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    2000 Newport pro. Spruce top, Seth Lovers ... shipped from Denmark and arrived in Santa Barbara IN TUNE
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    What happened was I bought a blingier Newport and really liked it but the victory inlays etc. arent exactly my cup of tea. I hung it up on my wall and stood there looking at it, I honestly said out loud "I love this guitar, too bad its not black with dots.". The very next day I saw this one on Reverb. Black with dots. I didnt know they even made Newports in black. So I had to have it, that being a sign n all. Fortunately I'm not married so I can get away with this shit.
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    https://reverb.com/item/23177783-hamer-t-62-1992-white Expensive, yes 😗, but I have been looking for one of these in this color and in condition since.... forever! Less than 7 lbs, excellent frets... this makes it my first Hamer in more than ten years, and the second T-62 in my position. Life IS good!
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    Gorch - there are SO MANY Brian May solos that are flat out perfect. Technically flawless, musically brilliant, and highly emotive. His playing is the guitar version of Freddie’s voice.
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    There are so many that check this box...but I’ll start with an obvious one: Page’s Tele solo on Stairway. Perfectly crafted, melodic, builds in intensity, and brings the flash on the last lick for good measure.
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    I had to go out of town for work and ran across this on the local CL. It plays wicked, I just love it. It smells like smoke still, although not as bad as when I got it. I may swap out the chrome for black, I’m pretty lazy though. Sorry i I put this in the wrong area, I’m not sure how to move it
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    I Love my Peavey Classic 100...!
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    Well you're all wrong. 'Cause I played a solo this morning in my jim jams, while my kids were having breakfast that was a combo of Page Jimi Eric Eddie Vai and Yngwie all rolled into one, with a bit of extra flash thrown in for good measure, you should have heard it. It was the biz. Stairway to where?...
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    FFS, most pawn shops are shrewd as f*ck about every dime that passes through their tight fists. It's not like he's haggling with a group of broke-ass, struggling mf's in a damn Good Will or DAV thrift shop. FYI - pawn shops RARELY lose money. Those "customers" who go into pawn shops know full well there's a financial booty-raping coming and the pawn shop glady puts the wood to them and either lowballs them or makes the desperate fools pay. So negotiating anything the pawn shops agree to do is absolutely in-bounds and fair game.
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    Polara. THIS IS EXTREMELY COOL. I have number 9 0950, two numbers from yours. And it looks just the same!! It is also in a very fine condition. I bought it on ebay around 2003 from someone in the San Fransisco vincinity.
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    Budda Superdrive Series 1 Handwired Handwired Pre and Power Sections, 30 Watts El84's, Serial #0023. Near Mint condition, comes with the foot switch, cord, power cable, manual, candy. This is pretty much, damn near a time capsule piece. The Handwired original Budda Amps sound very much like a vintage amp, they each have their own character and not only sound great, but feel great. SOLD Shipping and PayPal Included to the lower 48. Outside of that, we can talk if your interested. Difference in the Series 2 and the original: Series II are boarded pre's with HW Power sections. Tonal Difference, is the series one is more vintage sounded, laid back, not as ready to rip your head off. Very much a vintage amp that can gain up, but still feel vintage. I compare the difference to playing a Late 70's JMP to a JCM800, the JMPs were a little more spongy, single notes are more round and the tone is warm. The 800's are more tight, snappy almost with a firm body. You can live with both and they both sound great in there own way. Master volume works great, you can also assign a cabinet to each channel, and its foot switchable.
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    Wow, love the neck on that. Congrats.
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    ooooooooooh, thats painfully cool !!!
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    Great guitars T62’s. So versatile and beautifully made with top notch materials and appointments. They’re super light too!
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    beautifull guitar and perfect color love it!
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    Very cool. And in tune, you do win!
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    I know what you mean about Defenders. Very different tone from Vengeance. It's like they tried to put together the Vengeance and Point of Entry tones. Maybe they didn't use mics as close up on the speakers? When I first got it, the first 4 songs on the album just really killed it. To me, from Unleashed in the East through Defenders they were really killing it with their tone, even thought they were different on each album.
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    I know this is stupid to ask but anyone know someone selling a B8s? Who has my old mint green?
