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    My '78 Greco Destroyer ... came out of the same factory (Fujigen) as the Ibanez .... Great Guitar
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    Just notified by Fulltone. Octocoupler faulty, replaced and pedal fully tested and OK, part $9, labor $15. Considering it was bought used and not under warranty, and considering they turned it FAST, I'm quite pleased.
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    SOLD! : 2001 Korina Standard. 2 piece body with straight face grain and a really cool edge grain pattern. Plays nicely with very light fret wear in the cowboy chord area. Pickups are SD Alnico 2 Pro Slash set. Nice condition with a few dings and holes from a different set of tuners. Ding on the neck is behind the 11th fret. I replaced a few rusty pickup ring screws and put the originals in the case. Also, the neck PU mounting ring has been replaced with a Dimarzio neck PU ring. Includes OHSC. $1900 PP gift, shipped, CONUS
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    While I don't like loopers all that much as far as replacing a band for an actual show, there are some factors that make me not blame people for using them. You don't have to worry about finding a band for one. Not only does that cut down on herding multiple people and scheduling, it also makes the pittance you can make as a musician at least all go in one pocket. Additionally, with fewer and fewer places out there who will tolerate the volume needed for a proper band, it opens up more venues. Finally, we're all musicians and aren't the demo. Most people just want to hear the hits played well enough that they are easy to sing along to. The difference between a somewhat lifeless but decent version of "Don't Stop Believin'" that the crowd can sing along to is going to satisfy about as many people as a "ripping" (I put in quotes as I hate that damned song in general, but people do love it) version. All in all, I think acoustic looper acts are as much a product of market forces as anything else. I will also admit that it isn't as easy as a lot of people act like it is, particularly when you watch someone build a percussion loop and a bass line with nothing more than an acoustic, a couple of pedals, and a looper. For me personally, the whole fun of playing is doing it with other people, so I don't think I'd get much out of it. However, I don't think I could set up and make it work as well as some local performers I've seen do it.
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    Like anything it can used as a tool for Good or Evil. I love using a looper, but I find a law of diminishing returns with adding layers. Since most definitions of “groove” and “funkiness” rely on space, I feel there should be at least some to work with 😁
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    The Pirate Special has wandered to the big city for a bit after relaxing at casa de stonge. The Pirate Special dig get to hang with with Nightwolf's Daytona as shown below.
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    It was made of Sen, a Japanese wood similar to ash.
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    Eddie cut up a Destroyer. The OP's guitar is a Destroyer II, I believe.
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    Hello. I just bought this Destroyer. Obviously it `ll need some TLC but according to the seller, it`s structurally good and the neck and frets are in good shape. One pickup is replaced and some earlier owner has done some "customization" with a marker pen. I assume this is a 1984 DT380. I`ll do some touch ups and lightly restore it back to as original as possible without destroying the patina. It`ll be a fun project. (Sellers pic.)
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    While burning a little time before I had to head to the airport for my flight home, I came across this used Ibanez AS153 in a Sam Ash store for a very nice price. I have an AS180 that I have owned since the late nineties and it is a fantastically built guitar so I knew that the Art Star series of guitars are the cream of the crop. After the obligatory swap of the saddles to Graphtech saddles, a neck adjustment, intonation setting and addition of Straplock buttons, this guitar plays wonderfully. Compared to my AS180, it is a little brighter sounding due to the Maple but it has it's own unique sound. Overall, I am quite pleased with this score. Enjoy!
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    This might be a fun one to browse through. https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/rick-nielsens-cheap-licks-rick-nielsen/1131181133;jsessionid=B3659886E9D8960855B7E392BCD96070.prodny_store01-atgap03?ean=9781540038487&st=PLA&sid=BNB_ADL Core Good Books - Mobile Low&2sid=Google_m&sourceId=PLAGoNA#/
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    I know its a school boy joke, but when your surrounded by rock dudes drinking beer in a bar and someone asks you, "hey who made your amp?" and you reply, "my amp was made by a kock". "Oh sorry to hear that dude, we'll all chip in and buy you a proper one".... Sorry for being silly.
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    The only time I’ve seen him live was with The The, touring behind the “Mind Bomb” album. He played some cool stuff, but it wasn’t exactly a guitar-centric show. I’ve thought each of his recent solo albums has been better than the last. Can’t wait to see him, even if I end up eating the spare ticket.
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    Badass & at a killer price as well~
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    I haven`t seen them since Marty was with them. I saw them form the 80`s to the early 90`s. Dave plays really well.
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    Wow! People are asking crazy money for the black Phil Collen Destroyers on eBay. Over $2000 for the low end one like I had! I paid (no joke) $350 for mine with the original case. I think I got about the same when I sold it. The high end models are priced at $3000-7,000. I know asking ain't getting, but that's crazy.
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    I use a Ditto X2 looper when I do solo shows. Allows me to solo in the breaks. My joke with the crowd is "This allows me to play with myself in public and not get arrested." Tried using it with the band, but our drummer can't........ well you know. Loopers are an awesome tool for practicing by oneself.
