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    This is a story posted by a Facebook friend. He was a classmate of mine in Bible college from the '70s. When he graduated he became a career pastor (he has the heart of a pastor as I never had). He recently retired, moved to California, and now works the floor at a Guitar Center. I first met him nearly 50 years ago in school and he had always sung and played guitar. He would definitely know what he's doing at GC. Here is his FB post today about a Guitar Center experience: "This afternoon I sold a guitar to a woman in her 40's who has decided to learn to play. In fact, before she left the store she had her first guitar lesson. Her reason for wanting to learn is that her husband is dying of cancer. It's been years since he played guitar, so she brought his guitar in to have a restring. She decided--for the remainder of his life--that they are going to play guitar together. It's something they talked about for many years but never took the time. Now she is determined to do this for him in hopes it will give him comfort and pleasure as he faces death. When you consider all the jokes and memes about husbands vs. wives vs. the husbands' guitar obsessions, this is certainly something touchingly different.
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    You corksniffing elitists have no eye for the unique idiosyncrasies that reveal an outlier, and thus, a veritable diamond in the rough. The seemingly mundane peripheries included in this photo indicate a master cabinet maker at the zenith of his craftsmanship here. Just because he doesn't have, say, Mike Shishkov's gigantic marketing machine doesn't mean that guitar isn't worth every penny of the $800 he is asking for it You should all be ashamed. (I bet the custom case is fuckin' rad too)
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    54. Don't read her this chart and go "Sexist, but kinda true. Amirite?" I'm off to the couch for tonight, team!
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    I have seen her videos before. Yes, she is good!
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    No, that's full-on free hand saber saw with a blindfold woodworking.
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    I've used a T21 Bass Driver/DI for decades now, and it's been the mainstay - even when amps have crapped out. I got my son a Bass FlyRig last year and was surprised at how great it sounded out of the box. He's gigged many smaller rooms with just that, and gets a bass tone that's out of this world.
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    So, I took the plunge. I had a credit at Sweetwater and decided on the Fly Rig 5 V2. I've played nine gigs in the last year and a half. Seven with the Line 6 Firehawk 1500 amp (think stripped-down Helix in a high-powered full range cab) and two gigs on back to back nights with the Headrush pedal board and two powered full range cabs. Headrush was killer, but the USB port died on the first one and I've set out to program the replacement. There are other reliability issues, so this thread was like the "local anesthetic" mallet shot the Three Stooges used to inflict upon their victims. I need clean, crunch and lead tones. Just three. I need reverb all the time (a crutch I'm not ashamed of). I need a good delay. I need a loop for modulation effects (I have one that does chorus, flange, and a great spinning speaker). I need a tuner. I don't need stereo out. I like the idea of being able to turn off the cabinet simulation to my stage monitors (or amp, if I choose to), while the FOH out is XLR and maintains the cab simulation. My buddy plays a Trademark 60 and his DI sounds great. So, we'll see. I can't imagine it won't serve me well as the backup plan.
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    Her name is Joanna Connor. She plays the blues circuits. I think she’s from Chicago. Great player!
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    Warmth in the winter and shade in the summer!!!
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    My partner and I have been putting together a Floyd tribute over the last 3 years, she handles the vocal arrangements and I the music. Such a great time and now were actually really good. Heres a vid from the last gig, live sound via phone
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    That’s some fat tone. Heavy duty.
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    As an alternative to selling might I suggest a new breakthrough in vision enhancement called eyeglasses.
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    Back in 9th grade we had a little garage band and while listening to some records of stuff we wanted to learn, my older brother comes in the room waiving this album that he had just bought (proclaiming something like “ if you guys want to play something good then try some of this”) that ended up being three sides of vinyl that forever changed this then-ninth grader...
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    Lemmy was nothing to look at but I would listen to his stuff anytime.
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    This thread is NOT helping me NOT want a Standard! 😡
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    Yeah, but they actually suck.
