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    The Mirage 2 that I bought from MCChris last week showed up yesterday. Haven't plugged it in yet, but the guitar is a looker! Light and resonant. Cool flamed maple top on it and the '59 burst is awesome. Almost looks like it has some pink tones in it. Thanks for the deal Chris.
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    I received this Dallas era Schecter PT from the original owner yesterday. A03xx serial number, 21 frets, skunk stripe, squeaky clean and unmolested. Fantastic neck and low action. This replaces the Dallas era Schecter PT (A04xx) I sold 2 years ago.
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    It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity. Although his mother would have prefered he become a haberdasher, an HFC Member with access to a laser engraving machine generously offered to adorn other member's backplates with the rocking skeleton image featured in your picture, an etching of the calcified remnants of what many believe represented Hamer's integrity following their acquisition by FMIC. As for whom that member was? It is a far, far better thing that he did, than I have ever done; So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past.
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    Very good condition. Ding on the back of the neck. More pics here. Pictured with the original Seth Lovers, the guitar has Lollar'Trons installed and has been set-up with EXL-115W. Original pickups will be included in the case. Ebony board. $1900, shipped (Cont US) and insured.
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    Excellent condition. More pics here. $2700, shipped (Cont US) and insured. Sold.
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    You can't quite tell but I'm also wearing a Cheap Chick button in this really old shot taken at a show in Jacksonville a few years ago.
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    Biggest homemade pedalboard I ever had was a Rickenbacker 360 series double-stitched guitar case. Circa early 2000s, Cajun Boy and I tore the foam and fur out, put thin slats and velcro all in it, and put detachable hinges on it. The case lid was the bottom, the "dish" bottom of the case was the removable lid. That case had an A/B/Y amp switching box, a ton of stomboxes in separate effects chains for each amp, two or three bricks powering it all, power strips ... sucker weighed more than the amps. I need to find a pic of it. The board I use now is a homemade aircraft-grade aluminum job, done by old timer HFC'er Mindseye about 10 years ago. It was as big as a door when I got it, huge and my neighbor and I cut it in half with a grinder of some sort. I added a back riser for more shit. Here's a shot I found of it about a year or two ago in one of my rewiring incarnations.
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    Back about 5 years after I started playing (in the 80s), I asked my dad to help me build something for my wah, 3 different drive pedals, delay and I used the DOD power supply they had back then. Bought connectors at Radio Shack and wired them up. My dad was a strong guy, so the end result was heavy, but awesome especially for back then for a 16 year old kid to have. It was probably about 30" wide, 5" or 6" tall with the lid on. The side facing me had a small lip, but the sides angled up toward the back to keep people from stepping on stuff. A nice lid that latched on well, too. Heavy duty rubber feet on the bottom, too. The outside was painted black and the inside painted white to see easily on stage. He also put foam on the inside of the lid so things didn't move around when transporting and heavy duty drawer pulls on either side as handles. Oh, yeah, he didn't use plywood, but some wood he had laying around from some project, so the base, sides and lid were all probably 3/4" thick. Wish I had a photo of that, but who would've thought back then I'd be talking about it now?
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    Congrats - that looks incredible! Those SuperRocks are sublime, especially in single coil mode. I found one on the cheap side years ago - pretty sure that was due to the TremLok, but it works fine for me. Love that guitar. Funny (and fortunate) that the carve on that Tokai neck is *identical* to my PT.
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    think I´ll have to use an other word...breathtaking (Special Thanks to Google translater!)
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    I am selling mine for a fraction of that price. OK, mine has no reverse headstock and no boomers, but hey.
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    Mr. Bones from the back of my Hamer denim jacket with the slogan.
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    On hold deposit received final payment pending arniez
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    John Paul Jones Dug Geddy James Jamerson Lemmy
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    Showed my wife. Wife: “ooh, I like that” me: “it’s birdseye maple” wife: “I like the color, too” me: “it’s natural. It’s for sa...” wife: “I don’t like the cutouts, tho” me: “they’re called f-holes. See, they look like an...” wife: “I don’t like that they call it an f-hole. That’s like a fuck-hole” me: 😑 #shithollysays
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    Awesome top! Ebony board! Two sets of pickups! Great price! Shipping included! AND STILL YOU HESITATE? This is one of those guitars that, in a couple of months, you will be saying "Damn I wish I'd bought that when I could."
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    Anyone come across this recommendation before? https://www.jemsite.com/forums/f21/string-tension-charts-73846.html "STRING TENSION CHARTS All calculations are based on D'Addario nickel wound [NW] and plain steel [PL] strings. Custom sets can be put together using single strings. D'Addario and Ernie Ball are two string manufacturers offering singles. I put together my own set because I was tired of the sloppy B and low E strings in a regular 9-42 set (a common trend in all standard sets), as well as the sloppy B-string on a 7-string guitar. For the sake of good tone, consistency and feel, electric guitar strings should gradually rise in tension as the diameter increases. To some of us, this is known as an "optimized" or "progressive tension" set. Currently there are no string manufacturers offering optimized sets except for Alex at Zachary Custom Guitars. If you wish to experiment, these charts will hopefully be useful to you."
