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    Yeah, I've got the fever, the fever to have an amplifier that uses every type of major power tube, and the one that I don't have is a 6V6. I saw a Rivera Pubster 25 pop up locally a few weeks ago, but I was kinda 'meh' about it, because I hadn't actually researched it. Well, I did, and then I decided it was worth getting, especially at the price. It's a really simple amp setup, single channel with a "boost" mode, which is pretty much like a 2 channel amp with a shared EQ. It has master volume controls for both the regular and boost mode, reverb and also a presence control. The volume for the standard mode also effects the "boost" mode, so you can get some interesting sounds with both the regular and boost mode. It's got a standard T/R/S/ footswitch jack for the boost and reverb, though I rarely see these for sale with the FS-20 Rivera footswitch, which does actually have LEDs. Aftermarket ones are about 40-50 bucks. I have a bunch of carvin FS-22 switches around though, so I'll probably use those, as the amp also has LEDS on the faceplate indicating the mode it is in. Sound is surprisingly good. The amplifier came with an Eminence Legend 10 inch speaker, though I don't know what exact model it is. Haven't gotten a chance to get inside yet. Amp is solidly built. It does however only have 2 preamp tubes, one for the EQ/Dirt/Preamp and one for the Phase inverter. The reverb is solid state driven, which I know some people are down on, but it's a real spring unit, and sounds good. It came with Groove Tubes GT-6V6-C tubes, which are a Chinese design made only for Groove Tubes. Currently there's a Sovtek LPS in V1, and a JJ ECC83S in V2, which should change shortly. It's a bit dusty, so I'll post some pictures when I get it cleaned up. Also the speaker cable is some bad splice job onto the original jack. no idea why anyone would do that. It'll be replaced shortly. Until then here's a stand in picture:
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    My wife was interested to know. 😬
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    Well here is my "NEW" guitar day....................1998 Jeff Beck in the Midnight Purple finish. I had a Beck just like this one back in the day....................same year finish etc.,etc. but I sold it to finance another guitar and amp. Mistake! should have kept it like many others that pass through your life. I saw this one for sale and it was local so..................I knew I had to take a run at it to see if I could score it and as luck would have it I did. The guitar IS like new [Case also] its in stunning original condition and has the huge "BASE BALL BAT" neck these early Fender Jeff Beck Strats are known for. Gold Lace Sensors,Schaller locking tuners,LSR Roller nut,TBX,[Treble/Bass Expander] and all the case candy as well finish out the package The original owner was not a Strat guy as it turned out,and neither was the guy he sold it to and I got it from so this guitar spent much of it time in the case and it certainly shows. Its not a "New" guitar per say.....................but new to me and in the best condition you could want a guitar to be in. Have a look its purple and I'm from MINNESOTA, but it was NOT owned by PRINCE!
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    Can I swap my order for this one?
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    Someone needs to show HBO how to end a frickin season episode properly
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    I grew to love the guy when he was on Wahlberger's the television show. What a great guy. I'm buying the shirt. Make me not wear it!
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    So, the last few components to my studio /traveling rig arrived recently. The Fractal FC-6 controller, the Mission expression pedal and the Gator rack case are now integrated into the home studio and will travel to the band's rehearsal space. We rehearse in he bassist's basement studio which has the added benefit of having a better automated mixing console w/integrated bus for silent jamming, electronic drum kit and Pro Tools where mine does not. It wasn't the acquisition that took the most time, it was programming the AFX3 and the pedal to do all the tones and sounds I use in the four songs we have written to date. I foresee many, many more hours tweaking and dialing up improved tones for these songs as well as for new material released by both the band and by myself.
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    I'm not sure a "tone" knob is a risk I'm willing to incur.
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    Argh! My son keeps me up-to-date on the idiotic things his "friends" post on FB about GOT. What a bunch of little bitches.
