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    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity. Although his mother would have prefered he become a haberdasher, an HFC Member with access to a laser engraving machine generously offered to adorn other member's backplates with the rocking skeleton image featured in your picture, an etching of the calcified remnants of what many believe represented Hamer's integrity following their acquisition by FMIC. As for whom that member was? It is a far, far better thing that he did, than I have ever done; So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
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    Excellent condition. More pics here. $2700, shipped (Cont US) and insured. Sold.
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    "Just wait." Hey, you know that riddle which begins, "How do you keep an asshole in suspense?"
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    Exactly. While this pretentious douche is telling people to "wait," Mike Shishkov is building masterpiece after masterpiece. And all the while proving to be one of the nicest persons with whom you will ever interact. "Just wait while I finish up this custom ordered Condor." GTFO.
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    Someone did it as a goof. Others liked it. It was decided to round up interested parties and place a bulk order. They were ordered and distributed. It was not nearly as exciting as you were hoping.
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    First Under the Wire and Sleeper Cather have played thousands of times in my rotation of life, in large part due to his bass lines. Rumor is he left after "Wire" to pursue spiritual things. Two of my all time favorite bass players, John Deacon and George McArdle both left the music world for different reasons but I have truly missed them. They both left permanent impressions on how I play and write bass lines. Crank up "Cool Change" for me, that is a precious tune.....
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    thread_hijack/ /puerile_emphasis
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    I was gonna say - Ray Manzarek?
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    They didn't have a bass player. So, indeed, less IS more.
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    I was fortunate enough to see them on the 'High n Dry' tour in Kansas City. Damn that was an awesome show!
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    The riffage penned by Steve Clark and Pete "Hamer with legs" Willis has stood the test of time. I wish the lads could have better handled their penchant for hooch.
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    Five is really really tough and is subject to change... George McArdle, early Little River Band (76-79) Heavily influenced how I play today. Geddy Lee John Deacon, another very heavy influence on how I play and a great songwriter Meshell NDegeocello, Played and sang on Mellencamp's cover of Wild Night and simply a great player and person. Victor Wooten Five is really hard....
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    Joe Osborn Larry Graham Dennis Dunaway Billy Sheahan Geezer Sometimes less is more. Like the guy in the Doors whose name escapes me.
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    Hi all, Someone might like this? Unique Engraved Gordon Smith GS1 (1990) - I recall it has a Lollar P90(?) - but to be fair the pickup identity is a bit irrelevant on this Hand Engraved by world class British Gun Engraver (Westley Richards, Rigby, Holland and Holland, Purdey, Boss etc).All mahogany body and set neck. Slim wide neck profile rosewood board, fast low action, and flat fingerboard. Weight is 7.05lbs. Trades invited for something interesting and awesome, for example - Unique, rare or early Hamers of any description 1961-63 Gibson SG Jr or Special Vintage USA and USA Custom shop BC Rich - Long Horn Mockingbird, Bich, Eagle. Surprise me! International shipping AOK as required. What do you think?
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    Tax Season is over and I have lots of time on my hands. So, I thought it would be cool to educate myself. Your five won't be my five. So, here goes. In no particular order. 1. Chris Squire 2. John Entwistle 3. Jaco Pastorius 4. Jack Bruce 5. Carol Kaye
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    @pablo are you looking for a bass?.. This one will match your blow up doll?Look at this on eBay https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F283545333885
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    Jaco Pastorius,Jonas Hellborg,Eberhard Weber,Edgar Meyer,Ron Carter
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    There is a guy from old russian metal band Aria who was fond of Scepters. See his gear page, scroll down to Hamer section: http://www.holstinin.ru/guitars/
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    They always are.
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    Fav quote from sub bassist last week Me " it's in A minor" Him " it's bass there are no minors"...
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    I'll go with... Berry Oakley Lee Sklar Jamerson Pino Tony Levin As a bass player myself, of course there are many many many more.
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    Shishkov Super-C for the win.
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    If you're asking "why a skeleton?" it refers to their "Tone to the bone" slogan from many years back.
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    Much ado about nothing IMHO. I suppose if you wanted a slightly more authentic and vastly more expensive Cali than, say, one of the imports, you'd be justified in ordering one. But while Jol may have designed the Cali, whatever mojo was infused into those beauties came from the craftsmen in the shop and that DNA, Shishkov notwithstanding, is gone. Honestly, if I wanted a fairly spot on replica of a Cali, I'd have Shane at HEL Guitars build it. YMMV
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    Not sure if Nick Huber received the templates yet to start knocking them out for for him
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    If he builds it, it won't sound or play any better, but it'll be pretty, well built, and cost a fortune.