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    When 'grandkids' is in your vocabulary...
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    Jealous. My black PT is the one guitar I regret selling (over 25 years ago).
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    Stunner! and, as always, great pictures.
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    DIBS!! Congrats. Y’all know I loves me some mirages. I am of the opinion that they are not loved nor appreciated nearly as much as they should be. That one already has the Wilkie and JB swapped out so it should be good to go.
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    That hurt to watch. I wasn't sure if it was Pete or my friend's crazy Auntie Joan Cusano from back in Bridgeport. Say what you will, but Pete looks WAYSTED.
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    Congrats to the buyer and thumbs up to the seller! 👍 Gabe 😀
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    Duck Dunn Gary Tallent L. Sklar Suzi Quatro John Paul Jones
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    Fav quote from sub bassist last week Me " it's in A minor" Him " it's bass there are no minors"...
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    Exactly. While this pretentious douche is telling people to "wait," Mike Shishkov is building masterpiece after masterpiece. And all the while proving to be one of the nicest persons with whom you will ever interact. "Just wait while I finish up this custom ordered Condor." GTFO.
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    If you're asking "why a skeleton?" it refers to their "Tone to the bone" slogan from many years back.
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    I guess it's NAMM time? They must have noticed Electro Harmonix having some success with their synth/keyboard line, this seems to be in a similar vein. Arpeggiator seems kinda cool, maybe play the intro to Eminence Front on guitar. 🎹 Skip to about 2:50 to start hearing some of it. Way too long of an intro. Surprisingly, the official Boss video was rather useless.
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    His bass playing is friggin’ sublime. That little bass fill in Reminiscing is a classic! Lonesome Loser’s bass line is just sick... their next album after he left wasn’t quite as good as the others (although the ballad on it wasn’t too bad). I love the band... I include them in my Yacht Rock pantheon. I get to spin “Cool Change” at my DJ gig tomorrow... pretty rare request and I will be playing it a little louder than the rest of my set no doubt. Glad that band means a lot to you, as I appreciate them very much as well.
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    All of the above, PLUS… Mr. Berry Oakley, Sr. RIP.
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    Five is really really tough and is subject to change... George McArdle, early Little River Band (76-79) Heavily influenced how I play today. Geddy Lee John Deacon, another very heavy influence on how I play and a great songwriter Meshell NDegeocello, Played and sang on Mellencamp's cover of Wild Night and simply a great player and person. Victor Wooten Five is really hard....
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    Pete Way singing an epic UFO song without his dentures in will have that effect on people, now GO AND SIN NO MORE /thread_hijack
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    Necro-thread-revival... Finally got a 40th anniversary Cadi, NOS from Korea. She will be here in about a week.
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    I love the look, but I can't deal with an all maple body. The tone is brittle to my ears.
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    If you've skipped it, someone else must 've snagged it. Me not, too. 😉 I have an SSH ABM trem-one.
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    When you brace yourself against a counter or table for a sneeze. Gotta protect that back!
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    When you wake up and realize you have somehow injured yourself while sleeping.
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    Going out drinking and bar hopping. I was a pro at this for so many years. Really, a pro. I could hold my liquer with the best of them. Could almost always do and think business when drunk. Represent, being out there. Worked in a cool biz for years. Out there several nights a week, representing. I stopped getting drunk 12 years ago when I became a father. I haven't stopped drinking. I love to drink. I just don't drink much these days. I stopped getting drunk because I could no longer lay in bed or in the sofa until two p.m. watching a movie, let the hangover wear off. I had a baby, I needed to be up at six. And a was irritated and angry when I had a hangover. I got so embarassed with myself when I became irritated on my son for crying, because I had a hang over. So I just stopped drinking, right there and then. Easy decision. But these days, I get so damn tired from alcohol these days. That makes me feel really old. It used to give me energy to stay up all night. Now it gets me tired (most of the time). So that is the reason I don't drink these days. I rather go to the gym our out running. And I like to be up early, to busy to sleep all day. Still like to drink though... one whiskey, perhaps two. Or two, three glasses of wine. A couple of evenings a week. But not more than that. I'm just not built for it anymore.
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    Doing something you used to love to do is too much effort now.
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    I know I’m old because my wife always wants to talk during sex. Last night she called me from a hotel. My wife and I were really very happy for twenty years, then we met... You know you’re old when you’re wife has to retake her drivers test. She got eight out of ten. The other two jumped out of the way. She’s really a great driver though. She hit a deer once, it was in the zoo. You know you’re old when your wife’s cooking is so bad, that the flies fix the screens. I haven’t spoken to my wife in years though. Really, I don’t want to interrupt her. I told our kids about the birds and the bees, they told me about my wife and the butcher... It’s real exciting when you both get old. My wife made me join her bridge club. I jump next Tuesday.
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