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    Fuck it...I ain't too proud to play that.
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    So I must’ve done a decent job this Mother’s Day....Diane says when I am asking her help on my Next Shishkov’s color....”Your Shishkov collection”...I say “well, it’s only my second, and final one.”...She says “It takes 3 for a collection”....I say “say it again”...she does and and adds “Once we get everything paid for, you should get a third.” I love my wife.
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    Less ink used for the 9 vs. the 8 on the serial number prevents neck dive and gives a more delicate tonal balance. [/tgp]
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    He is a slide monster. I’ve told the story how he blew Sonny Landreth right off the stage down at the King Biscuit, and that ain’t no easy task! He had a nasty, snarling P90 tone that night and he made me a fan right there and then.
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    Here is my black 1979, we can call him Satan. He is great!
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    Totally right. You are so screwed. You just don't know it yet.
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    The ‘58 necks are usually a tad larger than the ‘59s, and the tops are typically flashier on ‘59s. I think they’re both incredibly overpriced. The best LP I ever had was a ‘58 historic. The market is fairly saturated and you can snag an R8 for $2800 or less if you’re patient.
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    I never put enough time into learning to play a steel guitar, so do not ask me to play the one I have. The thing is to learn the string groupings that give you major and minor chords. Then there are patterns to learn, too Pedal steels were around as early as 1940, but they did not start getting common until the end of the 1950s. Do you play a Telecaster without a B-bender installed? You can play a steel guitar without pedals to start. If you buy that pedal steel on Craigslist you do not have to touch the pedals while you are learning. Before spending $1400 you might want to spend $200 - $300 for a lap steel just to get used to it. A pedal steel player I know talked about how the tuning is purposely a little bit off on his steel in order to sound right when it is played. Uh, let's see... if it is slightly out of tune it will sound in tune. OK. It is not just the one guy who does that. If you want to dig in, go to Brad's Page of Steel for answers to all your questions.
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    Just a pic without any decent lighting, but here's it's non-bursty '79 sibling. All nekkid 'n' natural.
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    This album cover was the first time I ever saw a scarab. In fact, to this day I’ve never seen one in person...
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    She says that because there is no way everything gets paid before you are 97 like Doris Day.
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    Jake E Lee jamming on a Les Paul... to a cat!
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    Sign of the times, I guess. I do recall that during that same era, Steve Howe could be seen playing a teal blue Steinberger.
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    Samick could sue for the headstock...
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    H9 would be like a Monkey flying a rocket ship. I know a guy that has one, it sounds great, but it over my head.
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    I learned/played a garth brooks/ allen jackson show on pedal steel. If I recall correctly my FB status said " on playing pedal steel in public for the first time, it's like being the passenger who has to land the plane"...
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    There are dozens of used R9's on Reverb right now that aren't selling. Hard to believe there is a big demand for new ones at $6500. I got my R8 for $2800 two years ago and it has a really sweet wide flame top on it.
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    Man walks into a GC and sees a Westerly Guild Blues Bird, a Hamer Studio Custom and a Les Paul Special all close in price. Which one did he buy? Just at or under 8LBS, Nitro, Rosewood, Mahogany, P90's and enough dings on a brand new guitar to warrant them knocking $250 off. SOLD! You guys know me by now, I never buy new guitars let alone a new Gibson. These are $999.99 at GC right now and IMHO worth every penny. I was just buying time when I sat down and played it and WHAM it hooked me. I have no plans to change a thing, pickups or anything. Not even a pot, I was completely sold just by playing it. Amp PSA: A few weeks ago I bought a used 1996 Crate Vintage Club 20, black with a 12" Speaker and after a fresh set of tubes its killer! Compared to a 1996 Blues Jr, its kills it. Compared to a Brand new blues jr with a Hemp Speaker, its more British sounding than the American Sounding Blues JR.
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    He was sportin' Hot Rod pinstripes on his guitar long before Billy Gibbons, too:
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    That made the morning good today!
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    No, your mood is spot on. Anyone this careless about their listing isn't going to give a rat about safely packing that guitar. This isn't the kind of person with which to do business. Buyer beware.
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    Or maybe you are speaking truth. I wonder "Why are they doing that?" countless times daily. I still don't have a good answer.
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    .........watch that low ceiling!
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    I like to think I choose a guitar with ears and hands, not eyes. I'm sure it's a terrific-playing guitar. But it's... an interesting collection of curves and angles, yeah.
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    Who posts pictures like this in a sale ad? What possibly goes through someone's mind that says "Yeah, that'll impress people" and makes them choose to use the bigfoot/ufo quality image?
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    The Tulsa design pales in comparison to a Talladega. The Dantzig logo, the headstock, the body carve, the "violin" (?) top carve doesn't do it for me. I bet that went for 2x the GC price 1-2 years ago.
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    I have no idea. I’ve ordered things that were the lowest rating and they were mint. I like to consider the gc ratings to be a shape shifting amoeba. That way I’m less disappointed.
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    Originally 0092 but I think it's now 0093. Always bet on black.
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    ok.....no ohsc available......i dont scary but my baby needs a confortably bed, im going to buy a new and standard hard case where the blackie can dance ( move) when sleep,(no less than $200 in my country) here i go.......no way😎 i will make it one , if i have two hand for now ,lets do it. so then 2 weeks ,here was my best i like the 90s color peluche. lightweight? no like tkl, strong? ho yes. fits well? like my socks in my feets im so happy with the results and my baby sleeps like a queen best regards hfc boys
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    Thanks, Travis! Bought it new in 79. Can't believe she's 40 years old!
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    Yeah, I know some don't care for the orange sparkle, but I held out on getting a Newport until I could track a good one down in just that finish. I dig all the other finishes, too, but it's as if the Newport was made for that orange sparkle.
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    Yours looks a lot like mine
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    Seems to work.....
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    On the bright side, when you buy wood library quality guitars, people just start showing up at your house with mad stacks and take a dozen or so off your hands.
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    When I bought my 58 Reissue, I was waiting for them to change a the strings on it and I picked up a 91/92 Les Paul Special that was all worn out. It was divine and I had to make a decision to leave it behind and I regretted it. I'm just a P90 Guy at heart, I think they are the perfect pickup.
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    Great-looking bass, great seller! And look at those original plastic knobs! Somebody go get that!
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