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    Hey there, guys! Surprisingly, Kev did reply to my texto. I wrote to him something inspired by a conversation I had with @Ting Ho Dung a few months ago —Michael and I do chat often and had already talked about this. Kev’s reply, though still a bit sad and nostalgic, also sounds like he’s already seeing some light at the end of the tunnel. I toyed with the idea of transcribing the whole thing for you guys, but finally decided to share here only what directly concerns the HFC —no need to tell you why. So, I beg your indulgence. This is what I’m willing to share for now, which isn’t much, but at least you’ll see he says “hi” to us all here:
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    It’s me who has Kev’s 4-digit Standard. I have his email and his phone number. I even worked with him on a side project —successfully, must I add. However, at a given moment he stopped replying to my emails. He did tell me he was having problems with his wrist —I think it’s no longer a secret around here. I haven’t tried to text him or to call him ever since. I guess it’s about time though. The man is a great individual and an awesome musician.
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    so I'm down in florida, (parents getting to that age) so I had to get away from the house... trek up to Sarasota to hit sam ash then swing over to GC near the mall and see this thing on the top row in the used section... Kind of freaky, but looking at a distance, was like, hmmm... that's a usa sn pattern… so I got em to grab it... dig it, and plunked down a deposit while it sits on police hold. played great, felt great, nice V neck, frets are excellent (it's an 09)... interesting inlays, had a hankering for a Dean Z but not loving those Dean Select imports at $899. (899? the new reality for an import) yikes,.. but let that go... Nothing like some retail therapy. better pics when it arrives 1-2 weeks. Dave
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    Haven't communicated since we wrestled that guitar through customs, but he was cheerful, practical, and not looking back at the time.
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    ...and the Mirage is gone! But it stays in the family.
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    Photo and concept by Sean Cummings. Appropriately includes two British amplifiers. Ain't this a beautimous presentation? Sent to me from a longtime friend in San Diego, and who wouldn't want to pass this along on this holiday? Thanks, Barney!
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    Robbin sold off a LOT of his stuff towards the end. Several of his other guitars are owned by HFC member(s) as well. That one is legit, and there are buyers everywhere for these things.
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    Arrived yesterday. An exceptional guitar in better than advertised condition. I'm assuming that the Duncan Seth Lovers are a post-factory addition. Wouldn't a '96 come with the '59 and JB set? I'm definitely not complaining -they sound great.
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    So I bought a Gibson ES-Les Paul during the CME blowout of late 2017. Never bonded with it. Then my Shishkov arrived and it became clear that the Gibson was gonna go. I don’t mind trading with a reputable dealer, and I find that if you buy something right you can make a trade work pretty well. The Gibson is already at Dave’s and I have a new Rickenbacker 4003S in Mapleglo on its way. Traded even up so I virtually broke even on the Gibson. So what do I do next? Back to CME for the July 4th sale. Fender MIJ Jazz Bass Fretless in 3 color sunburst “used, floor model” for under $650 shipped. I’ve had the same two basses since 1998. I just doubled my bass count in a week and I’m still surfing around for a fretted Jazz Bass. Stupid GAS.
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    I found a few pics so you can see what the Pickguardian parts look like, and how my bass looks after the swap. The white plate that covers the hole is a little brighter than the Rickenbacker plastic, but most people would never notice. The second piece (the clear plate) is the pickup mount. All the holes lined up and the parts fit perfectly. The order and delivery went smoothly, though it was at least 5 years ago. I enjoy the bass much more with that big chrome piece gone. Hope you enjoy yours for many years to come! Post a few pics when it arrives! (And yeah, I'll bet that Aria was really nice!)
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    I know someone here bought his Hell Standard, and I thought some of you had communicated with him personally. Does anyone know how he's doing these day? His playing on those Hell albums was amazing, and it was cool to see him hanging around here.
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    Very cool, and very funky! I like Prince, but I usually only listen to his hits...which is kinda like only reading a 'Yearbook' supplement out of a stack of Encyclopedias! His output was/is staggering. I remember reading this article on Reverb a couple of weeks ago, he really seemed to like discovering new ways to use sound and equipment! https://reverb.com/news/prince-and-the-linn-lm-1
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    Dave I always like your posts. USA Dean's are great, getting one is on my list!
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    Love the color scheme and the inlays are over the top!!! That alone makes that guitar killer!!
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    Dean rocks. I love the painting schema of this one. Congratulations!
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    HELL was his baby, the dream of his life finally turned into reality. Losing it in a such... unlikely way, it was a heavy blow. I empathize tremendously with Kev. It never was a matter of income though. I’m well aware of his main job, and of the fact HELL never was more than “a professional hobby”, as he used to say. But he lost his “ikigai”. The grief was terrible. 😞 Luckily, he’s still alive and slowly moving on. 🙏🙇
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    Very cool! Well made guitars too from my experience. Rock on!!