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    So I'm about to put out a home-brew album, and nearly the entire thing was done with my two Hamers ~ Mirage I Koa and Studio. Just wanted to share a sample with y'all, if that's cool. If not, just let me know and I'll delete. So this song mostly features the Mirage, using the neck Vintage Rail for the first couple of leads. Then the Studio, using the neck '59, kicks in for the second solo. Back to the Mirage for the outro. For rhythms, the Mirage is panned left and the Studio panned right. Trigger warning: my buddy who's a hip hop artist added a rap verse at the very end, so just know that that's coming and don't let it throw you. 😛
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    Here is The Sweet hard and heavy in 1973 doing anything but a pop song. The lyrics are NOT SAFE FOR WORK.
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    Little Willy and Ballroom Blitz Made me wanna play rock guitar ...Wig Wam Bam and Teenage Rampage were not far behind...and Fox On The Run was so perfectly pop. The Sweet looked like such rockers when I was a kid but they played pop with cool guitar tones. I loved growing up in the 70s with the music we had.
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    Sweet was a pivotal band in my teens- they were right behind KISS in terms of overall impact, as was evidenced by the fact that I had 3 of their 45 rpm singles- Ballroom Blitz, Fox On the Run and Action. Wore the needles out and the grooves flat playing those 45s. Funny thing is, once I eventually became bored w/ them, I played the B sides- Restless, Medusa, & Burn On the Flame and really started digging those, which was sort of unusual for me, then. Sadly, their career trajectory reached it's apex and nose dived when members died off before I could buy full length LPs or was old enough to see their shows with the original line up. I'll be curious to hear how they sound now.
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    o.k. : I get old.. and sentimental. My first (real amp) in the early 80´s has been an "acoustic G 100 T 112 W" . Perhaps some one remember ? I am on the way to buy one again now... As I remember the original speaker (EV 12L) sounds very "hard" and not "musically". (I would not play very loud - only at home-, so I don´t need the "strength" at all....) Any suggestions which speaker could fit to this amp?? (maybe Mesa Black Shadow ??)
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    Not long ago I pickup a set of SD antiquity minihumbuckers to put in an old LP Deluxe. Duncan uses the typical method of install, soldering a nut to the height-adjustment screw with a spacer added to keep the pickup at a specific height above the ring. This wasn't going to work for my installation, particularly for the neck pickup. With the ring screwed down to it's lowest position the pickup stood too tall to avoid the strings. This is the time in most projects when things get put off and it's takes me a while to get around to finding/ordering pieces/parts to make things work as needed. True to my nature, this is how things stayed since November. I needed to take them apart and replace the factory spacer with something a bit longer to decrease the pickup profile. Duncan used 12mm aluminum spacers and 3/48 hex nuts soldered to the posts. Removing the solder and nuts from the posts was only a small hassle, but in my mind an unnecessary one. I chose 15mm nylon spacers and 3/48 nylon locking nuts for reassembly. This way they can easily be taken apart if needed for different installations in the future. The nylon lock nuts are easy peasy and seem to stay in place well enough. I had some difficulty finding them until I landed on a radio controlled airplane hobby site. If you ever need hardware smaller than Ace Hardware or Fastenal carries, RC shops are awesome. With everything back together it was time to test the fit. The profile of the neck pickup is now similar to that of the original Gibson pickup it's replacing. I find it odd that SD would spec a profile that creates problems for LP installs. All's well that ends well, I guess. Now it's time for some solder to get the install completed.
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    I used to sell these. Great amps when they worked. If the EV was too harsh for you, a 12" speaker that is a bit more on the sweet side might be an Eminence Cannabis Rex.
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    Is there a mounting plate in the cavities? How are they held in place?
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    I have heard people say that the Pubster 25 is pretty much an updated Rivera-era Super Champ. 1x10 with reverb and modes for more gain. Can't wait to bring this one up to top condition. It looks to be a 2008 model from the writing on the chassis, so hopefully the foam on the chassis hasn't turned to goo already. It really is a solidly built amp, just like my R55-12.
