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    I don't count 'em. Plausible deniability...
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    Welcome to the HFC! Im working today, but I'll DM you tomorrow and let's see if we can make something happen for you. :) Best wishes
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    In all this excitement, I kinda lost track myself...
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    This has been posted before, at that moment with the Gravelin Schlabotnik/Ultimate set. Nice looks, great sound. However soundwise I prefer the Kinman P90-buckers. Gabe 😀
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    1 Slammer Series (with bonus points for Gravelin pickups)
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    to be honest I have reduce myself this year.... so for me 11 (us) only :-)
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    Shoulda kept it, but the problem with having too many reeeeeally great guitars is they all don't get used as much as they need to. Talk nice to Dennis and see if you can pry it loose.
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    Look at this on eBay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F233244711171 or Nikki sixx Hamer Thunderbird https://reverb.com/item/24935422-nikki-sixx-hamer-thunderbird?_aid=pla&utm_source=android-app&utm_medium=share
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    I don't think this is the norm but my Vector has its designation on the headstock and the truss rod cover
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    #95 is quilty and already an Instagram star
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    Here am I with Dr. Bear in hand in the late '80s on stage with a young fan posing with my long-time friend (a great lead vocalist who, not incidentally, had worked for Jol Dantzig at Hamer). I know the photo is so reddish that one cannot see colors aright but it's the only one I have of Dr. Bear.
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    Yay!.. I love happy endings!.. & it looks like he's been taking really good care of it... crap now I'm getting all emotional, teary-eyed and shit~😢
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    Too Many 4 1 old fart. 8or9depending
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    Lets see: 79 Sunburst (Black) 82 Prototype (Ferrari Red) Early 80's 12 String Prototype (White) 98 Phantom (Sparkle Blue, customized by Bubs / Murkat / Stike) 07 Talladega (Vintage Orange) I have been _wildly_ lucky with the guitars I've got here. Very grateful.
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    I think I watched this documentary on Netflix a while back. It's been a while but I think Alice Cooper says his hired guns have to look cool, be tolerable to live with, and be A players. I highly recommend the full documentary. In summary "It's a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll". She's probably only missing one requirement. I'm missing all three.
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    Thanks, enjoyed that very much. Gabe 😀
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    6 for me, too. ETA: ...but I purged a bit.... 4 of these are still here, but I wish I could have several others back.
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    Like Polara, I've never gotten into his songs. But my girlfriend insisted that we go see him when he played here last year at a very small venue (probably less than 200 people in attendance). I gotta say, it was a tremendous show and I would absolutely see him live again. FWIW, the lineup was the same as in the clip above. His drummer, Michael Jerome, is an absolute monster. For a lot of the show, my eyes were on him, not Richard. https://michaeljeromeondrums.com/ His drumming on this cover of Take A Heart had me absolutely mesmerized
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    Got this from Dave's Madison store back in October after Crunchee posted a heads-up: Stupid clean, bigger side of medium C neck, minimal fret wear - just a really nice clean guitar. Dave's pictures: My pictures: Dave's pictures are a little more carmel-colored, mine are a tic more red/orange. The real color is somewhere in-between and amazing in person. If there wasn't something brewing, I'd keep it. No dents/dings/biffs. Comes with the OHSC in equally great condition. SOLD! $1100.00/shipped CONUS.
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    Save me and this guitar from reverb/craigslist. Priorities in life force change sometimes and a few guitars will need to be sold. I have to choose between this guitar and my studio custom. It was a tough choice but for now the studio custom stays. This artist is in excellent shape. The frets have no visible wear. There is some minor swirling in the clear on the back and a little tarnish on the pickup covers but it has no dents, dings or Hameritis. All original and sounds great. Comes with original TKL Hamer case. $SOLD PayPal friends shipped to the lower 48. Elsewhere let’s talk.
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    This is a good one, and a prime example of why I really like this particular forum. I've heard a million "guitar I never should have sold" stories and it would really be nice to see one have a happy ending!
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    Oh my! I feel like asking if it remembers me after all these years and how it likes different pickups it’s met. I know you’ll think I’m insane but I’m remembering visiting Hamer in Arlington Heights (?) and seeing my namesake as yet unfinished, the body resting on a workbench next to others meant for Rick Nielsen and (I think) Billy Gibbons. Do you think the current owner would sell it to me? How can I get in touch with him or her? I’m going to try to upload the only photo I’ve got to make sure this isn’t some otherworldly coincidence.
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    Four the records: 4 USA, 1 MIK and all loved and played!
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    From some years back, there have been a few additions since then. '82 Special, '77 Sunburst, '94 T-51, '80 Standard
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    Currently 3 Hamers, 5 guitars overall. I think 14 was the highest number of guitars I’ve had at any one time. I believe I’ve had 13 different Hamers over the years and 30+ guitars overall...
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    Tree. I think @Studio Custom has fiddy.
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    Is this the actual guitar? Is this the supposed previous owner? It may be worth less if that provenance is revealed. Now if it was an '84, and still smelled like the Headhunter tour bus, you might have something worthy of serious $. You could probably make back your investment just charging adolescent males to sniff the case.
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    The Jean-Luc Ponty YouTube inspired me to retrieve a live cut in San Francisco by the "grandfather of jazz violin," Stephane Grappelli. He was around 77 when he played this, as he was also on my "Live in San Francisco" album:
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    Just finished reading the Van Halen Noel monk book and the Van Halen rising book. I kind of skipped over vh back in day. Went from Aerosmith straight to priest and maiden Reading the book really gave me a new appreciation even if the were totally dysfunctional. So I snagged fair warning at my local used cd store. It was friggin delightful. Going to get the others
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