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    You can't do "conventional" music in a compelling way without the "startup lag" or using pre-saved loops, so covers are a non-starter for people who can't deal with the lag. I think if you can sing while you're making the layers (and God has blessed you if you can) then I think there's an "out". The closest I've seen is probably Eloise Trow who gets to singing at 0:45 or so: But I think there are a lot of neat, meditative styles that really only happen because of loopers. Think Frippertronics, and other kinds of of deeply repeating, layered compositions. Another standout who make it all work for him in the modern era is Andre LaFosse: ... who describes his work as being a "turntablist" with his own live music.
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    I was impressed with her control over the looper, but it took right at 2 minutes before she actually started singing. Not for me. I wouldn't want to do that, and I wouldn't want to see a musician doing that in front of me, but nobody asked my ancient ass. And get off my lawn!
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    I've only seen him wit The Cribs but will go to the Saturday show in Atlanta. I'm psyched.
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    Loved it! It sounds like it’s Dave, though it does have a certain Marty-inspired flavour to it. But it’s definitively Dave. BTW, I’ve always found very interesting the contrast between their soloing styles. Marty has this melodic, sinuous phrasing, with exotic elements, beautiful vibrato and semitone bends, plus a quite singing quality to his tone; while Dave’s all about aggression and stridency, plus using more conventional licks, all rooted on classic rock and blues. Together they could cover a lot of ground. Actually, I think one of the best examples of contrasting solos in one song is the following: Jump to 3:21 to listen to them. Dave starts with his very aggressive bends and double-stops. His tone is almost harsh; his phrasing is primitive and visceral. Then Marty takes on, using unconventional melodies and fancy descending arpeggios, creating a lot of melodic mouvement. To me, those two solos together are one of the best pages in metal lead guitar ever written. Simply masterful! 🙏🙇
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    English names: Doohickey Thingamabob Gizmo Whatchamacallit Thingamajig Whatsis
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    All the links in that list go to current listings, silly.
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    What would those prices be adjusted for inflation?
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    Dueling Destroyer II's 🤘 The sands of time for me are running low~~~~~~ YEAH!
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    Pedophilia is a distinct possibility.
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    "Lawsuit-era guitar" is thrown around pretty generously, but I think it only ever involved the Les Paul headstock shape.
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    Congrats!.. great guitars~ & that's a really cool graphic
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    Buy used, the resale on partscasters is terrible.
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    Clearly Fender is trying to take advantage of the popularity of GOT. Thorn needs to find something to make his mark with Fender and apparently this piqued his interest. For me the guitars are MEH! But my Thorn Grantura is as good as any guitar I have ever played! ArnieZ
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    It took what, a week? There's no way any real guitar tech would do such a rush job. Not to mention, all that was done was a gluing. He's a scourge to the used guitar market.
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    Place your bets on whether he did the repair himself. http://www.heritageownersclub.com/forums/topic/33899-1999-hamer-usa-phantom-a5/ I can't believe someone actually bought it.
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    They are works of art by Ron Thorn. My one regret was not ordering a Thorn.
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    That'll look nice next to my 'Who Shot JR?.' Les Paul.
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    I wonder if he still does those informative gear reviews...
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    Rot crotch here for the unsuspecting consumer.
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    Yeah, the king of "stories".
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    That is true. Repaired guitars can be great players, and if someone wants the guitar for utility or its electronic features a repaired guitar can be a good option. The problem, as Studio Custom says, is that you have to pay for the repair work. If you can do it yourself you might come out OK. If you pay someone else, that guitar better be a keeper. Two of my Hamers got repaired and refinished. Neither will sell for what I have in them. One of my Specials has a headstock repair. It was bought cheap and left just as I bought it. For something to jam with it has been the best bang for the buck out of all of my Hamers.
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    It can be repaired, but it will be worth less than the current asking price when completed, and you still have to pay for said repair. You also then have to deal with it having been repaired if trying to resell later which reduces the pool of buyers by 80%.
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    I've done mods like swapping out to a softer Bigbsy spring, switching the "butterknife" trem arm (which didn't feel too comfortable) to a Duane Eddy arm (which feels very comfortable and substantive), switching the regular TonePros TOM with one with roller saddles (because even though the Bigsby stayed perfectly in tune, I could hear the little clinks when the wound strings moved over the bridge). And then I cosmetically changed things because the black knobs weren't very easy to grab. Knurled knobs didn't seem right, and while I wanted something the size/shape of speed knobs, I like how the chrome ones look on a Gretsch, so I found some chrome knobs like that. And then I thought, hey, the Gretsch has the little chrome toggle that matches those chrome speed knobs, so let's see how that looks. I pretty much did stuff that would make Newport purists hate me (all of it reversible, as I saved all of the original parts in the guitar case). All of that said, I would NEVER take a Sharpie to the headstock or any other part of the guitar. It wouldn't be easily reversible and I doubt I could even do it well enough to make it look stock from any distance. Besides, I'm not interested in what people in an audience thinks. I just want to enjoy looking at it myself.
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    Compared to the Studio the Newport feels much bigger. Having had an Elite, Supro, Studio and Newport the size increase feels about the same. So if you like a longer scale the Supro is a fine choice. I even had a Spruce Top Superpro, one of only two guitars I regret letting go of.
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    With them installed--never had a problem until now. When I removed the back plate off the amp, one of the power tubes was almost completely out of its socket, and the plastic "key" was broken off.
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    Next thing you know, you'll be selling $30K Carvins.
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