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    Ok.. so in the Newport thread someone asked for clips. I put some big Rumpel singles in my Newport and I like them. A lot. So where does Bub’s new Celestion fit in? Well, he sent it to me to try out cause like him I am a speaker guy. The clip link below takes you to Dropbox. I recorded some random classic rock stuff and just noodled around trying to show what each pickup position sounds like clean and dirty while also showing you all what this awesome new Celestion sounds like. The old two birds with one stone thing. For anyone who cares I plugged into my Mesa TA15 Vox mode for the cleans and the Marshall Hi1 side for the dirty tones. I went straight in except for a Lovepedal Reverb SE3 to add some ambience. On the recording end of things I close mic’d the closed-back cab with an Audix i5 and I put my new Stam SA67 (U67 clone!) about 2 feet back to catch some room air. Both mics into a Stam 1073 Neve preamp clone and the Audix hit an 1176 compressor set very mild. Then into my Roland Octa-capture interface into my DAW. The speaker is exactly as Bubs described it...some kind of a crosss between a Greenback and a G12h30. Much tighter and punchier than my Greenbacks, but not in a bad way. It’s not overly punchy like a Tone Tubby 40/40. The speaker has stronger mids than a g12h30, good highs and lows that are just right. This speaker will sit in a mix just right. I do like it, but it will not replace my Greenbacks for THAT sound. ‘It sounds like classic Celestion goodness. If you don’t like how GBs can get mushy or too saggy, but you want that core sound, then this is your speaker. The speaker is very well made with a big magnet. ‘Great Rock And Roll speaker. When it is fully broken it it will sound awesome! Strangely enough, my JMP didn’t like it....it sounded like it needed more break in in that amp. In the Mesa it just killed. I really like how jangly and chimey it sounded clean on the Vox side of my Mesa. A Greenback will not do that. This is a very interesting speaker. Enjoy the clip..,I just plugged and played trying to show the Newport tones and the speaker tones. https://www.dropbox.com/s/t8ic19lly1llgjg/Celestion G12-35XH test-001.mp3?dl=0
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    When something like this pops up for $900, need doesn't enter into the equation.
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    https://reverb.com/item/23177783-hamer-t-62-1992-white Expensive, yes 😗, but I have been looking for one of these in this color and in condition since.... forever! Less than 7 lbs, excellent frets... this makes it my first Hamer in more than ten years, and the second T-62 in my position. Life IS good!
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    No other like this. The only Duco Frost Hamer ever produced. Jol said it took two tries to get it to work. Somewhere there is a blog post of him making the concoction and spraying. Same process applied to The Crow. The guitar is amazing and is in amazing condition. Greg V must have taken exceptional care. I can't see any fret wear. No dings, nicks or scratches. The case is like new. Big neck. I don't know how to measure it. Weighs only 7.45 pounds. It plays like a dream. Time to let it go. This should have been in The Book. Look at the PhotoBucket photo album. Each photo can be seen on its own. Some of the finish is worn down to what maybe was a base coat. The back of the neck looks like molten gold. See the photos. Personally I think it looks better with the wear. It comes with the original Double Ds and the four-way switch. I don't know what brand of humbuckers are in there now. You can hear both the Double Ds and the HBs in the product demos below. $4500 shipped, double boxed and insured. Price will be adjusted downward if you pay with a US post office money order or bank check (not a personal check). Will ship only to US lower 48 buyer. No trades. Photo album https://s384.photobucket.com/user/Pieman_101/Greg%20V%20Talladega/story Blog http://www.buddlejagarden.co.uk/hamerblog/bldec07.htm Product demos HFC post
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    Elliot Easton on numerous Cars songs. His solo's fit just right, aren't too short but also aren't so long they wear out there welcome and they all seem to stand the test of time. A few others that do it for me: Van Halen - Push Comes to Shove MSG - Attack of The Mad Axeman MSG - On and On Alcatrazz - Sky Fire Alcatrazz - Wire and Wood PIL - Ease Europe - The Final Countdown
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    I have 25 Hamer Steve Stevens (21 SS I, 4 SS II) and four DuoTone Customs.
