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    https://reverb.com/item/23177783-hamer-t-62-1992-white Expensive, yes 😗, but I have been looking for one of these in this color and in condition since.... forever! Less than 7 lbs, excellent frets... this makes it my first Hamer in more than ten years, and the second T-62 in my position. Life IS good!
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    I thought the ultra lite bridges and stop bars had the killer tone? Are we going back to eggs are good for us again?
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    Even the picture of that is heavy.
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    Nice Hamers are sometimes as rare as the person who has the money to spend at a given moment. Sometimes a model will pop up at a high price and five other people jump in trying to get a similar price-- and they do! Then all the people looking for a particular model stop spending and prices fall. Hold out for your price. The buying seasons change for everyone.
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    I've seen him three times live - he's REALLY a great performer. That being said, I've only purchased one of his CDs (yeah, I'm old and still buy CDs). Definitely somebody I'd go to see again anytime he's playing nearby me, but not really what I listen to regularly. He's insanely talented though.
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    1. Do any of you own more than one of the exact same thing (guitars/ amps/etc)? 2. Have any of you bought something you really didn't need, but the price was too good to pass up? The reason I'm asking--I got my Orange Custom Shop 50 amplifier for a good price, and i'm buying another one for an even better price, though I don't really need it. Am I nuts?
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    Guys, I watched this on Amazon Prime last night: https://www.amazon.com/Blood-Frets-Tears-George-Lynch/dp/B07NMXT5TB It’s about the evolution of the “Guitar Hero” role along the years. I was happy to see they consider Charlie Christian —> Chuck Berry —> Jimi Hendrix —> Van Halen —> Yngwie Malmsteen as key milestones in the evolution of the role. Some other greats are mentioned too, such as Clapton, Jeff Beck, Blackmore, Page, Randy Rhoads, Uli Jon Roth, etc. Towards the end they identify Slash and Kurt Cobain as key milestones as well, which is a point of view I don’t necessarily share, but it’s OK anyway. BTW, many known heroes are interviewed and some live footage of them is presented —Jennifer Batten, George Lynch, Paul Gilbert, Michael Angelo Batio, Carlos Cavazo... It was an enjoyable documentary to watch, so I guess you guys might like it too. 😉
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    Don't do it! Don't marry, don't sell your guitars. Nyet. Non. Nein. Nadda. You get my drift? Okay, do what you want, I don't want your wife mad at me. Oh, and GLWTS!!!
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    I remember that one. I wavered just a bit too long...then you got it. Good move.
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    I have 25 Hamer Steve Stevens (21 SS I, 4 SS II) and four DuoTone Customs.
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    $3600 plus $100 for double boxed shipping and insurance (US lower 48). PayPal gift or you pay the fees. Comes with the original DD pick ups and four way switch which could be parted out. Hopefully the PhotoBucket library still works. So many looked at this people, PhotoBucket wanted me to pay a fee. * * * * * * * * * * * * * No other like this. The only Duco Frost Hamer ever produced. Jol said it took two tries to get it to work. Somewhere there is a blog post of him making the concoction and spraying. Same process applied to The Crow. The guitar is amazing and is in amazing condition. Greg V must have taken exceptional care. I can't see any fret wear. No dings, nicks or scratches. The case is like new. Big neck. I don't know how to measure it. Weighs only 7.45 pounds. It plays like a dream. Time to let it go. This should have been in The Book. Look at the PhotoBucket photo album. Each photo can be seen on its own. Some of the finish is worn down to what maybe was a base coat. The back of the neck looks like molten gold. See the photos. Personally I think it looks better with the wear. Also comes with the original Double Ds and the four-way switch. I don't know what brand of humbuckers are installed now. You can hear both the Double Ds and the HBs in the product demos below. $4500 shipped, double boxed and insured. Price will be adjusted downward if you pay with a US post office money order or bank check (not a personal check). Will ship only to US lower 48 buyer. No trades. Photo album https://s384.photobucket.com/user/Pieman_101/Greg%20V%20Talladega/story Blog http://www.buddlejagarden.co.uk/hamerblog/bldec07.htm Product demos HFC post
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    SOLD! : 2001 Korina Standard. 2 piece body with straight face grain and a really cool edge grain pattern. Plays nicely with very light fret wear in the cowboy chord area. Pickups are SD Alnico 2 Pro Slash set. Nice condition with a few dings and holes from a different set of tuners. Ding on the neck is behind the 11th fret. I replaced a few rusty pickup ring screws and put the originals in the case. Also, the neck PU mounting ring has been replaced with a Dimarzio neck PU ring. Includes OHSC. $1900 PP gift, shipped, CONUS
