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    I have bought a nice chunk of Ben Harpers catalog, but other than bits and pieces nothing has completely taken me over. Today after I listened to the WTF Podcast with Mavis Staples, I quickly looked up Mavis Staple/Ben Harper on Kimmel. Floored, so I looked up the album, Floored, purchased it and its OTW!
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    Here we have a special model of a mid-90s Hamer. This is part of a special, Japan only run called, I believe, the Special FM-LE. It is essentially a Special FM with body binding (the normal Special FM is unbound). This particular guitar has a nice thick quilt maple cap over a 1-piece mahogany body. The neck is also mahogany with an unbound rosewood fingerboard. The frets are in great shape with only the tiniest of wear. The neck is a nice vintage medium C shape and the guitar plays nice up and down the neck. This guitar originally came to me with a set of Duncan pickups, a 59 in the neck and a Custom in the bridge. However, the neck pickup had an issue and needed a rewind repair. While waiting, I dropped in a pair of JM Rolph pickups that I had. These pickups are a nice match to this guitar and I saw no reason to put the original pickups back in. The original pickups (including the repaired neck pickup) will be included. The guitar is in very good condition. There is a small ding through the finish on the corner near the bottom tone knob and a small indent close by (see pics). The original hard shell case is included $1,700 shipped/paypal'd - NOW $1,100 I posted a couple of pics below, there are more on the reverb listing https://reverb.com/item/26020571-1994-amber-hamer-special-fm-le-w-jm-rolph-pickups
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    Oh, you shouldn't do that. Only Gibson parts are good enough. You aren't playing Authentic!
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    Wasn't that WTF interview great? Like - man alive - fantastic..... this is really good too. Why is anyone listening to Nicki Minaj or Cardi B when this is available? It's hip - it's cool -- it's sexy as all hell and smoulders like a fire about to erupt -- not bad considering it's Gospel/Blues and being sung by a woman that's nearly 80.
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    Here’s a cool perspective of a great band!
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