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    I'll paraphrase what I put in another thread: When did need become a factor in buying gear?
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    Most Newports have the chambering you see in the pic cmatthes posted earlier in the thread. The Newport 90 and triple-Filtertron Newports have a solid mahogany block running all the way down the middle. Maybe some other one-off Newports, too.
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    Don’t need them all, but if I had seen this one....
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    The 5e3 is such a fun circuit. The 2 channels are highly interactive and this makes the amp very versatile. You can get sparkly BF Fender cleans by cranking the Mic channel all the way and plugging into the Instrument channel. Somewhere around 10 on the dial, the mids scoop out and so does the gain. It is such a pretty clean. It jumpers great and changing the 12ay7 in v1 to a 5751 or a 12ax7 radically changes the preamp. You can get a classic blues tone, Hotel California/Life In The Fast Lane all the way to Neil Young’s amp about to explode tone. A 5e3 does get loud pretty damn quick though. What speaker are you using? A Weber 12a125a is AWESOME in that circuit and has almost come to be seen as the standard.
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    "Like a Hurricane" has a nice "raw" lead to it too.
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    We’re doing it again: the 35th Anniversary reunion show by my old ‘80s college frat-parties-and-bars band. We’ll be playing Saturday, June 8th at the Crooked Eye Brewery in Hatboro, PA at the senior-citizen-friendly hours 4:00 - 6:30, after which the Crooked Eye House Band will take over. The material is girl-fronted new-wavey rock from the late ‘70s and early ‘80s. A heavy dose of The Pretenders suggests that the red Hamer Sunburst will be played. This will be the 5th time we’ve done this since 2009 and experience has shown that a good time is guaranteed. The members come from as far away as Dallas and San Francisco so it’s always a fun get-together with old friends we seldom see. Our audience has increased every time we play; what started as a college 25th class reunion has expanded to include family, neighbors, coworkers, even a growing contingent of old friends from my high school. And YES, we actually rehearse the day before the show. So, if any of you in Philly can make it, come on out and introduce yourself to the fat, middle-aged guitar player. And if any of you Philly natives have “family business” to attend to back home, that would be the weekend to do it.
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    SOLD! : 2001 Korina Standard. 2 piece body with straight face grain and a really cool edge grain pattern. Plays nicely with very light fret wear in the cowboy chord area. Pickups are SD Alnico 2 Pro Slash set. Nice condition with a few dings and holes from a different set of tuners. Ding on the neck is behind the 11th fret. I replaced a few rusty pickup ring screws and put the originals in the case. Also, the neck PU mounting ring has been replaced with a Dimarzio neck PU ring. Includes OHSC. $1900 PP gift, shipped, CONUS
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    Hey all, I refreshed my ad for my 4 digit. No repairs, no breaks, all original. $6000.00 plus shipping and paypal. https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/msg/d/cupertino-hamer-4-digit-standard-1982/6870426650.html
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    Good to know... Not my thing then. Thanks, and enjoy the new toy!
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    Typical is right. Comfortably Numb has become cliche it's so freaking perfect, but Gilmour offers many to choose from.. For me, he is the perfect soloist.
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    The Push comes to shove solo is a VERY serious contender for best pinched harmonic.
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    Stonge, I'm very appreciative for the replacement arms. They work great. You really went above and beyond in helping me with this. Thank you!
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    Now, one. I used to have many, but my collection has migrated from a great Hamer collection to a Steve Stevens inspired one. Now that I think about it, there was a time when I had five Virtuosos at the same moment.
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    Don´t worry! Welcome to the club :-)
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    Anyone fancy Freebird?