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    I have too many guitars. There, I said it. I'd rather have some money for other things, mostly musical, but I am getting married in a couple of weeks, and a little extra cash never hurts, so I'm selling some guitars. I'm not planning to ship the rosewood-boarded guitars out of the country; USA only on those, please. More pictures are available for all per request. I'm wanting to raise cash, so no trades. I accept Paypal. These are all used guitars, sold as-is (which is in good working order) and I'm just a guy with too many guitars, not a store, so I don't have a return policy in case your hand doesn't quite fit the neck or frets or whatever - sell it on yourself. Oh, and the acoustic voices can all be described as FABULOUS. First up, a 1996 Hamer Special FM. This one is in the most-played condition of the three, but only sports some minor finish dings and swirls, nothing down to the wood. The gold finish has started to be worn off of the tailpiece by previous owner(s), and it looks like someone wrapped the strings over the top of it at some point. Comes with the Hamer hardshell case that it came to me in, probably original but I wasn't there so I can't say. Case is more worn than the guitar, and is missing a latch but still does a fine job of keeping the guitar corralled. I have another FM that came to me more dinged up with non-original pickups that I have since changed yet again, and I'm keeping that one. This one looks to be original; at least, I haven't changed anything. Bought off of eBay out of Kentucky, if memory serves. $1100 plus shipping. Second, a 2011 PRS Custom 24 with the 10 top, Black Gold finish I think. I bought this new before I had found the HFC, after I had started to play again after a 30-year hiatus and was feeling too big for my britches. 2011 was when they changed to a blade switch from the rotary pickup selector. And shadow birds! As it turns out, it's not really my cup of tea. I'm more of a fixed bridge kind of guy, although I'm keeping some other wobblers (I said I had too many guitars, and selling 3 is not going to change that, although it's a start). It still has the strings that came on it. It's been played very little, but there are some tiny marks in the finish, so I won't call it as-new. Comes with the case that came with it, in just as good a condition as the guitar. $2100 plus shipping. Third, a 2011 Fender American Special Strat. Candy apple red, with the big headstock and Texas Special pickups. Same story as with the PRS, barely played, just a few tiny marks from being handled. Still has the plastic on the pickguard. I have quite a few other strats, and this one just doesn't get played; it's always more tempting to pick up one that is already more worn. It came with a gig bag, which I will pass on to the buyer, and I'll double box it. $800 plus shipping.
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    A Shishkov will get you way further in the value market, and be a world beater
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    A GREAT guitar IS a GREAT guitar, you just have to find the right person that is willing to throw down on it.IF you don't have to sell it then stick to your guns and wait till that person sees this guitar and says yeah! I WANT that guitar!................ and can pay for it! It IS rare and beautiful [And in very fine condition no doubting that.Steve is right on with his statement that "Nice Hamers are sometimes as rare as the person who has the money to spend at a given moment."
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    Hamer officially had these specific burst types: '59 Burst (red fading to orange in the middle) Amber Burst (red-orange fading to yellow-amber in the middle) Jazzburst (brown-black fading to yellow-amber in the middle) Tobacco Sunburst (red-brown fading to amber in the middle) BCR Burst was a custom-ordered variation on '59 Burst. And of course there was human variation within all the above (hard to spot some of the differences in the 2009 catalog: http://www.buddlejagarden.co.uk/hamer/2009cata.pdf), and some ambiguity about whether the names were being used consistently. Your Artist Custom could easily be called Amberburst IMHO.
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    If he was like anybody else who had a cool graphic and then lived through the 1990s, he had the finish sanded off and applied tung oil...
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    No way I'd pay $1,500-$2k for one of those.
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    You won't be able to stop the notes with that much sustain.
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    This should be on the message board header.
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    And, the new ones are getting good reviews out of box.
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    I do not HAVE to sell this, I don't have a tax bill to pay or anything like that. The simple matter is this, I don't play it that often. So, I want it to go to someone who will play the crap out of it. Could I build a frame for it and hang it on the wall, sure...but what a waste! $6000.00 for a clean unbroken piece, there really aren't that many out there left is TOTALLY a bargain. Out of 750 4 digits total, probably ~400 of them standards and probably less than half are unbroken, or orig finish. This is a damn near perfect guitar, especially for it's age, ok, not perfect, it's got some miles, but no bruises...it's been well cared for. The bottom line is this, everyone wants to be a member of the club, but no one wants to pay the fee. Everyone here likes to say how Hamer is the best, but when a piece like this comes up people squawk about the price. ....Owning this guitar is not for everyone.
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    I wonder if that's the one I used to own. It didn't speak to me at the time, but I bet I'd get a lot more out of it today.
