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    so I'm down in florida, (parents getting to that age) so I had to get away from the house... trek up to Sarasota to hit sam ash then swing over to GC near the mall and see this thing on the top row in the used section... Kind of freaky, but looking at a distance, was like, hmmm... that's a usa sn pattern… so I got em to grab it... dig it, and plunked down a deposit while it sits on police hold. played great, felt great, nice V neck, frets are excellent (it's an 09)... interesting inlays, had a hankering for a Dean Z but not loving those Dean Select imports at $899. (899? the new reality for an import) yikes,.. but let that go... Nothing like some retail therapy. better pics when it arrives 1-2 weeks. Dave
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    The only single cuts I've owned: Peavey Generation Series 3, with Bill Lawrence pickups (sold): Peavey Odyssey (sold): Current favorite, Godin Core CT P90. I love the simplicity, quality, price and tonal flexibility of this guitar! :
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    Grosh Set Neck! SOLD! Early, actual solid body. I had a slightly chambered one and liked it so much I went on a search for a solid body. It made the difference. This has been my Les Paul style guitar for 10 years. It's gorgeous! Beautiful quilt maple top in deep cherry burst finish and a Brazilian fingerboard! Super nice Mahogany body and neck. I swapped out the original pickups for a set of coveted Tom Holmes and, man, does it sound amazing. Incredible player, too, with Don Grosh's renowned fretwork and rounded fingerboard edges. Just an incredible guitar! See spec. sheet for all details. I bought it used and it hadn't been played much at all but it did have some bumps and indentations. There are three dings I can find. Two along the faux binding edge and one on the headstock corner. There are a few indentations on the top, and a line and smudge near the controls. Another smudge is on the top side of the guitar. Also, a little finish disturbance happened on top. It has not changed in all the years I've owned it. All of these marks were on the guitar when I bought it 10 years ago. I've babied it since. I used my pinky in the photos to show the scale. I might be overstating the issues but full disclosure is the way to go. There are smudges on the nickel pickup covers. I haven't polished them since I like it that way. I don't have a scale but would estimate its weight at 9 - 9.5 lbs. Here's a chance to get a remarkable Don Grosh Set Neck with Tom Holmes PAFs for a great price. I love this guitar but cannot keep them all. Continental USA only. Shipping and insurance is included in the price. Please ask all questions before the sale. This is an AS IS listing. See my Reverb ad for more pictures and details: https://reverb.com/item/25993594-grosh-set-neck-2004-deep-cherry-burst-with-tom-holmes-pafs Beauty shot
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    Nooooooooo~ not the coffee maker!
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    I've homage-ed it...
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    The Tele that I won't part with...
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    So you wanna play rough eh? BCR Spec Robin Avalon in BurstYerCherry finish. I believe this is a Healtly.
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    Yay!.. coffee time! 😉
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    Location is 'Moscow, Russian Federation'...what could possibly go wrong with that transaction?
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    The Monaco III and the Newport are not that similar I think. The MIII is like a maximized strat mixed with a Gibson JR. It has fat tones from the neck pickup and can sound awesome for harder rock on the bridge pickup. Killer tones. It does not have the same clean tones as the Newport either. It always keeps a little grease under it's finger nails. I love the MIII, one of the best Hamer models ever. It covers just about everything, you can get so many sounds out of it. The Newport does much, but It's not so good for harder rock, as it is more bright. It was designed to do the Gretch thing, and it is what it does best. The Newport is great, but not nearly as much fun as an MIII. My 2 cents on the matter....
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    When unelected bureaucrats at the IRS tell you it's not responsible for the advice they give you over the phone, you know tax laws are are ambiguous and arbitrary, and probably intentionally so. The very notion that an IRS agent can presume to read your mind and magically divine your intent, you know the game is crooked and rigged in their favor. If the law says you can deposit thus and so legally, then the IRS has no business dinging you because they "believe" you intended to fly under the radar. If they don't like it, legislators should change the law and/or clarify it so as to remove any ambiguity. With such a crooked system, it seems preferable to buy from or sell to a guy in the Walmart parking lot to avoid the tax system altogether.
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    Greeny. I've touched it...
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    “..and so it was spaken by the man who was known to be righteous in the eyes of the HFC and hath their everlasting blessing, the Hamers of most high value for money shall be named. And they shall be thrice named as thrice are the letters of the trinity of Hamer Fan Club. And they be known by the name Centaura, and Special FM, and Eclipse shall they be known. And there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth, and up spoke a man, humble but wise and spake thus; “you have forsaken the other. The other known as the fallen. Diablo is their given name, and their shorter scale length, double humcancelling pickups plus a whammy should not be omitted from thine thoughts. and the first man did listen, ponder and was vexed for but a shot passing of day, and finally thusly spake; yeah, you make a good point actually. So endeth the lesson.”
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    Easy answer, you need one of each.
