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    Earthy goodness flowing in this one ?
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    I have just noticed that on June 25 I made it to 10 years with the HFC and I even passed the 10k content count mark. The latter happened months earlier actually. Due to summer vacation and a busy project this year, I missed out to celebrate on the day. But now it's out. What's the resume? I have made quite some friends over here, met many HFC'lers in person, (absolutely fantastic anytime it happened!), learned a lot, scored some stuff and stimulated a huge amount of GAS. Can it be more? Oh yes, 10k of content is all of amusement, bothering, joking, and helping out whatever my skills and possibilities could do. What stood out of the crowd? (in no particular order) - Zorrow had ordered to send his Mayday-V guitar to my address right from the workshop before he had a chance to touch or see it. There couldn't be more trust! - Zenmindbeginner mastered the CD of my son's band over Easter weekend, since the young boys at the time had announced the CD party concert already, with the date coming close. I remember exchanging, listening and commenting the various versions all over Easter. Many thanks to my wife too! - The HFC-EU meeting a few years back, combined with a visit to the Musikmesse Frankfurt. One of the last fairs where it had plenty of guitars on show. Quite a few people came by from the region, abroad, EU and the world. It had been a wonderful weekend. Those where the times... I love to be here! Thank you all!
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    How did they get to be bandmates in the first place?
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    I'd like to have the pickups constantly spin while playing.
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    While on the subject of Hamer 12-strings, is there any way to find out how many Special 12s were made? Mine has a 1295XX serial number, which I guess makes it a '91? The pickups are not original- I put in some GFS Retrotrons when I got the guitar about 15 years ago. They work much better with the 12 strings than the high output Seymour Duncans that someone else loaded into it before me.
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    ... f*cking bandmates who had eight weeks to practice stuff like Jumping Jack Flash and come to the rehearsal two days prior to the gig having absolutely NO idea what to play. Being a short time replacement or not. Sorry. I just had to let it out.
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    To be fair, I fucking hate playing Jumping Jack Flash. There's only so many goddamned times you can hear a riff older than you before it loses its potency. I've retired all popular stones songs. It's good to be me some days. One of the benefits of being so unpleasant nobody will make music with you is that you don't have to pander to baby boomers with shit taste and a very narrow musical palette.
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    Living that dream currently. Then they get on me about being grumpy before shows. I love these guys like brothers which is why I'm venting here and not clubbing them like baby seals.
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    Would’ve been funnier if you told bubs your hearing wasn’t LOOSE. Nor were you LOSING it... ?
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    Yeah, I think that function blows up whenever we're all talking mad shit about Spidey's infinite lack of decorum and grace to each other on the sly
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    Paragraphs are created with the Enter key. We really like paragraphs here. We are rude about it, but if you want us to read, comprehend, and immerse ourselves in your typewritten thoughts we need paragraphs. We will care about what you have to share with us, but only when we get paragraphs.
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    Looks pretty nice. Hamer Studio Custom GT P-90 2005 Goldtop https://reverb.com/item/26222194-hamer-studio-custom-gt-p-90-2005-goldtop?utm_source=ios-app&utm_medium=share
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    Robbin was a big dude. Note that whilst sitting down, he's roughly the same height as Jol.
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    Here we have a special model of a mid-90s Hamer. This is part of a special, Japan only run called, I believe, the Special FM-LE. It is essentially a Special FM with body binding (the normal Special FM is unbound). This particular guitar has a nice thick quilt maple cap over a 1-piece mahogany body. The neck is also mahogany with an unbound rosewood fingerboard. The frets are in great shape with only the tiniest of wear. The neck is a nice vintage medium C shape and the guitar plays nice up and down the neck. This guitar originally came to me with a set of Duncan pickups, a 59 in the neck and a Custom in the bridge. However, the neck pickup had an issue and needed a rewind repair. While waiting, I dropped in a pair of JM Rolph pickups that I had. These pickups are a nice match to this guitar and I saw no reason to put the original pickups back in. The original pickups (including the repaired neck pickup) will be included. The guitar is in very good condition. There is a small ding through the finish on the corner near the bottom tone knob and a small indent close by (see pics). The original hard shell case is included $1,700 shipped/paypal'd - NOW $1,100 I posted a couple of pics below, there are more on the reverb listing https://reverb.com/item/26020571-1994-amber-hamer-special-fm-le-w-jm-rolph-pickups
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    A few things for sale. 2018 Gibson Custom shop 1958 explorer reissue VOS, antique mahogany, once pc body (approx. 7 lb 11 oz), near mint, plays and sounds killer, all stock, with custom buckers, all case SOLD... arrived safely at new home 2019 Charvel pro mod, burgundy mist, ebony board, mint as new, stock, I had to have one in burgundy mist with ebony... but I have a cool pro mod hardtail that is just easier for me so this one basically unplayed thru no fault of it's own . Comes with with a nice Roadrunner Pending sale Thx Friedman Fuzz Fiend Sold friedman motor city drive Sold
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    In one band I hated being the only one setting up the PA system while the other guys were eating and having drinks with friends. At show time I was sweaty and hungry. The other guys could not understand why.
