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    First Guitar is a USA Hamer Double Cutaway... Jeff Watson of Night Ranger/John De Turo. Looking to buy back my custom made Hamer Double Cutaway Archtop Jeff Watson Model that has my name under the Hamer Name. It was Custom built in 1990 for me. I lost it at a Pawn Shop in Brandon Florida while going thruough a divorce. Will pay CASH!!! Please email me if you have it so we can make a deal. See pictures of the guitar. Also see pictures of Jeff's model. It was never a true production model but I had some pull at Hamer and they made me one. They did make a few for the Japanese market. A black one is on sale on ebay. Mine has a nice flame top, mahogany back and a 3 piece flame maple neck with ebony board... Second Guitar is a USA Hamer Standard Explorer Custom made John De Turo. Looking to buy back my custom made Hamer Standard Explorer that has my name under the Hamer Name. It was Custom built in 1994 for me. I sold it at Stevie B's Guitars in Clearwater Florida while going thruough a divorce. Will pay CASH!!! Please email me if you have it so we can make a deal. See pictures of the guitar. . It was a production model that I had done in a tobaco sunburst finish with gold hardware and had my name put in the headstock under the Hamer logo. I had some pull at Hamer and they made me one.
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    Yeah, I know you guys might reply “only in my dreams I play guitar” and such. 😏 Fair enough! But I’m serious here. Have you ever dreamed you’re playing guitar? Has it ever happened to you? I just dreamed I was about to play. It was a small venue and there was a table next to the drummer and my guitar was on it. I got close and it was... my Schenker Vector! I put it on and struck an E power chord while facing the crowd. Everything was dark, but I was under the spotlight. People were cheering. I guess I want to be famous or something? Anyway, I’m already something, so cannot complain. 😉 Fact is, as far as I can remember, this is the first time I dream about guitars... and I’m glad it was a Hamer I even own. Do you guys ever have this kind of dream? PS: Here’s a picture of the guitar in my dream:
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    The price is refriggindiculous. I don't care if it was Kim Kardashian's and the G string was replaced with her G string. For sniffing - yes.
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    Those two in the middle were at Casa Toadroller together for a little while. Every Hamer fan should own a Special. And a Standard, and an Artist and a Newport and a...
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    @Johnny Rocks Are you related to a guy named Brent?
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    If anyone needed that final nudge into the realm of never doing an internet gear deal again, read the above. Some things in life should not require so much effort.
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    Great album for sure! I have it on my Spotify list. 👿👿
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    The Blades Basses were 32" Medium Scale. They were an option from the mid-1980s until the early 1990s, basically a custom version of the stock double-cutaway B-4S 30.5" Short Scale bass. In the early 2000s, I had Hamer build me a B-12M (32" scale Medium Scale 12 string bass), after being told they couldn't (wouldn't?) do it. During a factory visit, I saw that they were ghost building 32" scale basses for TV Jones/Gretsch (The Spectrasonic Basses), Kim and Frank agreed that they could build me one, and we were off to the races. Always loved the double cutaway Hamer basses, especially Pete Farndon's Pink B-4s and Jack Blades '80s Nightranger B-4M models (sunburst, black). I had Hamer build me a lightweight B-4M in 2004 in a cool Teal finish with Boomerang inlays and double binding. KILLER bass, all around! The back doesn't suck too badly either!
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    You have a hard addiction to crack? My condolences.
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    Personally, I would not have even considered removing that!
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    Ground doesn't care what is on, just what is plugged in and connected iirc. I had a ground loop problem some years ago that gave me a hum in my monitors but nothing else. But I did have two different circuits powering things. Just a simple ground loop circuit eliminated it. Spent some time trying to find another way but my little corner studio was simpliest to fix with the cable adapter. It can be a pain to diagnose it.
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    Nice stuff. I don't know where they are, but your old Centaura made an appearance on TGP about 5 years ago - post 56: https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/show-your-custom-shop-hamer.683090/page-3 Good luck with your quest.
