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    Looks to me like they ran over the wrong thing...
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    If there's one thing I hate, it's a missed opportunity. All of those guitars should have been plugged in and feeding back at a high volume. In a Townshend-like crescendo, they would one-by-one get crushed and muted, and when the carnage was completed, the tractor idles and then turns off as well. And then an ominous silence.
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    Tommy - you could change it up and rotate your picture 90°.
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    Can't speak to what it does for tone but a gratuitous pic of my Boogie. I think it must sound better than vinyl covered plywood.
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    I'm with you. Not as assholeish as Fender destroying all the Hamer stuff, but still pretty stupid.
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    Sad. I had a Classic 30, a Classic 50, a Delta Blues. I thought they were well made. Good bang for the buck. The tweed lined up perfectly. How many workers lost their jobs?
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    Cmatthes and Shark are exactly right. Accounting rules (and associated tax laws) force corporate entities' hands on such matters. It makes much more sense (and cents) to declare inventory damaged or spoiled than it is to donate it whilst seeking a charitable deduction against earnings. That said, a somewhat more creative and inherently riskier means of doing the same thing would have allowed for some of the brand's metal-genre endorsers to smash a "loaned" Firebird X at each of their live performances. Technically, that's not kosher in the financial/legal sense, but it would have been infinitely more entertaining to watch.
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    Done - it looks much cooler now!
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    Aha! Thanks. I was tired and/or under the influence last night when I traced the circuit. The 1m grid leak is actually connected above the 47K cathode. That makes this a long tailed pair phase inverter. That makes more sense.
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    Saw this on the local (Nashville) 10 PM news tonight. It's not new news, but the topic is getting closer to home, literally. Ash is one of my all-time favorite guitar woods, too: https://www.newschannel5.com/news/invasive-beetle-could-destroy-13-percent-of-tree-canopy-in-middle-tennessee Another way of saying that 13% of ash trees may be destroyed (or is it 13% of all trees, of which the dead/dying ones just so happen to be ash? The news report isn't very clear on that point), is one out of every eight. Of course, YMMV, depending on how hungry these little bastards are, and how quickly they reproduce and spread. There are other ways to try to control these beetles besides treating every ash tree, that wasn't mentioned in the news report; such as introducing 'stingless' wasps (a natural predator to these beetles, and supposedly harmless to nearly anything else). Woodpeckers like to chow down on these beetles, too...but there's not a big enough population of woodpeckers around to take care of all of them, apparently. I checked out The Wood Database website, and noticed this little blurb in the Sustainability section: "This wood species is not listed in the CITES Appendices, but is on the IUCN Red List. It is listed as critically endangered due to a projected population reduction of over 80% in the next three generations, caused by effects of introduced taxa." https://www.wood-database.com/white-ash/ I didn't even realize that ash was on the IUCN Red List until I read that. The IUCN website doesn't look very encouraging...time to stock up on ash-bodied Fenders, perhaps? https://www.iucnredlist.org/species/61918430/61918432 Edited to add: The fact that Gibson's Firebird X has/had ash bodies doesn't help.
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    Went to see Living Colour last night in Manchester. Vernon had the yin yang Hamer and his new PRS. Played the whole set with the Hamer 👍
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    No affiliation. Here we have an instant flip, or an awesome score: https://philadelphia.craigslist.org/msg/d/chambersburg-guitar-and-amp/6946216763.html $500?! Looks like a blackface AA764 Champ Amp (with clean original slip cover) and a Teisco or some other interesting 60s axe. The Champ should go for more without asking, and the guitar is just a freebie, as far as I'm concerned. If I wasn't flat broke, I'd have picked it up yesterday! Someone save me, and snag this bargain!
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    I dunno. That Fred Mertz is a real looker.
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    All that rosewood...
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    With all the Allman Brothers zombies out there one of them must have done that kind of research.
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    Peavey stuff used to be the stuff of road bands!! Amps, PA’s in bars there was a ton of it out there. I once had a rack of 6 1200 watt power amps just for subs. Heavy as hell but they had the thump!
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    A damn fine deal...even if the amp requires work...
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    Guys - simply donating these was really not a viable option - that’s not how corporations work. Gibson spend millions (reportedly) on the R&D and production of these turdful instruments, they tried to force them on an unreceptive dealer and customer base, and ultimately, had to recall and store a TON of these unsold abominations in a warehouse...for years. This is all an incredibly expensive proposition, and while I’m sure it seems super easy to just box these up and send them to inner city or depressed rural school music programs, that’s not the way that works either. There’s a research cost involved with that, paperwork and labor expense and also determining what (if any) potential tax implications exist - favorable or not. In the end, it is far more fiscally and justifiable to write them off as a loss, which requires them being declared unfit/unsafe, and then destroying them. This has been going on for years, and Gibson isn’t the only musical instrument company that does/has done this. I’ve seen pallets of stringed instruments heading for the crusher/dumpster in New Hartford, seen nearly perfect, expensive PRS guitars get band-sawed, and much more (yet, somehow, Heritage and Carvin still sent out their crap, but I digress...😆). At the end of the day, it’s a corporate financial decision, and emotions and charitable thoughts have no place in that realm.
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    John Hiatt said it best: There outta be a law with no bail. Smash a guitar and you go to jail. With no chance for early parole. You don't get out 'til you get some soul.
