKL Hardshell Case Included. Just Had a Full Fret Dress and Level.Bone NutGrover TunersAll Gibson HardwareFull Rewire with Push Back Wiring and CTS PotsDimarzio Air Norton in the Bridge and a Seymour Duncan 59 in the Neck.Full Fret Job and Setup Comes with hardshell case. $600 paypal'd and shipped.
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    I hate Jakeboy! Puts out an album, then AC Rev, has another album on the table... WTF!! Where do you get the talent and time? Fun song! https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/markrevel3
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    Definitely got my tail a waggin however, I have different interests nowadays and am on the selling side of the equation... which I'm finding is a hard addiction to crack... that being said, had that been a hardtail, I would have been all over it 😆
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    The good news is that you can always make a stencil and re-spray "ALIEN PIMP" back on there!
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    Thought you would have been all over that!
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    I like the old NR catalog and certainly loved their custom Hamers, but Blades always reminded me of a'60s and '70s Nashville crooner. Meaning...He spends a lot of time on stage cradling a beautifully crafted and expensive custom instrument and intermittently stabs at it with his right hand.
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    Well put me all in for $350.
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    Hey, we all have chores we don't like to do! 😀
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    Hi chaps, All arrived safe and sound and exactly as promised - cheers Jim! and thanks very much to @DBraz who traveled all the way to the US to collect it for me, and also to pick up some other guitar or other he was interested in cheers David!!
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    Ground loop hum?
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    Lol Rodi! I vacation every summer down in Gulf Shores, AL.... a local restaurant/bar on the water as a drink called The Bushwacker which is imitated in the area. Basically a adult milkshake.Ironcally, I have never had a Bushwacker but I will rectify that this summer...I HAVE to have one now! I imagined having about 6 too many.... I wanted to write a fun beach song about it. I have a friend playing congas on it who just beat like stage 4 colon cancer.....he is in rough shape but was able to nail the conga part in two takes before he was out of breath. The song is really a departure for me but loads of fun to write and record. I have sent the song to the restaurant....now I just need the local radio down there to get hip and pick it up. Thanks for the kind words!
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    Yes indeed! There’s more to us than meets the eye. Or ear?
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    Everyone loved that guitar when it was together, they are super comfy to play sitting or standing. Its a beefy tele sound for sure.
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    I LOVED the Trons, but I need to approximate the P90s bridge tone and since my P90s guitar will be going bye-bye, this was a badass solution.
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    Reminds me of a comedy skit: So I'm dating this girl for a while, and she wants to talk about something. I'm figuring, arrggghhh, she's gonna wanna move in with me or make this too serious. So she starts off with, "I want you to know I'm bi". I am LIKE YESSSSSSSSSSSSS this is the best day of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!! "polar".
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    The doubleneck aslo does not have a reversed head stock. Can you send it to me please for $350? Gabe 😎
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    These were the socks I wore to a meeting with a customer that I don't like recently.
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    Wowsers! Nashville again gets all the great guitars and players. All we get at the NoCal show is Brad Gillis and Fung.😠
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    "Look at all that color... It looks like Walt Disney threw up." -Wendell Sonny Lawson
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    Just need a blue one to complete the spectrum
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    Going by what mathman says (kinda), here ya go:
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    The Super Champ X2 is 4D.
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    I've always thought Phil Collen was the weakest part of the band. I was a big DL fan when the first two records were released. When Pyromania hit the shelves, I was so disappointed. Even as a 12 yr old , I could tell the band I loved had been changed completely. I saw them in '92 (free tickets) and was shocked that the show was so bad. I walked out after 45 minutes in the 8th row. Even Steve Clark couldn't make up for Collen's incessant butchering of nearly perfect hard rock songs. He stood there shirtless right in front of me, noodling away and shitting all over the "High N Dry" material. I got up and walked out, shaking my head. Today, I'd like to see two things - One- DL taking off Viv's leash and letting him rip through the old stuff and Two - Phil putting on a shirt and playing the maracas backstage.
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    Eleven guitars, 12 necks. How's that? 😄
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    Hey, I appreciate the thought! The Bowery Ballroom was on my musical bucket list of places to play, and it was a dream come true to play to such an enthusiastic packed house.
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    Agreed. He's got the combination of a great eye/ear for the overall composition - each of his videos are so different, yet consistently great.
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    Oh...😏Oops. I don't have that info, but if there ain't any new demo-vids, there should be! Compare the majority of, "x-guitar product" demos or "reviews." With a few exceptions (gearmandude, ProGuitarShop, Catalinbread, et al), they're usually poorly recorded/filmed with gonzo-distorto gain and way too much lame dialogue. I like Zen's vids because they don't have much talking, but spiffy graphic descriptions of the different sound examples. Excellent A/V quality, even at the lower resolutions. It's a guitar players world, yes indeed, and I DIG youtube.com for it, but, MAN...one really has to dig through the dirt to find the truffles.
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    Glad Zen and SD mended fences. His demos are the best marketing Duncan could hope for. Clean, crunch, dirt, OD, distortion; it’s all there for the viewer to hear.
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    Maybe you can make note of it being hand signed with a nitrocellulose pen equipped with Brazilian ink. lol
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    How is it going so far?
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    Holy Shite. He lives!
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    Hey Pablo, Case is on its way!! See PM for details... Mike
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    This place freakin rules. Nice gesture Geo from another Geo! Congrats Pablo and good job Mrjam. Wouldn't have my Hamer Korina Special if it wasn't for 0054 who posted the PSA. Let's stick and continue the enabling ways. Sometimes it's just GOOD!
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