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    Well if he was hurt, or something I'd understand.
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    Uninjured? Damn. Harsh!
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    I HATE bandmates that arrive late for a gig uninjured. Drummers who forget their f'n cymbals at the practice space and don't realize it until they're setting up an hour and a half AFTER they unloaded their kit into the holding area in the pub. Bandmates that ask at every gig for the last six months "do we have any tape?" but never think to actually toss a roll into their car to bring with them. Bandmates that have been playing the same songs for three years and STILL have no idea what key the song is in or the arrangement. Wow. This is cathartic.. Thanks!
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    You say that about ALL of them.
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    PSA - someone has #28 up on Reverb for a little bit more ($2999.99). https://reverb.com/item/26256205-hamer-studio-usa-carved-top-natural-burst-30th-anniversary-rare-limited Wish I wasn't broke right now!
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    Don't mind old Studio Custom, meathead. He woke up on the wrong side of the web. But, as impressive as your short novel is, he has a point. Just no tact.
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    In case you hadn't heard. You are allowed to use the ENTER button to create space when you write. Then your writings do not appear as a massive jumbled brain fart. ?
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    I think it's a combination of Jol being slight of build and Robbin having been 6' 5". Camera perspective makes all the difference. To wit: Jol's cranium looks much larger in this file photo taken of Jol and Paul at the very moment that Jol is nixing Kizanski's request for a custom order specification.
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    I might be fat, but I'm not lopsided.
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    Or he's sitting on a bar stool... or Jol is short... or Jol is a few feet behind Robbin... Look at Jol's pinhead in that photo. I don't think he was standing as close to Robbin as it appears. You'd think a guy with that much self importance would need a larger cranium to corral it, but there it is.
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    Oh man, that a sweet one. I wanted one of those myself. The color-shift paint is really cool!! Congrats!
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    Can't speak to a Ric 620/12 since I've never had my mitts on one, but my 366/12 was a squeeze even for my skinny fingers. The Eclipse 12 solved all that and gave me all the classic electric 12 tones right out of the box. Would have loved a Newport 12 but me, the guitar and the money never got together at the same time and place. PS, +1 on the pearloid tuner buttons.
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    Careful or you'll get gangrene from those strings. Must be the original set.
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    these are a few pictures of the guitar
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    Yes. I got it from AdmiralB (before I totally pissed him off) and sent it on its way to the K. Standards sit in your lap so fine. The constant erection pressing into your upper chest is a bit annoying, but the neck is perfectly placed. ? 5️⃣ ? ? ?
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    Holy Shit!! I’ve had a 12 Eclipse on the radar for a long time... but THAT GUITAR is a very special Special!!! I didn’t know that Unicorn existed!!
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    Can we finally get a consensus on how butter plays? I have to tell you, I find regular butter to be a PIA and difficult to spread. Thankfully I was not alone and this came along: But what are we supposed to say now? Spreads as easy as your mom after three drinks?
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    Well in that case some Blind Illusion and Possessed songs are absolutely MANDATORY!!!
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    Slayer’s playing the Oakland Arena on their final tour soon. Among the openers? Yep, you guessed it! Bay Area dork-funksters, PRIMUS!! I’ll wait for the dvd...
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    Sad. I play the shit out of my Triple Threat and it's keeps getting better with time. The LE's are tremendous instruments and designed to be used as such.
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    Here's the latest incarnation of the homemade board I've been using for the last 25 years or so. The top is 12” x 18”, pegboard painted with Rustoleum hammertone paint. There's a Voodoo PedalPower 2+ under the deck. The rest is pretty self-explanatory. Just for fun, I also have this board, set up for surf rock. It's made out of an old skim board my kids outgrew. With this one, I can get away with a simple OneSpot supply and a daisy chain.
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    Verily, verily. And with that in mind, "Paging Mr. Dimarzio to the double-cream courtesy phone..."
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    Exactly. While this pretentious douche is telling people to "wait," Mike Shishkov is building masterpiece after masterpiece. And all the while proving to be one of the nicest persons with whom you will ever interact. "Just wait while I finish up this custom ordered Condor." GTFO.
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    If you're asking "why a skeleton?" it refers to their "Tone to the bone" slogan from many years back.
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    Necro-thread-revival... Finally got a 40th anniversary Cadi, NOS from Korea. She will be here in about a week.
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    He's 2 for 2 with me!
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    Shut your bloody hole, bitch.
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    Ok here. Let's start with 0099, then.
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