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    There was tons of great music in the 90s, just like any decade, once you get past the headlines. If you liked that stuff, you seriously should check out my old band. Look for an album called The Big House of Time, by Anne Richmond Boston. It was produced by Brendan O’Brien and more rippin’ guitar solos, courtesy of Rob Gal (The Coolies). I joined on bass afterward so can take zero credit for it. It’s just a kick ass power pop disc that got good national buzz. Also check out Paul Melancon’s album. Camera Obscura. Rob produced that, and it’s like Matthew Sweet but Paul’s a better singer, and it’s a very ambitious album, with more dynamic and and arrangement variety than Sweet usually goes for.
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    If one of you can send me $10,000 in cash (or 10 of you send me $1,000 each), I'll be happy to test the deposit reporting theory.
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    Godin LGX (still here) HuBeR JuBiLeE. A Dolphin in its natural habitat. Saw on guitarguy.com ten years ago for $1100 and didn't jump. It's a Greco or one of the other high end MIJ copies.
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    My Schecter PT and Robin E-Type
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    Hahaha!.. I think you just answered your own question 😆
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    My continuing love-affair with all(most) all things Yamaha...
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    Then you must wait for the reveal of my new acquisition this weekend. I must get back to yard work before I get busted. LOL Three Monkey and I discussed a custom amp that did not come to be, it was something they did not want to do. I came across another amp that I snagged for a bottom feeder price a month or so back. The builder of that amp, supplied a mod for it that put me in the ball park, of what I wanted to do with the OJR.
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    And the list goes on. For the size of the gigs, this is pretty much a Princeton World. The Deluxe or Bassman if you want to do more work with your pedals. Maybe a pair of Bandmaster! The Bandmaster was actually what I was looking for before I found the Princeton, the Princeton at my local shop is the same year as the one I purchased, but stock except the power cord and caps.
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    Now that it comes to mind, I was running that Orangutan Jr. of yours with a PRRI, and it was very sweet. Needed more headroom for what I was doing band-wise, so they had to move along....sad face emoji
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    Running two Princetons in stereo or wet/dry would be an awesome time. Hmm, also the same with Deluxe Reverbs...and Super Reverbs...and Twins...and...
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    Well after the speaker shoot out last weekend, I left my Princeton with Doug. He is going to take my Princeton and his 64 Princeton Reverb and gig them both. We did ran one into the other last weekend and then tweaked the mod on the back of my amp and blended the two together. What a sound, neither was better than the other, just different and they worked well as a team. I'm going to try to sneak out in the neck couple weeks and catch one of his gigs and hear them live. I have gotten some good deals on amps, but the $700 Princeton that needed no updates, speaker changes or mods is a pretty sweat deal. We toyed with putting a 12 in it, since he already has an offset baffle, but at this point I see no reason to tweak it. I do not miss the reverb, I just put two delays on it. One short slap and one with a little trail. The OD11 for a little change in color and a Way Huge Conspiracy Theory for Lead Boost. Not sure what he is going to use, but his little board he uses with the Princeton is usually a BB Preamp Plus (just the cleaner side), and a Guyatone Echo. that is a very good Echo BTW.
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    Thanks. This is a nice little amp but cheap. Wondering if it might not handle mismatched loads as well. I also have two 4 ohm speakers so I may wire them to make an 8 ohm load and compare some. This is just a fun cheap little project to start learning.
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    Don't forget this mellow little ditty:
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    Side note endorsement: Neil Preston is an extremely talented and no B.S. electronics expert. He's a perfectionist about his work and is reasonably priced for what you are getting - a real, experienced expert. He's serviced my MB and an nailed ugly L6 head repair. Not affiliated in any way, just a happy customer - but Neil is a "no-brainer" choice for those of us near the Kansas City metro area. Sorry for the brief hi-Jack. OK . . . . . Ohhhmmmm . . . . .
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    It all worked out in the end, now we both have one.
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    It is not as cut and dry as it is being presented here. Read this: https://budgeting.thenest.com/bank-reporting-guidelines-cash-deposits-23318.html
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    Speaking of eBay sucks. If you can assist me by hitting report on this jerk I would appreciate it. He stole all of my text and pics from Craigslist Boston. Right down to the daddy’s junky music gig bag. Just hitting report should do the trick. Zero feedback seller. Weasel. Thanks in advance. Btw. Regarding this thread. Would highly recommend discussing with an accountant who is licensed in your state. https://www.ebay.com/itm/2019-Charvel-Pro-Mod-strat-Ebony-board-burgundy-mist/372702942086?epid=18028389333&hash=item56c6d39386:g:KO8AAOSwd01dHLiy
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    And thank you gtrdaddy...a musician can have no greater compliment...what we want is people to play our music and dig it....