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    Well I only played two T62's in my life. The one I had, which I base my experiences from. And Conrads. I assume every T62 sound and feel a bit different, just as any other guitar model does. Glad your have one with "low mid growl", sounds like a keeper!
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    I guy I used to know had one with a Statue Of Liberty/Fireworks graphic. Haven't seen him in probably 25 years though, no idea what he did with it.
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    Another suggestion: Laney CUB12R I had the chance to play it this weekend and it is really nice! 15W All valve combo, single channel, 12" speaker and 1W input option. It also has a very good reverb.
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    The T62's have a smaller body than a Daytona (strat). The one I had was brighter than any strat I've played. Strats are usually bright, but they also have "body" to their tone and a bit of a natural "sag". Mine lacked that traditional strat tone. It sounded more modern. Very tight and fast in it's response. A bit metallic in it's sound (some might call it thin). I could never get that bluesy, or more raw, strat tone I was looking for (Hendrix, Ron Wood, John Frusciante, Joe Perry, Brad Withford are some my favourite strat players when it comes to strat tones). I loved the playability of the T62. The necks are thin and works great for me. Mine was very light and easy to play. But I changed pickups on it and could still never get the fatter, warmer, more vintage sound I was looking for. I think it might be the ABM two point tremolo that contributes much to it's tone, as I felt it lacked body to it's tone the same way a Floyd Rose guitar does. If you are a into more high gain styles, more of a shredder or play with a lot of effects, and like Floyd Rose guitars then I think you'd really like T62. If you are more of a guitar, cable, amp player, like me, then I think a more traditional strat is the way to go. Or the Monaco III, which is what I use for strat tones these days. It's like a a super fat strat, and it has got tone in spades. I'd say the T62 is more close to the Vintage S than the Daytona.
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    1. No. I like each guitar to have a completely different voice compared to the others. One with full sized buckers, one with Firebirds, etc., etc. I love all the classic tones and need tools and pedals that aren’t redundant to get them. Redundant guitars would bother me. I must be weird. 2. No.
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    Of all these I like the Aerosmith cover best. Very reminiscent of the Double Live Bootleg album which kind of shaped some of my formative years. Thunderous bass, ear piercing leads, and some crazy ass noise I couldn't distinguish. Just great, raw power. Aerosmith was (is probably) a great live band. I've just never heard any of their studio stuff stand up to their live performances.
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    Stonge, I'm very appreciative for the replacement arms. They work great. You really went above and beyond in helping me with this. Thank you!
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    Great Review of that speaker, if I dare say it has a hint of Blue in it as well. I'd like to hear a pair of them in a cab.
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    Most Newports have the chambering you see in the pic cmatthes posted earlier in the thread. The Newport 90 and triple-Filtertron Newports have a solid mahogany block running all the way down the middle. Maybe some other one-off Newports, too.
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    The holy grail Tally...at least for me. GLWTS.
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    I searched for the same wiring schematic... none ever found. So I did the next best... a gut shot!!
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    Free version of Reaper would let you play that reface from your USB controller. Need USB midi interface $29.00. Cantabile Lite would work too $69.00.
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    Not really much overlap there. I kinda like having one Gretschy thing, one humbuckers-on-mahogany thing, one Strat thing, one Tele thing, etc. But yes, and that's where I violate number one. Like, I have a GMP Roxie project now, that I have no use for but it was a solid and an unusual guitar. And the Bowie Supro, I thought "Well, they're making only 400 and it's kinda cool and has a Bigsby and i can probably sell it" and I still dunno why I bought it. It seemed like a good price on a limited-edition guitar. Then I remind myself I don't collect cars or boats or pay for cable, no debt, everything's paid for. And still hate buying stuff I don't need!
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    Is it the exact same thing if the only difference is color?
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    Hi Willie G. Moseley, I just listened to the first 1 min 44 seconds, it's all 4/4 time throughout. The third note on the hi-hat is the 1 of the bar. The horn section plays on the " and two " and the " and four" as in : 1+2 3+4 I hope this helps. Regards, Tobias
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    Yikes! I'm just hoping that it survived that video shoot...
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    $570 Shipping?.. are you renting an armored car for delivery?
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    Oh just throw that up in my face why don't you. Besides, do you know what machinists make?!? And that's an oooold Mustang anyways. And my basement isn't even full.
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    Howzabout a bump and price reductions.......$2800 for the 30th Anniversary and $1850 for Blondie? Don't forget the latter includes that big box of goodies....... Now down eight guitars, out the door in the past month......Might as well try to keep moving before I return to my bad old habits.
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