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    Every year, when tax season ends, the ritual is to listen to UFO Strangers in the Night from beginning to end. This year was no different. Still my favorite live album of all time. Heck, one of the best albums of all time no matter what.
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    Here she is! 2001 GATA59, completely mint except for some oddly tarnished pickup height adjustment screws. No fading, scratches or tarnish on any other metal parts, but all four pickup screws are on the green side. This thing could almost pass for NOS (not for long, as I bought it to play, not treat like Mr. Frye's 250 GT California). All I can say is, "Wow!"
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    On the bright side, you have one more guitar.
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    They're tonally very similar. The pickups might be slightly different compared to the harmonic locations on the strings... I don't know on this guitar. But baritones in general are just long scale versions of the same thing so you can string them with slightly heavier strings and tune them comfortably lower. A friend has a baritone acoustic that I string with 14s and can comfortably tune down a third or fourth, where a normal scale guitar gets a little sloppy when you tune C to C and really sloppy tuned to B. On his I can slap a capo on 5 and it sounds a lot like my own acoustic with a capo on 2 (I tune to D), but without the capo it is just fatter and deeper. Generally, it just gives you the option for different chord shapes with a lower bottom. A baritone can even go down to A and work. They're interesting for solo singers who want some notes below their vocal range, or for two guitar bits where you might double with a different shape so you have a voice with more bass than the standard tuned guitar. Metalheads like them for drop B, drop A, and the like, too.
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    Travis, I gotta admit, Koa is certainly not a bad way to go! As for the enabling part, be warned: some places refer to various types of enabling as a "slippery slope". With the HFC its evolved to an art form and is now just a damn cliff.
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    DeVai has a Daytona he was considering parting with. It’s Ting’s old one. I spoke to him about it and then stumbled upon a stupidly good deal on a different guitar. Sell your Fender nonbender and get one with the same neck as your Mirage!!
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    I went through many Strats over the years, never quite finding one I could really bond with. When I found a (sorta Strat-like) PRS 513, it was exactly what I had been looking for. I tend to think of it as a "Strat with benefits".
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    Fasteddie giving it some.
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    Strangers In The Night is absolutely a great album. If you never heard it, it is worth your time to listen to the whole album.
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    Most if not all pedals run on DC power, so the local frequency wouldn't matter, as the AC gets rectified to DC. only thing to worry about is the voltage.
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    I am sure that I gave up on a pair of Mirages (first version) prematurely. Many years ago now. At the time, I was fighting the longer scale. Or at least I THOUGHT that was why I did not quite bond with them. But times change. SOME DAY I should try again. But for now, all I have to show on the koa front (well, koa TOP) is this guy..... The combination of the koa over the korina body, with ebony board and wrap tail, ticks off some of my favorite things. The "exotic" neck does not hurt too much either..... ETA.....A Koa "Special" by David Myka of Seattle. There are very few that do it as well, let alone better, than he does.
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    Every genre starts with innovation, then the copycats turn it into a parody of itself until implosion.
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    I remember NPR doing a story on a young guy in his 20's named Bireli Lagrene. 30 years later he is still amazing.
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    Poorly executed, but fun. Much like Motley Crue.
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    Selling my Hamer Scarab Bass. I assume it was built in the mid 80s. Unfortunately the S/N was either covered invisibly or sanded out when the bass was refinished by the previous owner. Relatively new EMG P-J pickups, mahogany body, most likely a maple neck (although I do recall Hamer built basses with mahogany neck), rosewood fretboard. The bass was registered under the CITES act in Germany. The neck is chunkier than most other Hamers I own but is not neck heavy. It has a couple dings the most visible near the neck pickup and the other one on the upper back wing. Comes with OHSC. The biggest "flaw" is the white area around the logo which originates from the refinishing. The painter could have done a much better job on this but it never bothered me too much. I am sure a good painter can correct this. Anybody who wants a good rock bass with upscale components and a sound that cuts through the mix has come to the right place. Maybe a good addition in a Def Leppard tribute band. The bass is located in germany. For potential buyers in germany: local pickup preferred due to the size of the case or handover somewhere that we agree upon. For international potential buyers: Buyer pays for shipping. I can look up rates. Asking price is 650 Euros but is negotiable.
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    I'd been trying to hunt down a good Hamer guitar or bass for a great price for a few years now,but hadn't had any luck. Well my luck changed today when I stumbled upon this today during my pawnshop rounds. The neck on this baby is really comfortable and easy to play, and the Active EMG's in this bass sound clear and punchy. I'm really glad I'm finally able to add a USA Hamer to my collection.
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    Not advertised as such, but you can tell from the fretboard and bridge placement: https://reverb.com/item/13670664-hamer-newport-pro
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    Eminence 6-1/2" Guitar Speaker 20W 4 Ohm I think that would be cool driven by a small SE amp.
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    Move to Alaska, and only play outdoor gigs in the winter. Problem solved.
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    That’s a beaut, enjoy it!
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    Mine has Seth Lovers in it. They’re the only SD pickups I’ve left in my Hamers. In the Artist and Newport the Seth’s sound great to my ears!!
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    Get that in a pedal and I’ll final get rid on my old analog Duncan!!