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    Never saw GOT, but I enjoyed that Fender video. I liked Brad Paisley's solo the most out of that group, but I think the hero of that clip was Ian's rhythm playing.
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    Congrats!.. 6V6's rock!.. loved them in my Rivera era Super Champ
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    From what I've heard, this should be his tagline.
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    Definitely looks like it could be a TV yellow a very bad photo graph taken.
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    I heard there were three spinoffs in the works. I hope they all spin themselves into the center of the Earth.
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    Not so fast Grumpy Cat 🙀... I hear they're already working on a sequel 💰
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    Nice groove, the back up singers really adds a great dimension!! Keep them coming👍
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    Great song Bill !! Great recording too!!
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    Pablo, I've never played a Standard proper, but this is large Mahogany bodied guitar of a very similar shape - maybe more of a working man's Standard. It is also my second Blitz - both are great Hamers from the 80's. This plays exactly like you'd expect a Hamer to play - no issues. Could someone who has played both please weigh in on this?
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    I've ignored the Tally and the Tulsa. I had the choice between the Gustavsson and the so-called "copy" built by Ian Anderson. The Tally and the Tulsa came out after the Gustavsson too. The Tele-Paul idea isn't original to any of the luthiers/companies. I prefer the Les Paul scale. Best 4K I ever spent. Then, Ian dicked me on the Flying Vee...
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    Everyone knows “T” didn’t die in that damned diner with Journey playing on the jukebox. He got croaked choking on a cannoli sunning himself on RT 3 in front of Satriale’s pork store.
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    Annnnnnd in keeping with tradition... Both GOT and the Sopranos last episodes sucked 😐
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    I'd be tempted, if only because it's the in-person equivalent of being 'Rick-Rolled'. If someone was wearing it in a crowded area (shopping mall, concert, etc.), it'd be funny to see how many people would actually stop to read the shirt. Edited to add: This video isn't quite the Nirvana-backed 'Never Gonna Give Your Teen Spirit Up' version, but it does have some similarities to that mash-up:
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    The History of Dantzig Guitars? The reset button has been pushed my friend.
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    Someone posted a setlist with a May 19, 2019 date.
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    The push button takes one of Dual Gold Lace Sensors in the bridge position out of the circuit...................... that is It turns off the rear Gold Lace Sensor.
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    I'm glad you had fun Dirk, it's great to hear that it was a good show! Wish I could've seen it!
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    Best version of that model ever, right there!
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    Wow! Thanks for all the amazing comments, y'all! Very much appreciated! Okay, here's just one more. It started out as just a quiet little bit of introspection ... but it came out sounded (to me) like King's X and Queen had a kid, lol! Not on purpose, but those are two of my favorite bands of all time, so, natch. 😛 First solo and left-panned rhythms are again the Mirage; second solo and right rhythms are the Studio.
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    Soft V neck. Its used but mint w tweed case and strap. There is some discussion as to year. Either 2010 13 or 16. Whatever. The production model is now blk, torino red, grey, olympic white. 9.5 radius w vintage frets. I like vintage frets finally figured this out. Heres a quick vid ( no make up bring it bitches 😆)
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    Nice to have you back! No need to believe, but I remember you.
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    With Firestudio disappearing so randomly, I’d check to make sure you’re running the latest Presonus installer for Firestudio FireControl, and make sure it supports your OS. They should have it available at the Presonus web site. As for the plug-ins with the .VST extensions, I’m using a ton of them and they work fine in both Garage Band and in Logic Pro X. I’m running OSX Mojave.
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    If that particular guitar were mine, I'd take it to the most qualified guy I could find and have him put an exact factory duplicate on there. Yes, you're throwing more money on the fire, but it's better all the way around.
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    Most if not all pedals run on DC power, so the local frequency wouldn't matter, as the AC gets rectified to DC. only thing to worry about is the voltage.
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