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    Monaco Elite Sustain Block
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    I only have three Hamers of different models & years ('89, '94, 2000), each with a completely different neck carve. The neck carve of the '94 is that thin and wide neck carve, which is my least favorite, even though the guitar has the best tone of all three. My favorite neck carve is from the '89 Cali, and even though I may not use the upper frets, I like that access to them means everything up to the 24th fret is easily reached with no hindrance whatsoever. My least favorite Hamer era is when some knucklehead bought the name and decided to resurrect the brand in the last couple years... Oh, wait, those aren't real Hamers. Nevermind.
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    Late to this party, but early enough for July 4th 😉
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    I'll be selling one, I just don't know when I'll get a chance to do it as I'll be in and out camping and sightseeing all summer
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    Happy Canada Day to the Hosers!
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    Thanks so much for those kind words, Zen. Appreciate it more than you know.
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    Should have had "Othello" on the screen instead.
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    Let’s face it, often the CDs our buddies, local acts in our town, weekend warriors and friends of friends make are fairly worthless as far as listening enjoyment goes. We buy their CDs mainly just to be “nice” but listen to them once or maybe even twice never to be heard again. Jakeboy’s CD is a total exception to that rule. His latest album is REALLY good... I mean fugging GOOD!!! Self promotion is super hard... I literally cannot do it for myself, yet I feel almost a compulsion to implore anyone who is a fan of 70s AOR electric-guitar-rock to give this latest AC Rev album a chance, The songs are fantastic, it sounds great and the guitar playing is AWESOME! Drums and vocals are really good too... this is the only CD I have been playing for the last two weeks!!
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    Monaco Talladega Pro Talladega Talledega Custom Order "Helios"
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    After over 20 years of being a friend and bandmate of Rob's, I got the horrible news on June 21 that he had died at another gig of a massive heart attack. From what I hear he didnt suffer much and that is about all the good I can muster on the subject. We had a grand memorial service that nearly every musician in western NC attended where the amazing drummer and person Jeff Sipe played Rob's parts. Rob was also an internationally recognized author most notably w Modern Drummer but he wrote a Guitar Player piece on Martin Barre years ago and recognized my Hamer right off the bat! To say it was brutal for me is an understatement. Thanks for indulging this as Big Block Dodge kinda grew up on the old HFC and just figured some would like to know. Not sure if I will ever play the material again but like Zeppelin, our band is over
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    Ok, I sat out the entire 90s . I hated grunge and went all acoustic blues for the entire decade. I evidently missed some good shit Like what I just got hip to, the Matthew Sweet album Girlfriend. Great power pop with killer guitar tones. Does anyone else here like that album and guitar sounds? I wish it rocked just a touch harder but I just now discovered it and spun it while working out in the home gym this AM.
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    That one on the right is so Randy Rhoads. I love it.
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    That is a great way to work, it's kind of putting a good foot forward and allowing you to edit (curves, damn you level people!) without going too far. I betcha they do like a quick curve to get it to pop (I love, in LAB shortening the AB Channels by 10 on each extreme (it's a minor tweak, as most of what you see in LAB is every color available) to give more saturation without changing contrast. I do confess, I am at the tail end of a low end spectrum who is trying to create value at the last minute, and have no other options... so others may have more upstream experience.
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    They most likely use LAB mode, which, unlike RGB/CMYK divides tone (L) from color (AB), then you sharpen in L, but sometimes in AB as well, by channel. Classic "S" contrast curves in all modes can do the trick too, for certain images. Let me add too, that it takes imagination, what is it, what can it be? I have used lighting options in photoshop that really make the shot a good solid picture, but mostly it's what color is this and what are the results I want. 99.99% of pictures, if you see a problem in part of a picture, it's everywhere in the picture. I rarely use masks in photo editing, they make the picture look fake in the end, the edges will butt against unadjusted parts and it's fake!! I asses photos then decide what to do, can I adjust a lot of this portion (free lunch!! Bernie Sanders would be proud!) without affecting other important areas? You'd be surprised. Arrr, remember kidz, you got 10 full channels to work with RGB CMYK LAB (or it's variants), I make duplicats of the original and look at each channel.
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    1997 Mirage II SOLD to Camstone!