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    In the mid-'80s, legendary discounter Rhythm City in Atlanta displayed a caricature portrait of Hartley with an international "No" symbol (red circle w/ diagonal slash) over it. Once owned a Firenza w. P-90s. Excellent instrument but I needed a maple fretboard. Still got a Wolfgang Special, and those two models seems awfully close to each other, ergonomically and aesthetically.
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    Its total madness, they could have been given to Schools and youth centres.
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    I’m curious there are even 5 TB Tallies around. From the sales frequency, I would expect about 3 or 4 at max. About two are residing in Germany.
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    Talladega’s are great! And so is the trans-black one that I sold to Montelovesco, a light and resonant guitar. Gabe 😃
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    I think I used that rationale in the opposite direction when I BOUGHT my newport pro. 😉
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    Maybe they will play better afterward.
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    I hope those where fakes!! I gotta say seeing guitars get squished and ruined made me kinda uneasy... I was cringing, stomach flip and flop uneasy...
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    Played Peavey amps in every size throughout most of my youth. Had a kick ass VTM 50 watt and matching 4 x 12 amp in my 20's. For the aspiring bedroom rock star, you couldn't beat 'em.
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    I may drive up for the inspection just to see whats what. I could use a band saw.
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    Another thing to be aware of (and muddy the waters even more), is that IIRC Hamer Specials from the early '80s had a slightly narrower neck at the nut, at least the ones I used to own. I can't remember the exact measurement but it was definitely noticeable to me at the time, at least 1 5/8" wide but it could have been less than that, kinda like the typical mid-late '60's Gibson neck size at the nut. I think I disliked the narrower nut/neck even more than I did slim profile necks. Perhaps somebody here on the board can do some checking and comparing on that if they haven't already?
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    One of my all time favourite bands and particular guitar is why I wanted to try Hamers and Chaps specifically
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    From what I read, this auction process is a long-overdue liquidation of NIB/returned finished goods, along with raw materials and components from lines that were shutdown or scuttled a few years ago.
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    I use a Delta Blues (1x15) fairly regularly. Awesome amp, actually
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    Lemme know if they have a stash of 'Peavey Powered' bumper stickers for sale, I can use them as product camouflage on my guitar cases.
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    The blistering midrange honk would solicit every Canada goose within 200 miles, you wouldn't even need a duck blind or shotgun to render them
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    What happened? Did the landfill run out of room?
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    Lo-fi was right....I was wanting the 70s back the entire 80s decade lol.
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    I’ve done it many times. I’ve mixed them too. A aln 3 with aln 5 shuffling the deck to get a different tone. Peter Bilthof builds them that way. Got a bridge pup that’s got to much bite... slide out 1 side and trade a 5 for a 2. Potted pup’s require a heat gun (that’s what I use). It’s fun tonal tinkering. I’m also one of the crazy’s that will roll multiple sets of tubes to get what I think is the best tone. Just always loved doing that kinda stuff...
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    Just got confirmation of my place in line and the number assigned. I was hoping for a cool number and I think this fits the bill. #0123 edited the title of the thread to reflect this...
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    My daughter graduated and moved in to her own apartment. That meant a free bedroom! I currently have my music "room" in a converted screen porch which I added walls, windows and sliding doors as well as A/C. Nice but I have a corner of about 8 by 8 that I use. Now I get to move in to the 12 by 11 bedroom! First step, fix up the daughter's room and move son in it. Then new paint and flooring in the son's previous bedroom. Finishing the trim this morning and should start moving in today.
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    I got this Output Platform desk when setting up my little studio,,,, thought about building it myself since it's essentially just high grade plywood and a few minor parts but I already had too many things to build at the time, so I bought theirs... it is perfect for my little control room. Instead of two monitors I've got one wide monitor and that left room to place an 8" studio monitor on each side. 9u available rack space in this design but if you build your own you can modify that of course. https://output.com/platform?msclkid=ff0d4e4380de1db14018137fd49393d4&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Platform - Search US %2F Canada&utm_term=output desk&utm_content=Output Platform
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    We’re experiencing the Ash Bore bug dilemma here in South Dakota also. I have around 2 dozen century old ash trees on my acreage. Right now 2 had it and where taken down that where infected and the rest treated (which is very expensive) I’ll try to save them but I’m afraid I’m fighting a loosing battle. My neighbor had to take one down that was over 7ft at the base and was estimated at over 80ft tall (the tree guy’s boom only went to 60ft) The trunk was huge and over 30ft long so he wanted to mill it down. The county wouldn’t let him, it had to be destroyed. That would of made a lot of great furniture, trim or cabinets. Not guitars tho, northern ash is to heavy.
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    Here in England (and Western Europe), a fungal disease also known as Chalara is killing off Ash trees at an alarming rate. Not far from my house there was a wood with over 50 fully grown Ash trees, sadly they were all affected and had to be cut down and burnt, believe me it was a really sad thing to witness.
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    I can see it already - "Gibson Liteweight™ Guitars, featuring Organically Chambered Ash". ETA: Seriously though, it sucks because ash trees are taking a hit statewide here, too. There's a line of them in front of the shop that need to come down, and at least one in my back yard. And introducing another bug to wipe out the previous bug always seems to go bad. I hope it works.
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