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    Mirage is sold. GAS is anesthetized for the moment. 25.5 scale, sunburst, wiggle stick. What's not to love? Thanks Chris!
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    Monaco Elite Sustain Block
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    https://www.ebay-kleinanzeigen.de/s-anzeige/hamer-usa-gitarre/1155603015-74-10632 No aff., as usual. That's a HSS-Versinon with FR at a verygood price imho. But be careful, a lot of scammers there, lately!
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    I only have three Hamers of different models & years ('89, '94, 2000), each with a completely different neck carve. The neck carve of the '94 is that thin and wide neck carve, which is my least favorite, even though the guitar has the best tone of all three. My favorite neck carve is from the '89 Cali, and even though I may not use the upper frets, I like that access to them means everything up to the 24th fret is easily reached with no hindrance whatsoever. My least favorite Hamer era is when some knucklehead bought the name and decided to resurrect the brand in the last couple years... Oh, wait, those aren't real Hamers. Nevermind.
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    Late to this party, but early enough for July 4th 😉
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    A set neck Cali Custom would be nearer DOUBLE that price.
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    I'll be selling one, I just don't know when I'll get a chance to do it as I'll be in and out camping and sightseeing all summer
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    Happy Canada Day to the Hosers!
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    Thanks so much for those kind words, Zen. Appreciate it more than you know.
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    Two wiggle sticks, one for each bridge! Thank you sir!
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    Should have had "Othello" on the screen instead.
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    Let’s face it, often the CDs our buddies, local acts in our town, weekend warriors and friends of friends make are fairly worthless as far as listening enjoyment goes. We buy their CDs mainly just to be “nice” but listen to them once or maybe even twice never to be heard again. Jakeboy’s CD is a total exception to that rule. His latest album is REALLY good... I mean fugging GOOD!!! Self promotion is super hard... I literally cannot do it for myself, yet I feel almost a compulsion to implore anyone who is a fan of 70s AOR electric-guitar-rock to give this latest AC Rev album a chance, The songs are fantastic, it sounds great and the guitar playing is AWESOME! Drums and vocals are really good too... this is the only CD I have been playing for the last two weeks!!
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    "Thomas was a cheeky little engine and always causing trouble!" Ringo. Alec? Ugh!
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    Hands down, the best true portable travel amp I've owned. I bought mine used via CL and will take it with me for the third straight year on the family beach vacation. If you like shopping local CL for guitars, it makes for the perfect parking-lot-meet-up demo amp.
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    There is something about the pics that they post that is... I don't know... Very distinct? Like I just stumbled across this listing in Reverb, and called it as a "Dave's Guitar Shop" posting because they all have ... something.. about them. I don't know if it's some magic trick they do with the lighting, or if there is a knob they can tweak in photoshop that makes the flame look "extra-flamey" or what. Cool guitar!
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    Monaco Talladega Pro Talladega Talledega Custom Order "Helios"
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    As a notorious fuck, I resent being called cheap.
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    Ok, I sat out the entire 90s . I hated grunge and went all acoustic blues for the entire decade. I evidently missed some good shit Like what I just got hip to, the Matthew Sweet album Girlfriend. Great power pop with killer guitar tones. Does anyone else here like that album and guitar sounds? I wish it rocked just a touch harder but I just now discovered it and spun it while working out in the home gym this AM.
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    That is a great way to work, it's kind of putting a good foot forward and allowing you to edit (curves, damn you level people!) without going too far. I betcha they do like a quick curve to get it to pop (I love, in LAB shortening the AB Channels by 10 on each extreme (it's a minor tweak, as most of what you see in LAB is every color available) to give more saturation without changing contrast. I do confess, I am at the tail end of a low end spectrum who is trying to create value at the last minute, and have no other options... so others may have more upstream experience.
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    Dave's setup There have clearly been changes since this was written, but I'd imagine the basics remain the same.
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    I'm a huge Bon Scott era fan myself 😉
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    He was a Gent. Sorry for your loss
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    I am so sorry for your loss.
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    I'm very sorry to hear of your loss. My condolences to you and all of his loved ones.
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    I sent a message...waiting to hear back.
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    Good God Man! Grow a weenis.
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    I walked four miles starting at 4:30pm today. It was 99 degrees and the heat coming off the sidewalk had to make it 104 or higher. The "the world is burnin' up" folks at The Weather Channel said it was 110 degrees on the "feels like" index, whatever that is. The landscape in your pics is so foreign to me I can't even tell you. I'll be at the beach tomorrow. Waves are gonna' suck though. But the scenery will be optimal...
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    If you know what your doing you can wire many 8 ohm speakers together and get 4ohms 8ohm or 16ohms using parallel and series wiring!! This explains it well: https://cie-wc.edu/Series_Parallel_9_14.pdf
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    Do they sound that good? Yes, yes they do. Yamaha does not "half-a$$" anything. They really made a portable modelling amp that is incredibly versatile, and also sounds freaking awesome. It's a great recording interface, and with the computer software you can mess with a lot of parameters.
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    What are you worried about? You're getting out of the game, remember?
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    Yeah, I loved Kombinator from Inbreds, Don't have any sense of time, what a tune! TUNS are cool for sure. I got to see a lot of those bands, some awesome shows! I went through a long period where I wasn't listening to any new stuff. the last 2 or 3 months though I'm starting to get into newer stuff, and even newer sounding stuff, not just bands that sound like bands I used to listen to, ha. Currently super into boygenius. Kinda mopey, but their songs built into cool moments. This week is our big music festival in Ottawa, Bluesfest. Despite the name, it's actually more of an all around "anything goes" music fest, I have a pass for the whole festival, going to be awesome. On Friday it's Jason Isbell (used to be in Drive By Truckers) I'm very excited, he's awesome live.
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    Imagine that, those bastages collecting the sales tax you were supposed to be paying all along!
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    I may have missed Lee Iacocca's musical efforts in the 70's and 80's but I did NOT miss the 90's musical offerings. Being in Seattle in late 80's- early 90's I caught onto bands like Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Mudhoney and a few other of the alt/grunge offerings. But the 90's saw me really venturing out of the hair metal and hard rock niche I preferred in the 80's. Jane's Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, De La Soul, Weezer, Faith No More, Rage Against The Machine, Tool, Marilyn Manson and Stone Temple Pilots. Some bands from the 80's carried over and made profound impressions on me with their work in the 90's- Butthole Surfers, the Pixies and Pantera come to mind.
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    Not sure about the years, but after early eighties, nineties and so on the ones with bounded headstock and the V inlays are the ones which are still with me. The rest (beside a 90ties Vanguard) is gone for good...
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    Yeah, same here. I got into Phish and some other jam bands then, and really dug in deep with blues rock. I started following the blues circuit too. I hated ‘90s radio with a passion. Every now and then you’d hear something cool like Girlfriend or Shakin’ the Blues from The Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies, some Black Crowes or Blues Traveler, but essentially ‘90s mainstream music sucked to me,
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    90's Hamers are my bread and butter. I have a Newport, which is 2000, but other than that, all are from the 90s. I was looking at a Monaco for a while, but honestly there's nothing guitar wise I need anymore. Except a doubleneck with a 12 string.
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    I will propose a toast......
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    Hey...in all fairness, he was in college!
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    A little different than most of the other singles posted.
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    Talladega autumn style...
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    early sound recording. the harshness is supposed to go away once the speaker breaks in.
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    Looks cool, enjoy the amp. Just be forewarned: Those of us in the A/V world have dubbed monoprice products, “mono-use.” Save your receipt.
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