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    @0054 that is a fantastic looking beast.
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    Fucking Spyder Geraldo is such a badass. KILLER solos on several RS songs.
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    That one on the right is so Randy Rhoads. I love it.
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    I do prefer early AC/DC to post Scott as well. Back in Black is the only album after Scott, worth a damn in my opinion.
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    Check out PUP at Bluesfest! Between them and The Dirty Nil (who aren't playing Bluesfest) my favourite recent bands....such great balls to the wall, high energy punk-ish rock.
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    I'm a huge Bon Scott era fan myself 😉
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    @Jakeboy Compared to the Gold (which we had on hand), the midrange is so much sweeter, bottom end was tighter. I would think of it as an Alnico with a hint of Ceramic.
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    I’ve played it twice a day since I got it Monday. It’s truly a fun listen!
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    As Bubs knows, the Red Fang is my fave speaker ever. It works well with ANY amp. It does break up earlier than say an EV SRO alnico, But it is such a pleasing, chimey break up and I have never been able to make the Fang collapse on itself like the old Jensen alnico will if pushed too hard. Loves a Vox circuit, Marshall, tweed, Brown blonde or Black Fender. I have other speakers I love for particular applications, but I could be perfectly happy usin just the Red Fang. I dig big alnico!
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    I generally hated the 90's culture. But there were some 80's bands I followed into the 90's, Faith No More, Anthrax (with John Bush), Toto (finally with Lukather as lead singer), Living Colour, Mr. Bungle, Suicidal Tendencies, Infectious Grooves, Sting, 24-7 Spyz, Fishbone and yes, I once dug the Red Hot Chilli Peppers (I still like the Mother's Milk album), Duran Duran (I liked Warren Cuccurullo's playing). There still a lot of 70's stuff for me to discover. Hey it still was pre-internet days when "discovering" something still was fun. I also had something for jazz/fusion and also discovered 50's/60's jazz stuff, always loved the raw big band stuff (like the "Streets of San Francisco" theme).
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    Yes, it's a state by state thing, and a leveling of the playing field is LONG, LONG, LONG overdue. If I'm playing the "can you match this price?" game with cheapskate tirekickers who have no appreciation for small business or buying locally, I stand to eat their tax in my sell price (more specifically, my profit margin) because I still have to remit sales tax on their behalf. At least my shop does that, because that's called running a legal, level, honorable business. We charge for the services we provide, we pay for the services we receive (like paved, policed roads to our business for our clientele) and we levy and remit taxes to pay our fair share of those services. That means the TINY amount of profit I would have seen trying to play match the big boxes and conglomerates and MAPs and using my profit to cover their tax obligation just turned into me losing money after I pay shipping. Because the same cheapskate tirekicker is gonna want a "can you free shipping" match. Meaning I paid shipping 1x to get the item from my supplier and then 2x to get it where it needs to go. We have a thread about shipping right now that better displays how this sucks into what little profit you might realize. Imagine if I'm trying to play price match, free shipping, on a $2K item, and/or a 40-pound something. And people wonder why Mom and Pops in all retail sectors have been dying on the vine. I've gotten into the habit in recent years of just telling people who show the first sign of tirekick fuckery to shop their best price online and bring me what you want replaced, installed, upgraded, whatever. You won't hurt my feelings, you'll actually save me headaches and potential financial losses. My time is worth more than the WEE bit of profit I MAY see. The system as it has sat and still mostly sits dictates I only make money on the repair bench anyway.
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    Pictures are Richs... been a great amp. Considering I almost considered selling or trading it, then it one night, it hit me, right between the freakin eyes.
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    This one passed through my hands many years ago. At least I still have the Newport Pro.
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    This video popped into my feed. Phil Lynott with Billy Bremner and glimpses of his Sunburst with the Dan Armstrong headstock
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    Yes - they built a mahogany/maple top one that was completed, but as Bob mentioned above, it had the Hamer 3-pc neck - it was essentially an R9. The pic above is the second, Korina version that wasn't completed. It's a single piece of Korina (no separate maple top). I'm not sure if Bob has any pics of the finished one, but I think that went to Frank R. maybe?
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    I'll nominate Bill Nelson, in his 1977 version of Be Bop Deluxe's "Shine", from Live! in the Air Age. Here's a you tube version of all 9:22 of it: If you like that, check out Adventures in a Yorkshire Landscape, from the same album.
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    early sound recording. the harshness is supposed to go away once the speaker breaks in.
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    This solo, at 1:40: Why? Because it makes even MY playing sound great! A 'great' guitar solo depends on a great song, otherwise it's just noodling with no context.
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    To kick start the photo session, here‘s a nice pair.
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