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    Can't speak to what it does for tone but a gratuitous pic of my Boogie. I think it must sound better than vinyl covered plywood.
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    Damn, I vividly remember that magazine issue and that photo. I’m sure I still have the mag somewhere. Cool guitar!
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    A HFC member based in the uK recently posted asking if there were any UK-based luthiers trustworthy enough to refret his 86 Chap custom. Well yes, there is and that bloke is me! Appraisal video inc. unboxing, first impressions and what I think we should do:
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    I’m curious there are even 5 TB Tallies around. From the sales frequency, I would expect about 3 or 4 at max. About two are residing in Germany.
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    Talladega’s are great! And so is the trans-black one that I sold to Montelovesco, a light and resonant guitar. Gabe ?
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    I do that with my POD (the kidney). The Spinal Puppets factory preset is just killer in headphones. I always take that on my condo trips to the beach. Bad for the ears and good for a headache though...
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    Another thing to be aware of (and muddy the waters even more), is that IIRC Hamer Specials from the early '80s had a slightly narrower neck at the nut, at least the ones I used to own. I can't remember the exact measurement but it was definitely noticeable to me at the time, at least 1 5/8" wide but it could have been less than that, kinda like the typical mid-late '60's Gibson neck size at the nut. I think I disliked the narrower nut/neck even more than I did slim profile necks. Perhaps somebody here on the board can do some checking and comparing on that if they haven't already?
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    Lo-fi was right....I was wanting the 70s back the entire 80s decade lol.
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    Just got confirmation of my place in line and the number assigned. I was hoping for a cool number and I think this fits the bill. #0123 edited the title of the thread to reflect this...
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    My Baker BJ Elite is all Korina. It has a fantastic "mahogany-style" sound with just a bit warmer top end, to my ears. I've owned a bunch of Gibson Korina Flying V guitars and the only one that sounded funky was a bit heavy for me. If I were to make a simple analogy; Limba sounds like mahogany. Let the death threats commence! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also have the only Korina Chandler Telepathic that was featured in Guitar Player Magazine. It's, basically, a Tele thin-line. Very warm sounding guitar compared to Fenders of similar configuration. Seymour hand wound the pickups for the prototypes (mine is one of three models featured in the magazine).
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