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    I keep a Richie Kotzen (I don't know any of his bands or exactly who he is) Tech 21 Fly Rig around as backup, and was reminded last night, just messing with it, that's a darned nice little unit. No modeling per se (well, not digital at least). The size of a large Subway sandwich, but considerably more durable. The SansAmp part is fine, not super-flexible but sounds like an amp. The "OMG" distortion section sounds great but again it's not the most versatile thing: it does Big Hot-Rodded Marshall, and some slight tonal variants thereof. The delay is pretty nice, and has a tap tempo and a "drift" nob that kind of does a modulation thing. If it had the sounds you wanted, it seriously could be your entire pedalboard and amp... I love the idea of going to a gig with just a guitar in a Mono bag, and a clip-on tuner, two cables, and a Fly Rig in the pocket. I happen to like a little more Vox-y amp sound and some different effects so it won't replace my Fractal, but I like having it there in case the fancy computerized box goes down. Anyone else use these things?
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    Maple is a very hard wood to cut!! The guitar (I think) next to it seems to have some interesting curves... the builder may be a virtuoso... he loves guitars enough to build one out of a tree from the south forty!!
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    Golden Era --> Schaller --> Heritage --> Brent
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    Jeez, guys. Certainly, you realize that this is an uber-rare, handmade, pre-production Kammerer custom? 😆
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    It looks like someone stuck a guitar neck into a steaming pile of dogshit.
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    The real gem may very well be what is being teased just left of this one.
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    Is this the actual guitar? Is this the supposed previous owner? It may be worth less if that provenance is revealed. Now if it was an '84, and still smelled like the Headhunter tour bus, you might have something worthy of serious $. You could probably make back your investment just charging adolescent males to sniff the case.
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    I remember him more as an acoustic-oriented folkie. Here he is with the trio he'd played in off and on going back to 1972. That's him in the middle: He's about 67 now and I doubt that he goes for head-banging or Millennial jargon. He was definitely the right sales guy for the female customer with the terminal husband.
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    That sounded great. Specially liked the guitar and the vocals. Cool stuff, mate! 👍
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    Well, we can't all be virtuoso prodigies, but looking at the neck while you play isn't exactly a punishable offense.
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    Or I could learn to play with proper technique.
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    I actually used it on a fly gig a few years ago. Currently used for the 12 string guitar in my Floyd tribute. Great in all applications imo
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    Thanks for asking this question. I have not noticed a neck related tonal difference between my 2 Hamer's vs my 2 Gibson one piece quartersawn necks, but I do feel that the Hamer's are less prone to twisting and nut area stress breaks. Has anybody done any back to back comparison tests?
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    Very touching. but in the usual course of business:
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    Thank you sir and yes #55 The reason for the Sammy Hagar Moniker.
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    I've got the bass fly rig, and love it.
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    If you get a chance you should definitely check out Richies music. His first album (my favorite) was a full on Mike Varney shredder album so probably not your cup of tea but his following solo albums and his recent band The Winery Dogs (with Billy Sheehan and Mike Portnoy) are chock full of nice songwriting and some great guitar playing.
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    I really wasn't on the lookout for a pointy headstock 80's guitar, but at the price I got this for, it really was a no brainer. These guitars were only made for one year, and they're pretty sought after. The Amber color is the most sought after color, so I guess I lucked out on that. This is a mahogany body with a maple cap, so it makes it about the same weight as a Les Paul. The neck on this is amazingly comfortable and fast, and with the contoured set neck, it give killer access to the upper frets. The pickups are OK for now, but I will upgrade them in the future.
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    Time was when the mere mention of the P-90 DuoTone would send this forum into a Parliament style shouting contest.
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    I was gonna say, sadly the impression is "less wasteful" = "lower quality". *sigh*
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    It also makes for more usable yield from lumber that might not be dimensioned for 1-piece construction. 1-piece construction is by far the most wasteful, because you end up with larger off-cuts, whereas a two or three piece allows the use of portions of the log that might have previously been viewed as scrap, at least as tonewoods. I also think it looks really cool.
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    I'll be the first to say it: $350.
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    He used "it's" where he should have used "its." I'm out.
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    And it makes for an extremely stable neck.
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    I think @Travis needs to have a beer, lay down on the couch and think about how he felt when he thought it was gone forever. Then he can think clear minded, if buying that guitar back is the right decision.
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    This guitar is now under the protection of the HFC.
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    Ha. I’ve got 3 hamers in better condition. And I only own 3 hamers.
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    She says that because there is no way everything gets paid before you are 97 like Doris Day.
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    Three out of the four times I've been offered the chance to buy back a Hamer here that I sold to the person selling it, the price was more than double each time.
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