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    Perhaps a bit overly analytical but isn't the "perfect" solo something wholly subjective? And I'd agree with crunchee that it's contingent, to a large degree, on the song it is crafted in/around. For my money, despite my love of flamboyant and reckless 80's shred and overuse of whammy bar, the perfect solo always seems to come back to Hendrix, Hey Joe stands out, along with Little Wing and the outro solo in Axis Bold As Love.
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    Tha is beautiful! You win indeed!
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    Last year I picked up this Mesa Boogie Roadster Dual Recitifier 2x12 Combo for $400. On the use market, these are about $1700 or so. Most likely the guy took $200 for it.
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    That Peavey half-stack looks cool too!
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    If you had a chorus I would buy it. It’s the next thing I need for my pedalboard. BUY FROM BUBS. This is my endorsement. And I’ve been called an “icon” on this forum. Once, but that’s enough...
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    I heard he has 5 Newports
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    On a Friday before Christmas, I found a Mesa/Boogie DC-10 in like-new condition for $299. I tested it out and everything worked. I bought it on the spot and took it over to my local vintage shop, who looked it up in the Blue Book. It was worth about a grand, and I thought, "If the pawn shop tagged it at $299, then the schmuck who dropped it off must have taken $150 max for it. He might have been able to get double to triple ($300-500) if he'd gone to the vintage shop instead.
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    Yes, you win!
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    A black Newport!
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    Sweet. Surprisingly has the bar. 2 piece body. That's a steal even if it needs a bit of fret work.
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    Here is my MIJ 50th Anniversary Telecaster that I no longer have but I loved how it played and how it looked..! I still have a Reissue Tele but I liked the other a lot more..
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    I had a bit of a think earlier on today and then though some more and came up with the same thing. I think the guitar breaks in Save me by Queen are pretty amazing for a solo in a song a single song...acoustic picking, harmonised guitar sounding like classical harpsichord lines, <bit of Freddie to set up> big screaming rock with a bit of major thrown in to the mainly minor line are bloody magic. Listen to it all obviously, but it kicks off around 2:30 in to the song.
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    By the way while we're chatting about Gary Moore, if any are old enough to remember when he played a strat, check out the solo from "Always gonna love you" from Corridors of Power and tell me that is not THE most powerful sounding, screaming, singing strat you're ever heard. Really, really good stuff.
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    Yikes! I'm just hoping that it survived that video shoot...
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    My buddy Bob saw them in Orlando and said they were really good. Well worth the jack.
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    Never been a fan of the group. My first thought when I saw the subjcet line was "Gee dude. Sorry to hear that. Hope things get better for you" Glad you enjoyed the show. 😋
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    I saw them many years ago, also saw Deep Purple with David Coverdale.. They played here in Columbus about 10 years ago and I went and seen them just because I liked them in the past and didn't expect them to be as good. But they were absolutely Awesome..! THey were Great..!! THey are playing next month close to me but not sure if I can make it to see them this time. I am going to try though..
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    Probably start it short before dementia, so I forget about it soon after.
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    Actually, I have never seen a Kahler‘ed MIK Hamer.
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    I hear you. If you're going to that trouble, why not a Bigsby?
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    From the same rookery that spawned attachment of a dive-bomb tremolo over P-90s?
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    They come around because there are some people who still swear that the Kahler is the ultimate tremolo system for some reason. I had one. I hated it. It's also got more moving parts than my motorcycle.
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    That does look cool! Looks like there's more of an arc on the inside of the lower bout than in the SC design #1.
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    Look at it like this..,dude is a fucking hero.....scored a USA Tele for less than 100 bucks...and has the Elephant balls to negotiate a future case. Badassery in action.
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    Right. Because that was in doubt prior to that realization.
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    Thinking about how much I canNOT do on guitar......And now I am branching off into bass and (most likely) scaring little kids with my voice(??!!). What's up with that? But at this age, why bother worrying about what anyone else thinks.......
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    A PRS (albeit an SE) with a Kahler. https://reverb.com/item/17931971-paul-reed-smith-se-soapbar-singlecut-vintage-cherry How do these ideas get hatched?
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    A 1982 Hamer Special that I had with a Kahler.. Also another member here owned it too...!
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