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    ok guys a lot of water pass under the bridge .......a couple of days ago the case arrival home i will make some restore on this one , im so happy thanks to @Geobluto for the case and @Mrjamiam for remember me pd: the case arrival without the ALIEN PIMP ......... paranormal thing
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    Lol Rodi! I vacation every summer down in Gulf Shores, AL.... a local restaurant/bar on the water as a drink called The Bushwacker which is imitated in the area. Basically a adult milkshake.Ironcally, I have never had a Bushwacker but I will rectify that this summer...I HAVE to have one now! I imagined having about 6 too many.... I wanted to write a fun beach song about it. I have a friend playing congas on it who just beat like stage 4 colon cancer.....he is in rough shape but was able to nail the conga part in two takes before he was out of breath. The song is really a departure for me but loads of fun to write and record. I have sent the song to the restaurant....now I just need the local radio down there to get hip and pick it up. Thanks for the kind words!
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    EDIT 30 MAY: now $600 shipped. EDIT 25 APR: dropped the price by $100 - now $650 shipped. Up for sale is a Reverend Hellhound 40/60 combo.I purchased this amp NOS from a dealer last year - it was sitting in its original shipping box in the back of a music store for over a decade.I've played it sparingly and it has never left my smoke/pet free home practice room. It sounds great and is incredibly versatile. Includes the original Reverend amp cover.Price is $600 shipped - payment via USPS Money Order, Paypal (certified addresses only and we split the fees), or a personal check if we've had successful deals in the past.Buyers in Alaska/Hawaii will pay any additional shipping charges over $50. USA deals only, please. (I may consider shipping to Canada)Not interested in trades.I have lots of references here and my Ebay rating is 100% perfect over 372 transactions (username - Bluesking89)I also have a Reverend Drivetrain II coming up for sale - I'd be willing to do a package price.This is the later version with the smooth black tolex. I can't find a mark on it - it even smells new.
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    Held in a venue a bit further south on I-65; Ag Expo building had a dirt floor covered w/ carpet for the event. Can't say that I saw any Hamers. Plenty of room, good attendance. Here's some noted players that showed up: Billy Sheehan Derek St. Holmes admires a '59 Les Paul Special Eric and Fred Newell Gordon Kennedy w/ Barry "Byrd" Burton's '58 Les Paul (Kennedy owns John Sebastian's 'Burst) Greg Martin w/ a '53 Martin D-28 Jeff Hanna and new Eagles member Vince Gill Jim Messina Nashville legend Jimmy Capps signs copies of his autobiography, Man in Back Rick Vito appears taken with a '56 Danelectro U-1 -1 Tom Petersson cuddles a '66 Fender Jazz Bass in Olympic White with matching headstock
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    This was for sale a number of months back without a broken neck. That sucks. Probably not too many silver sparkle factory phantoms. No affiliation COCV for the broken price. Hamer USA Phantom A5 https://applink.reverb.com/item/21478904-hamer-usa-phantom-a5
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    I hate Jakeboy! Puts out an album, then AC Rev, has another album on the table... WTF!! Where do you get the talent and time? Fun song! https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/markrevel3
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    Thanks to some help I received in the Experts Forum, I was able to answer a question about my 1981 Special before listing it for sale. Thought I'd return the favor by listing here as well. Guitar is equipped with later '80's Hamer Slammer pickups. See the guitar at the Reverb link below. It is listed there at $1399, but be happy to apply the friends and family discount here. I appreciate the help I received in the forum and will be happy to answer any questions you may have. https://reverb.com/item/21949760-hamer-usa-special-1981-sunburst
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    It can be repaired, but it will be worth less than the current asking price when completed, and you still have to pay for said repair. You also then have to deal with it having been repaired if trying to resell later which reduces the pool of buyers by 80%.
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    In the old days, we called this "stereo."
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    After seeing Greg Platzer's work, this shouldn't scare-off anyone.....looks VERY repairable to me.