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    His bass playing is friggin’ sublime. That little bass fill in Reminiscing is a classic! Lonesome Loser’s bass line is just sick... their next album after he left wasn’t quite as good as the others (although the ballad on it wasn’t too bad). I love the band... I include them in my Yacht Rock pantheon. I get to spin “Cool Change” at my DJ gig tomorrow... pretty rare request and I will be playing it a little louder than the rest of my set no doubt. Glad that band means a lot to you, as I appreciate them very much as well.
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    All of the above, PLUS… Mr. Berry Oakley, Sr. RIP.
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    Anyone mention Dave LaRue yet? His work with Steve Morse and John Petrucci on their solo stuff is SOLID...
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    The price is optimistic.
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    jajajajaja you did it ??
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    I saw Def Leppard "Pete Willis era" here in Arizona, really enjoyed it... I remember thinking to myself, these guys are really young and thought they rocked hard!.. always love the songs and his tone on Wasted & Rock Brigade
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    Now, it is said that the lead attorneys for Dean AND Gibson personally play PRS guitars. No one has mentioned their dentists yet......
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    I don't think I have the right to judge any of them. LOL I enjoy Duff McKagan Geezer Butler Flea David Hood Carol Kaye
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    Let me preface this by saying I'm biased, as a former tech/roadie/backliner for one of em (guess which one), but in no particular order: TM Stevens - his solo at Montreaux with Miles Davis led to gigs with everyone from James Brown and Tina Turner to Joe Cocker and The Pretenders, but he was all about the funk and metal with his power trio. He could play anything, and did! Check out "Thumb" for a taste - and his live shows were nonstop energy with ludicrous solos. Dementia is a cruel bitch. Miss you, T! Entwistle Flea Jack Bruce Jaco ETA: Victor! How could I forget W-O-O 10?!
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    I can't just do five... gotta do ten Bass and Drums is where it's at IMHO. I rarely if ever listen to music that has guitar in it as far as listening pleasure goes. 1). Jaco Pastorius 2). Paul Jackson 3). Ron Carter 4). Chuck Rainey 5). Anthony Jackson 6). James Jamerson 7). Chris Squire 8). Geddy Lee 9). Louis Johnson 10). Charlie Haden
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    Charles MingusJames JamersonDuck DunnWillie DixonDavid Hood
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    You would absolutely pay via Paypal, funded by a credit card. If it never shows up, you have two lines of defense. Having spent some time in the USSR in the late 1980s, I can tell you they do not hate Americans, they wanted to be Americans.
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    That's a tough row to hoe, convincing a jury that: Even though most guitars are shaped like Marilyn Monroe and either have one scoop or two scoops (non-guitarist language, bear with me) Gibson's "one scoop" is uniquely theirs... also this "pointy rocket" shape (okay, now the jury is interested)... Gibson has been either so sack-of-gravel stopid that they never noticed Dean, et al making "one scoops" and "pointy rocket" guitars for forty years, OR it didn't damage their profitability all that time... and, After Dean's defense attorney shows about 50 flash cards of"one scoop" and "pointy rocket" guitars to a Gibson witness, with production dates, and asked said witness to list the legal actions taken, Gibson still is right. "("Wow. Everyone has been making pointy rockets and one scoops for decades. Doesn't seem so unique.") As a marketing guy, I'd have quite publicly done the "Gibson is back, we're humble, we're making the guitars people love. We're gonna talk about copies. Imitation is the sincerest of flattery, and love ya'll at Dean, etc. But we do ask that you find your muse, like we found ours, and make the best damn Deans you can, but let us make the best damn Vs we can." (Accompanied by grainy footage of Les and Mary, Page, Clapton, etc.) Be the good guys on the side of the consumer, and put the competition on the defensive.
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    You said you willed it to me! Either way, by the time I'm 80 I won't know a Baker from a bagel. IF I make it that far.
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    ...or sell guitars, ever. Even to the original owner. Even if he begs in a manner unbecoming for a masculine human being.
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    Perfect for that Game Of Thrones cover band! Add a nozzle on the headstock to spit flames. Point at drummer as needed.
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