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    If I were you I would sell the Fender and try and recoup your money and maybe put up a WTB Daytona Ad here.
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    I never found a strat that was comfortable for me to play. Back in ‘97 I was *this* close to picking up an American standard. So close that I actually made “97strat” my password for email back then. Never did get that strat. I keep thinking I’ll pick one up eventually but it has yet to happen. I’ve been satisfied by my Hamers and Charvels up to this point.
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    When I discovered Deep Purple and Rainbow (in 1980/81, at that point I also wanted to make music, so this was some kind of turning point), I followed what else the musicians did. I always did that and still do. So, Ronnie James Dio made me listen to Black Sabbath, Cozy Powell led me to listen to Jeff Beck and Michael Schenker. I admit, at that time I haven't heard about Schenker. But I learned that he was a german who played twice with the Scorpions and with an english band called UFO, I haven't heard of them before. So I went out and bought an album of them, Strangers In the Night. Wow, what a fantastic album. It is still my favorite of their albums, a real classic.
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    MC were all executive producers of the film. The book was more-accurate, and more damning, of their behavior....more a confessional tell-all. The movie was NOT going to re-hash book material that paints the band, and their behavior too negatively. Some editors have probably gone on-record to remind them that in today's social climate much of what was printed in The Dirt isn't just horrendous, but illegal. Harvey-Weinstein-illegal.
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    Agreed about Side 3 - Quite possibly one of the most intense sides of vinyl ever recorded. And the solo in Rock Bottom can still make the hair on my arm stand up from time to time (the part after the drum break, specifically).
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    While I don't wish to defend bro country AT ALL, I will vouch for the musicianship of the lads in Parmalee. Scott and Matt played classic rock covers for years with their dad in Jerry Thomas and the Thomas Brothers Band back in the early '90s, and they were pretty damn good at it. They know their shit. I am happy to see them succeed, even if I don't care for their current choice of mashed-up genre.
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    I don't really know - the buyer purchased before we had a chance to chat.
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    For some reason I did not like that slash book either. Pete Way, is another one where I read his book and was pretty sure I wouldn’t want to trade places with that guy. I think the best parts of biographies are where they talk about Forming the band and creating the stuff that got them to break big. The crue movie went from some divey club to an arena in five minutes
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    Well, they were, lol. Which is why I liked them at the time and still do. Not because I wanted to be them exactly but because Appetite really broke down that whole L.A. scene in a way that wasn't hagiography or condemnation. I could just tell I was getting something that wasn't all the gussied up bullshit that Poison or even Motley Crue to a degree were peddling in 87/88 . GnR seemed almost Faustian in comparison. And until Eminem hit diamond, I don't think there was any 10 million seller that had lyrics like, "Your daddy works in porno now that mommy's not around. She used to love her heroin, but now she's underground." Plus, they were lyrics about real people. In fact, I don't know off the top of my head if Eminem ever got that dark. But then "My Michelle" is actually a positive song in its way. So yeah, they were scumbags, but at least on that album, if you read the lyrics, you couldn't come away without thinking that all of that hedonism, while sounding pretty damned fun, also carried a pretty hefty price that might leave a lot of permanent damage. At least at the time, that seemed quite a bit different from the celebration of excess that other rock bands were doing at the time. I've always like albums in this vein. I like N.W.A.'s album Straight Outta Compton and Amy Winehouse's Back to Black albums a lot for similar reasons. They just kinda lay it out there with no punches pulled.
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    Are they selling them for charity, or vanity? I'm sure there are some insane fans out there who will buy them.
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    I know that many describe EL34s has having a kind of "3D Swirl of sound", but that's about it. Otherwise, sounds like cork sniffing.. or sniffing something else.
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    I never have watched the show, so I can objectively say, "fugly."
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    I have long been a fan and follower of his music he is simply an amazing musician!
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    I'm kinda surprised that no one's mentioned the old-fashioned 'presence' control on some amps yet, since in most cases that's meant or supposed to increase sound factors that could be called '3-D'.
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    Love Koa. I've got a Pono Concert Ukulele in Koa I picked up in Maui many moons ago, and my Taylor K65ce that is simply a tone monster as well as beautiful...
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    Faber, Twangmaster, True 60, Chibson, Warmoth neck are all sold.
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    PM sent on the Faber wrapper.
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    Florida Georgia Line makes me want to kick puppies.
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    If anyone needed that final nudge into the realm of never doing an internet gear deal again, read the above. Some things in life should not require so much effort.
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    No. In Germany they run in 50Hz.
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    The price is refriggindiculous. I don't care if it was Kim Kardashian's and the G string was replaced with her G string. For sniffing - yes.
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    You need to lay them on their side, facing east (per Eric Johnson).
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    The doubleneck aslo does not have a reversed head stock. Can you send it to me please for $350? Gabe 😎
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    That was an awesome guitarist there, playing the heck out of his guitar! Bravo, @zenmindbeginner! 🙏🙇
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    Love that riff. Micka Mars, he's like the king of the sleaziest riffs. Underated and cool player.
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    That‘s very interesting. Quite a subject for Belgian. He’s got the most diverse Newport collection as far as I know.
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