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    Guilty as charged on both counts. I have multiple Strats and Teles but most have different pickups or configurations but I do have 2 Strats that are, essentially identical and intentionally so. That way, if I break a string in the middle of a set, I can switch guitars and still sound the same. Amp wise, I have 3 amps that also have near duplicates. I definitely don't need them but they were good deals at the time. Bottom line is that once you have GAS, logic goes out the window. If you can afford to support the addiction, there is no harm.
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    If you're referring to the 18-watt Marshall clones, there's several demos on YooToob, plus some demos here on a Premier Guitar review of the Mojotone and Tube Depot kits: https://www.premierguitar.com/articles/20990-the-mean-18-british-style-18-watt-amp-kits-from-mojotone-and-tube-depot I bought a Mojotone 18 watt kit head that HFC member Fractal built a few years back, my handwired 18-watt VHT Standard TMB heads are very good in comparison, but the assembled Mojotone kit head is my 'gold-standard' amp, no pun intended. If I had to sell one or the other, I'd keep the Mojotone kit head and sell the VHT heads. Plus, the Mojotone clone has a GREAT sounding footswitchable tremolo channel! There's several 5E3 clone demos on YooToob as well. I used to own a Kendrick Tweed Deluxe clone amp several years ago, the problem that I found with that one, is that I couldn't help myself from turning it up to Neil Young saturation levels! Like Jakeboy says above, the channels/volume controls are interactive, and that's part of the magic of the 5E3 Tweed Deluxe circuit.
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    The cables you list will not work. As Scott pointed out host means host computer so to do this without a computer involved you need a "to host" adapter which essentially mimics a computer and turns the USB data into MIDI data on a classic MIDI 5-pin DIN connector. Four your setup the connection would look like this: Arius USB ---(USB Cable)--> TO HOST USB : TO HOST MIDI ---(MIDI Cable) --> ---(Reface MIDI breakout Cable) ---> Yamaha Reface YC Here are some to host adapters: MIDIPLUS USB MIDI HOST MODULE Since USB host adapters aren't especially cheap another option is to get a dedicated MIDI keyboard that has a standard MIDI output.
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    I had to go out of town for work and ran across this on the local CL. It plays wicked, I just love it. It smells like smoke still, although not as bad as when I got it. I may swap out the chrome for black, I’m pretty lazy though. Sorry i I put this in the wrong area, I’m not sure how to move it
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    Let's see... two humbuckers and a tun-o-matic on a set neck mahogany or korina guitar... Yup. Plenty of duplicates, even with P-90s. Specials in more than one color... Yup. Did that, too.
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    Is it the exact same thing if the only difference is color?
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    All nice guitars! That is the first PRS that looks good to me. GLWTS.
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    Hi Willie G. Moseley, I just listened to the first 1 min 44 seconds, it's all 4/4 time throughout. The third note on the hi-hat is the 1 of the bar. The horn section plays on the " and two " and the " and four" as in : 1+2 3+4 I hope this helps. Regards, Tobias
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    Ting, go light one up and listen to Blak N Blu. What a great album, I hope Gary keeps evolving and resists the chains of the Blues Purist. That last video was killer, thanks for posting. http://www.wtfpod.com/podcast/episode-998-gary-clark-jr
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    Black Newports rawk...
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    Here's another pic from Reverb ... one of these days I might take better pics but Im not that concerned about it The rosewood fretboard is of a medium darkness which normally I might have an issue with, but it is nicely figured and contrasts with the black of the body. I got the impression that whoever built this guitar put some thought into it.
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    Hey Greg, nice to see you back here on the HFC! Gabe 😀
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    I know we all like Hamers here, but I think the more important question is why is Greg watching Shalimar videos??????????