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    In 81 they took out extra material in the lower horn for more room. It does make a difference getting up to the upper frets. @Amplodyte
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    Check out PUP at Bluesfest! Between them and The Dirty Nil (who aren't playing Bluesfest) my favourite recent bands....such great balls to the wall, high energy punk-ish rock.
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    He was a Gent. Sorry for your loss
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    Last bump for the HOF Mini and GT-OD. Otherwise, Happy Fourth of July...
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    I sent a message...waiting to hear back.
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    Good God Man! Grow a weenis.
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    Oh my god. That makes me moist...
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    I contacted Reverb on the cost of their shipping protection and they said from 1-3% of the sale price with the average being 2%
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    I walked four miles starting at 4:30pm today. It was 99 degrees and the heat coming off the sidewalk had to make it 104 or higher. The "the world is burnin' up" folks at The Weather Channel said it was 110 degrees on the "feels like" index, whatever that is. The landscape in your pics is so foreign to me I can't even tell you. I'll be at the beach tomorrow. Waves are gonna' suck though. But the scenery will be optimal...
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    another sound report video in a week or so. Moving out the daughter in the next few days so just a little time to play, no time to record!
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    Thanks, One day I may try something different. For now, I am going to plan on the 16 ohm two speaker. Once I get that going I will play more later!
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    From what I read, it was almost like he would wear on out, and they'd just give him another one. Some had fancy fine tuners on them, others didn't. But, he just said the word and another would show up. He also was supposedly the one who turned Billy Gibbons onto using lighter strings. According to Dan Erlewine, he liked a high action, and would wind ALL of the strings onto the peghead. He didn't cut them down at all.
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    Reach out to Don, @django49 maybe he’ll do it for you.
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    What are you worried about? You're getting out of the game, remember?
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    The bands that Sugertune and I mentioned are Canadian, so we can let you slide on that. Friggin' Americans. ha.
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    What great Canadian ambassadors. Love Strange Brew.
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    I don't think America needs that kind of punishment, I think IL has done enough damage to the system. Back to the thread!
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    Yeah, same here. I got into Phish and some other jam bands then, and really dug in deep with blues rock. I started following the blues circuit too. I hated ‘90s radio with a passion. Every now and then you’d hear something cool like Girlfriend or Shakin’ the Blues from The Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies, some Black Crowes or Blues Traveler, but essentially ‘90s mainstream music sucked to me,
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    ...Not that Blitz case are all that easy to find either these days!
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    90's Hamers are my bread and butter. I have a Newport, which is 2000, but other than that, all are from the 90s. I was looking at a Monaco for a while, but honestly there's nothing guitar wise I need anymore. Except a doubleneck with a 12 string.
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    Pfft... I don't think so, but then again I play a Scepter 😆 The Vert is one of the most awesome guitars I have ever played... It's lightweight and sonically euphoric!.. young man you just need to sit in the corner and think about what you just said 😛
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    i have no too much Hamer's , and if a take a look of my babies they breathe 90s im in love with my fastly californian elite 96 and my beatter 96 cruise bass in argentina ( my country) say Hamer (sad) is not for too much people ,here its a relative unknow brand . but the big 80/90s rockers here had one funny, the guitars players who dont know the brand but watch my babies says : sell it me🤣. jejeje there is no way from the begginings (with a Hamer in my hands) i was surprised about their quality construction , the hardware quality everybody knows where find it but the perfect wood plus the hand made construction.........not easy to find this days in a brand new gears i have my fingers ready ( not my wallet for now) to catch a Impact and a scarab in the future and try the 80s era( i need take care couse there are a myth around here that says: exist a kind of ghost who buy all scarab that appear 🤨 ,the people call it @Scarab85 🤐, i need to be carefull so returning to your point.......for sure the experts here can tell us ( and why not shows us (pics)) the golden Hamer era, but to me ,all hamers are a piece of art, and bass/guitars for all my entire life
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    However far down the list of dibs I am on that Special M, I call it...
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    It's just a strat. They all sound the same.
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    And that applies to MS as another artist that I slave through the lyrics, keys, etc.,waiting for THE solo. That dude is fantastic but I have the patience to wait. , Not Elliot but dang close is the growl in Something to Grab For. I don't know who did that solo and, here we are, someone hits one out of the park while I sit here with coffee and a laptop. We're talking Pop, right? Not jazz ?
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    A little different than most of the other singles posted.
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    early sound recording. the harshness is supposed to go away once the speaker breaks in.
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