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    Really enjoyed Hell. Crying shame they are no longer around. Usually bands like that do pretty well on those metal festival circuit.
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    I dig that one a lot, especially the fleur de lis inlays. Never seen that before.
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    Just an FYI, as I see this type of comment a LOT. IRS does not write tax laws, it enforces them. Your ELECTED Senators and Congressmen are the ones who make the laws. Getting mad at the IRS is like being angry at the police officer who pulled you over for speeding - HE didn't set the speed limit, but it's his job to enforce it.
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    A: My latest guitar: https://davesguitar.com/products/fender/limited-edition-sandblasted-tele-14/ This is my first Fender USA-made (as opposed to a Fender clone put together with USA parts) guitar in a VERY long time. It looks promising, has a two-piece ash body, old-style Tele bridge with brass saddles, and a '70's style headstock logo. With the exception of the sandblasted ash body, it's essentially an American Special Tele. I'd remembered reading about Fender making these Ltd. Ed. 'sandblasted' Teles and Strats a couple of years ago; so when I saw this particular one at DGS, I went to Google to comparison shop for similar ones from past sales/listings on Reverb and Ebay...turns out, there was once a used American Standard Tele version for sale a few years ago at DGS...i'm including that old link here. I think of the two, I prefer the version I snagged over the American Standard version: https://davesguitar.com/products/fender/limited-edition-sandblasted-american-standard-tele-11/ I'm a fan of wood finishes vs. fancy paint jobs, which is what got my attention with this Tele in the first place, especially since it's made from ash. Has anybody here owned one of those 'sandblasted' guitars, or at least played one of those? Any thoughts? In the meantime, I'll be waiting for it to arrive in the next few days.
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    Like @crunchee, I like Prince, but haven’t explored much more than his hits. And BTW, that Superbowl show he gave in 2007 was tremendous.
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    Nice Tele, crunch! Thank GAWD you actually bought something from a site you’ve been pimping (“no affiliation”) for so long.
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    That brown one does nothing for me but the blue one you bought is beautiful.
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    Nice, I ended up with a Lifton Case for my 58 Reissue from Dave's last night. About a 3rd less then i've seen them go for, shipping and tax included!
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    How did I not know that was 35 miles away? Nice pickup. I have 09 440. Baby Z in Korina with P90s. Enjoy that and Dibs perhaps!
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    You would absolutely pay via Paypal, funded by a credit card. If it never shows up, you have two lines of defense. Having spent some time in the USSR in the late 1980s, I can tell you they do not hate Americans, they wanted to be Americans.
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    I was impressed with the one I tried. Big wide sound from such a little box.
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    I hope he's able to work with or around the wrist issues. Having your life/livelihood go away due to injury sucks, especially when it's not something usually considered highly physically strenuous.
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    No, they came with Seths. Had a 96 with Seths, just bought a 98 recently, also with Seths. 59/JB was optional. And be grateful, they sound better in the Artist.* That's a lovely guitar. Glad it's even nicer than the pics. *According to my personal tastes, but you know, this is the internet so I'll just say it's universal.
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    The Mirage PSA was bad enough. It's when I noticed your PT #5 clone that sent me straight off the f*cking cliff.
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    Also, if you don't like the bridge on your 4003, you can always check out the solid Hipshot replacements. I never cared much for the original Rick bridge, especially since the bridge base/tailpiece is hollow, and string tension can cause the end of the bridge base/tailpiece to lift away from the front of the bass slightly. Back in the '80's, Rickenbacker actually added two extra screws in the tailpiece area, to prevent that from happening. Why they discontinued using the two extra screws is a mystery to me.
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    Tracy Morgan's so funny... "I do karate and get girls pregnant"😆
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    That's the way GAS goes...famine for TOO long, then BAM! Feast time! Congrats, and pics please!
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    Received the Reverb boxes right away. First impression is they look good. Sturdy, thick construction, albeit folded in half as stated. Just finished packing a guitar for shipment tomorrow and I can say without any hesitation that in the event something does happen to this guitar en route, it won't be because the box was shipped to me folded in half.
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    We were front row for Mavis’ show opening for Joe Jackson a few years back. Most amazingly, Stephen Colbert was on bass... 😆
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    That Standel in the middle...yow! Is that an accordion amp? Bet it sounds great. Thanks for the share, WM.
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    I like my THR5. It has a lot of useful features, is easy to travel with and has software where you can save custom patches to your home computer. The controls are very interactive and it's easy to get good sounds out of it. The THR10 (as per the OP) has even more flexibility and sounds. While I feel the iRig has made the THR line a bit of a dinosaur, all of the various versions remain popular. Yamaha does not know how to make a bad product, it seems.
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