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    Cinnamon Girl is pretty great. I'm still practicing and hopefully one day I'll get it right. 😎
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    Shredfest! Whitesnake in concert is as much about the pop metal hits as it is the shredding! The opening act was unknown to me and my friends. A three piece band from Arizona called The Black Moods opened the show. They us a simple Strat/P-Bass/drums set up with a few pedals to enhance some parts. They did not step out of the 70's, but they keep close to the basics. The guitar player has a more jam style of playing than a controlled, perfect approach. I liked them and bought a CD from them after the show which they signed. The Black Moods setlist The last time I saw Whitesnake was in 1988 when the lineup was David Coverdale, Tommy Aldridge, Adrian Vandenberg, Steve Vai, Don Airey, and Rudy Sarzo. This tour has Coverdale, Aldridge, Reb Beach, Joel Hoekstra, Michael Devin on bass, and Michele Luppi on keyboards. David Coverdale is the reason Whitesnake exists. He made excellent choices for band members to back him up, and cover for him. Coverdale's voice has changed over time as with many singers. Concert videos over the past decade show him letting the audience sing some of the lyrics which is what he was doing at times. Michele Luppi has been a vocal teacher/coach at the Musicians Institute. He doubled the vocals on many choruses and verse parts. Those high notes came from somewhere. Everyone but Tommy Aldridge sang back up at some point. At one point Coverdale referred to Reb Beach as the band director or leader. Coverdale must have told Beach to make the show a guitar player showcase because both guitar players had plenty of opportunities to show off. The guitar solo section of the show had both guys trading off while Tommy Aldridge played when the guitar players switched in and out of the spotlight. Beach and Hoekstra have two different approaches to shred. Beach does a lot of tapping, but also makes the most of his whammy bar. Hoekstra has a fixed bridge, and his tapped parts are played very differently from what Beach does. You see distinctions in each guitar player's style. Joel Hoekstra played Les Pauls with custom paint jobs: white with black graphics, black with gold graphics, and a purple sparkle with a gold WS logo. Reb Beach played Suhr superstrats. Michael Devin played a black Rickenbacker 4001/4003. Tommy Aldridge looks like he has for nearly 50 years, at least from where I was. He has all his hair. He is still skinny. He still does the drum solo with his hands, too. The only complaint was the one we had before the show. The setlist could be longer. Whitesnake's part of the show started at 9:00 PM and was over at 10:20 PM. Somehow, no one was complaining about the short setlist after the show. We were rock and rolled quite well. Whitesnake setlist
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    What happened was I bought a blingier Newport and really liked it but the victory inlays etc. arent exactly my cup of tea. I hung it up on my wall and stood there looking at it, I honestly said out loud "I love this guitar, too bad its not black with dots.". The very next day I saw this one on Reverb. Black with dots. I didnt know they even made Newports in black. So I had to have it, that being a sign n all. Fortunately I'm not married so I can get away with this shit.
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    Well, I thought I had a buyer for my Tally, but they couldn't. She's great but doesn't get a lot of play time.... $2500.00 Plus Ship and paypal https://sfbay.craigslist.org/sby/msg/d/cupertino-hamer-usa-talladega/6870426860.html
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    Yikes! I'm just hoping that it survived that video shoot...
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    Clean enough to eat off... great shape apart from a ding in the headstock. Neck isn't small. Case is different from later Hamers: different shape and handle. And the cutaway on the bass side is in a straight line to the one on the treble side (though the horn is still longer). Interesting to see how the guitars evolved, as this is the oldest Hamer I've ever touched. Can't wait to plug it in!
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    Just a quick point about your Ibanez...those were made from Sen, a Japanese variant of Ash, not Korina. They were stained with an antique yellow to give the appearance of Korina, and those are ass-kicking guitars, but definitely not Korina.
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    That’s exactly what it is.
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    Thanks for sharing the graph however, To me it's more of the Headroom & not so much the decibels
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    My favorite guitar. This one has a maple top. I also have another Newport that is natural spruce. http://
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    If u like sleazy old school, vintage 47 are great, fender Princeton if you need more versatility. Allen and Celtic amps on the Princeton front.
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