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    I had both. They can sound similar, I prefered the Monaco because I prefer longer scale. I think the twangish tone of the phat cats / Newport and the long scale twang / Monaco almost make it a dead heat Here is a Monaco w flatwounds tuned up a 1/2 step ( its a Les Paul thing I copied a Les and Mary performance from an old tv show, including the pointing lol)
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    Here we have a special model of a mid-90s Hamer. This is part of a special, Japan only run called, I believe, the Special FM-LE. It is essentially a Special FM with body binding (the normal Special FM is unbound). This particular guitar has a nice thick quilt maple cap over a 1-piece mahogany body. The neck is also mahogany with an unbound rosewood fingerboard. The frets are in great shape with only the tiniest of wear. The neck is a nice vintage medium C shape and the guitar plays nice up and down the neck. This guitar originally came to me with a set of Duncan pickups, a 59 in the neck and a Custom in the bridge. However, the neck pickup had an issue and needed a rewind repair. While waiting, I dropped in a pair of JM Rolph pickups that I had. These pickups are a nice match to this guitar and I saw no reason to put the original pickups back in. The original pickups (including the repaired neck pickup) will be included. The guitar is in very good condition. There is a small ding through the finish on the corner near the bottom tone knob and a small indent close by (see pics). The original hard shell case is included $1,700 shipped/paypal'd - NOW $1,500 I posted a couple of pics below, there are more on the reverb listing https://reverb.com/item/26020571-1994-amber-hamer-special-fm-le-w-jm-rolph-pickups
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    So I bought a Gibson ES-Les Paul during the CME blowout of late 2017. Never bonded with it. Then my Shishkov arrived and it became clear that the Gibson was gonna go. I don’t mind trading with a reputable dealer, and I find that if you buy something right you can make a trade work pretty well. The Gibson is already at Dave’s and I have a new Rickenbacker 4003S in Mapleglo on its way. Traded even up so I virtually broke even on the Gibson. So what do I do next? Back to CME for the July 4th sale. Fender MIJ Jazz Bass Fretless in 3 color sunburst “used, floor model” for under $650 shipped. I’ve had the same two basses since 1998. I just doubled my bass count in a week and I’m still surfing around for a fretted Jazz Bass. Stupid GAS.
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    Photo and concept by Sean Cummings. Appropriately includes two British amplifiers. Ain't this a beautimous presentation? Sent to me from a longtime friend in San Diego, and who wouldn't want to pass this along on this holiday? Thanks, Barney!
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    Congrats on the new bass! I love my 4003!!!! (And if you don’t like the big cover on the bridge pickup, Pickguardian makes some nice replacement pieces to cover the hole left behind when you remove it.)
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    Just an FYI, as I see this type of comment a LOT. IRS does not write tax laws, it enforces them. Your ELECTED Senators and Congressmen are the ones who make the laws. Getting mad at the IRS is like being angry at the police officer who pulled you over for speeding - HE didn't set the speed limit, but it's his job to enforce it.
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    I've been advised to pass along the fact that it's a Hamer-style profile on the neck.
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    What's a stove? Is that something like a microwave oven?
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    That's the way GAS goes...famine for TOO long, then BAM! Feast time! Congrats, and pics please!
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    I've always had Fender scale guitars until I got my Newport, but the shorter scale on that isn't all that noticeable to me. Unless one likes playing at the higher frets or has sausage fingers, I'm not sure why the shorter scale would bother one much.
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    Thanks Bloozguy! I do appreciate it!
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    Kinda good thing I was not dialed in. That would have been hard to resist! You always have great stuff, Ken!
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    Godin LGX (still here) HuBeR JuBiLeE. A Dolphin in its natural habitat. Saw on guitarguy.com ten years ago for $1100 and didn't jump. It's a Greco or one of the other high end MIJ copies.
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    Here’s a cool perspective of a great band!
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    Yes, they really are that good! Had one in my workshop a couple of years! Best mini transisitor amp on the market IMO and yes, they do sound like a tube amp...
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    Let’s face it, often the CDs our buddies, local acts in our town, weekend warriors and friends of friends make are fairly worthless as far as listening enjoyment goes. We buy their CDs mainly just to be “nice” but listen to them once or maybe even twice never to be heard again. Jakeboy’s CD is a total exception to that rule. His latest album is REALLY good... I mean fugging GOOD!!! Self promotion is super hard... I literally cannot do it for myself, yet I feel almost a compulsion to implore anyone who is a fan of 70s AOR electric-guitar-rock to give this latest AC Rev album a chance, The songs are fantastic, it sounds great and the guitar playing is AWESOME! Drums and vocals are really good too... this is the only CD I have been playing for the last two weeks!!
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    I like my THR5. It has a lot of useful features, is easy to travel with and has software where you can save custom patches to your home computer. The controls are very interactive and it's easy to get good sounds out of it. The THR10 (as per the OP) has even more flexibility and sounds. While I feel the iRig has made the THR line a bit of a dinosaur, all of the various versions remain popular. Yamaha does not know how to make a bad product, it seems.
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    Responding to almost every band mentioned in this thread... Who? I went from 22-32 in the 90s, for reference. So right in the heart of a target market. Ah, well. I was pretty hip on Veggie Tales and Thomas the Tank Engine.
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    When the people you work with are the same age as your kids When you add personal sound effects "oof" to simple things like bending over to pick something up When you hear "Hot for Teacher" on the radio and realize it's over thirty-five freakin' years old!!!! When your new, high tech, modern racing bicycle is from 2000 "What a piece of crap! They sure don't make ________ like they used to!"
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    Yeah, same here. I got into Phish and some other jam bands then, and really dug in deep with blues rock. I started following the blues circuit too. I hated ‘90s radio with a passion. Every now and then you’d hear something cool like Girlfriend or Shakin’ the Blues from The Screamin’ Cheetah Wheelies, some Black Crowes or Blues Traveler, but essentially ‘90s mainstream music sucked to me,
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    ...Not that Blitz case are all that easy to find either these days!
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    Does case candy include that lovely orange placeholder there? I'm not an orange fan, but the TSO Newports are still my favorite.
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    Is this one a HFC approved color ? 25/50 VAC w/reverb
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    You walk by a club and they don't hand you a flyer.
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    My hero, the one and only Mr. Dangerfield.
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    Anorther +1 for the D'Addario EXPs. I use the Med set I LOVE them(but I don't like paying for them) $$$
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