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    Actually, I always dream stadium size. Honestly, I had similar dreams where I had been playing my Bo Red Special. Although I love my Standards, I can’t remember having had special stage playing dreams with them. Maybe, in my heart I’m a Queen/BHM fan. 🙂
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    No. In Germany they run in 50Hz.
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    Scepter on Scepter violence.
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    Stellar price. I hope it includes a bottle of glue?
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    Please don't use those ground lift adapters if there's a problem. That's just asking for trouble...
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    In all fairness, that's Kim Keller's old '80s Phantom that was REFINNED and re-configured in 1999 and given a 1999 serial number. I have pics of it hanging in the N.H. shop. Kim sold it recently in his Reverb store, and it appears that it was broken in shipping, through zero fault of his.
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    Ooh, that Cruisebass is a beauty, Pablo!
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    This has been a great story! Congrats, Pablo! You know the ALIENPIMP is there, and that's what is important.
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    Yup. I'm so bloated I don't know whether fart, burp or buy.
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    The good news is that you can always make a stencil and re-spray "ALIEN PIMP" back on there!
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    If it still does it after using a different port, also try a different USB cable, and make sure it is a 3.0 (SS) variety. It could also be a resources issue. If you're multi-tasking on the computer while listening, terminate all programs and browser tabs except for the browser tab you're watching/listening to YouTube on. If it clears up, you've a resources problem.
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    They would need the proper wall wart for the local electricity.
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    Certainly the asking price would be, but actual sale price would probably be in the shitter like most Hamers as of late. It's also not a very well known model. I would think the prospective buyers would be limited, even among Hamer fans. Even the ones who aren't BAMFs.
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    It basically a Newport Bass short scale. It was in the Hamer builders blog back in the 2000's Jack customer ordered it, if I remember correctly , he wanted a lighter bass then his normal B4S Blades bass he had been playing for years. It got Gold covered EMG pickusp. It got damaged as well, Jol had a blog on fixing it.
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    I happen to really like Carvins, but that is just plain ridiculous. It may be worth around $25K if it came with the Carvin case, but $30K is crazy Seriusly, nice DC127, but with no case, it`s worth a few Hundy, maybe, if it`s all Mahogany.
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    A few among many others that have graced me with their presence. The one on the right was my first Hamer
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    The side dot on the end of the neck is classic. Extraordinary work all around.
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    I have in the past made "cyber" speeches about real men not using pedals but rather amps made of granite with speakers made of barbed wire, I still stand by that and I can only conclude that those of us/you that use pedals perhaps also drink chilled white wine and "mix and match" their wardrobe with their preferred aftershave. Please from all those that rock, drink beer, dig chicks, and only play within the pentatonic box no more talk of diluting the signal etc etc...enough already.
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    As long as your DAW can render or output a WAV file, that should be all that is needed for your collaborator’s DAW to use. That said, AC turned me on to Reaper which we both use. Cheap and fairly intuitive and it is well-supported. Pro Tools is the industry standard and is priced like it. I’m sticking with Reaper.
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    My pleasure! Those are great guitars and I'm still playing P90s today. Ernie is right - these are fantastic amps. I do maintain that the Hellhound is one of the great amps of our time - they can cover just about anything, have a good record of reliability, and are reasonably priced. They can hold their own against other (and usually more expensive) amps and really sound good at practice levels. BTW, I'm keeping a 1995 Budda Twinmaster 2x10 combo as my lone amp - thus the reason for placing the Hellhound up for sale. I usually wonder what a seller might be keeping when they put up a "great" amp on the selling block, so I thought I'd share. For my taste, the screaming Twinmaster is my desert island amp. Anyway, I hope this one stays within the friendly confines of the HFC.
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    I've heard lots of covers of this tune, and never a bad one. Moments ago, I heard Roger Creager cover it. It's an indestructable classic.
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    Hey Pablo, Case is on its way!! See PM for details... Mike
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    All good Pablo... have a guitar box I can put it in and send to you either in Florida or Maine... shoot me a message and will figure this out the most cost effective way I can get it to you... the case ain't pretty, but is fully functional and should get the job done for you until you find a nicer one... Mike
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